December 12, 2011

Never Ending Peace And Love

"Never Ending Peace And Love", That's what people tell you when they explain about the meaning of "Nepal". I say, it's not an exaggeration because I actually had marvelous time there. I met great people, and went through great experience with them. However small the each piece was, every little thing took an important part. They were just like the pieces of a huge puzzle which you can never accomplish if you miss any of them. Without telling, I went under new experience, and didn't miss a chance to fill up my "To do list" ;) I think I was lucky to meet them. So, now it's time to tell you about my amazing time in Nepal. (And I think I shouldn't miss this music because I heard this almost anywhere I went. Therefore it became the theme music of Nepal for me, lol.)

"Was there any meaning of taking the bus?" That was how I was spoken to a guy as soon as getting off the bus that brought us from the airplane to the airport building. It was a very short ride...maybe just for 30 seconds or so and there was no wonder he wanted to share his feelings. Actually, he was sitting in front of me during the flight, but we didn't really talk until then. "Yeah, I agree with it", said I. "We actually could walk from there". Then, we started chatting and he became my first buddy for the trip. After immigration and getting visa, we went downstairs to pick up our luggage, and headed toward taxi counter. We were not sure if we should take a taxi yet, but wanted some information anyway. According to a guidebook, we knew that it costs 500Rs for taxi, but there is also a bus stop that we can take a local bus from if we walk a bit. When we got to the taxi counter, there was a official counter, but there were also a lot of "taxi drivers" who are negotiating with tourists. "4$" said one driver, "4$" said another, and they were fighting over us. I told them we were actually thinking of taking a local bus, but one driver said that it wouldn't be good because it'll take time and it's not so cheap since they raised the price recently. Then, I wondered if he was telling us a lie or not because I'd heard in some countries, specifically in India(lol) people who want to do business with tourists tells lie so easily. Anyway, do you want to know which way we took? I negotiated with a taxi staff and we got a ride with 1$ for two people. But we didn't even pay that money because we stayed at his friend's hostel :P

December 1, 2011

My Family In Singapore

In the end of the day, we finally got to hang out with our friends. They came to pick up us to the hostel, and we drove to a nice seafood restaurant. I remember when we visited Singapore for the first time, they took us to a seafood restaurant as well. We had very great time there as we had before. We really love how they treat us and always want to return the favor whenever we get a chance (Maybe next time in Japan!!). Even though we don't get to see each other so often, I personally have a warm feeling inside...I feel like calling them my family in Singapore...:) Probably my one-sided feeling? :P

Anyway, I really enjoyed spending time with them and so did my sister. The dinner time was filled with enjoyable chat and smile...Damn, I miss it so much! When they brought us to the airport, they even gave us souvenirs! Can you imagine how much we didn't want to leave there? I'm sure that we will fly to Singapore again when they make a new step to their dream :)


November 4, 2011

Having Lunch At Homebaked Dough

We headed to Tanjong pagar plaza late in the morning. It was last but the most important thing on our "To do list" of this trip. Our friends serve noodles at Homebaked Dough during lunch time on weekdays. We were so excited getting closer there. It had been a while since we met last time but we were sure that we'll be alright. And when we finally found the place, we saw them working hard, and couldn't stop smiling! Yeah, we finally got to meet them!! I waved my hand to my friend and he noticed that we came. His brother also looked at us and gave us a wave. What a nice smile they had!

We got close to the counter, and they asked what we wanted. We ordered a ramen and fried rice. They were great!!! I'm not exaggerating. They were actually very good. The soup was tuna based, which tastes familiar to Japanese, but actually we haven't eaten it here (might be because we don't go to eat ramen so much in Japan?). However, I say soy sauce, miso, pork, or salt based soups are very common here, but tuna based even we have the flavor with lots of food here. Even the chasu was very tasty. My sister said it was the best one that she'd ever eaten. There was no reason not to tell them the fact, and I hope it made them happy. We are friends, but we don't tell them a lie to sound nice, we told them our honest impressions of their food.

Soon after we finished eating, we left there. They looked very busy and we were meeting in the evening anyways. I confirmed the meeting time again, and we headed to Little India...One of my most favorite places in Singapore that my sister had never been ;) We enjoyed shopping there quite a lot.

October 31, 2011

The History Was Taken Over

To tell the truth, I haven't planned it till my friend told me that I could get a new iPhone for free. Telling the truth, I didn't need to get it immediately. I'm not that type of girl who wants to get the latest phone as soon as it comes out. However, since there is a period to get it for nothing, and feeling that my phone was slowly breaking after 2 years of use, I applied for new one.

I've changed my phone some times in the past. Whenever I got a new one, they copied the contacts to my new phone but I had to back up and transfer some data by myself, such as pictures, music, etc. However, this time, because of a good back up system for iPhone, I got almost every single data to my new phone without doing almost anything. I even didn't have to custom settings again because it was as perfect as I set on my old phone.

In the past, when I switched to a new phone, there was always something that I lost. For example, there was no way to keep things such as text messages that I'd exchanged. Regardless I wanted it or not, there was no way to keep those things in my new phone. However, I was shocked when I found those things, which I never had received in my new phone, appeared there this time. Changing phone was like leaving the past and start a new history. But now, it seems different. Unless I do something on purpose, the new phone takes over the history that the old one has...maybe at least as long as I keep using iPhone?

Mmmm, I think this is just a random post of my sentiments.

October 28, 2011

I Like People Around Me

I don't know if I've been changed these years...hopefully I have in a good way. I thought that my life became fun compared to a couple of years ago.

I think I was passive and negative at that time because I couldn't believe the words which I wanted to believe. Actually, they were too random.

But now I feel I'm more positive.

I think it was a turning point. I had to find a way to be free from things that had been bothering me.
I'm finally feeling relaxed because I found a clue. I say I'm more positive now; More active and optimistic :)

Recently, I got to meet a lot of new people. Some of them are even specialized for something cool, and fortunately, they invite me sometimes for fun things.

Thank you for the invite. Thanks for letting me join something new. It may be a small thing to you, but means a lot to me.

I feel that I'm lucky to meet you. You make me smile, enjoy, get to know new things/people. I enjoy and it actually helps me with widening my world.

October 22, 2011

Heading Back To Singapore

Next morning, we went to Melaka Sultanate Palace. I don't say the museum is huge, but was bigger than what we expect from the admission fee. There were lots exhibitions which show us the histories or cultures of Malacca with mannequins. My sister and I enjoyed it and headed back to Singapore to accomplish our purpose of this trip...remember? "Eating the food that our friends serve" :)

On the way to the international bus terminal, we noticed that it takes just 10 minutes or so to get to the place that we walked to if we took the bus last day...we had walked for an hour and my sister got mad about it because it was much longer than we expected. But I think it was something that couldn't be helped because we didn't know about the bus lines there. Actually the bus was going on a circular route and there was no opposite way. If we knew the route and the direction of the bus stops, we could move efficiently. However, I think local buses are too complicated for temporary tourists in most cases.

When the bus stopped for a break, we didn't forget to buy some sweets to fulfill our stomach again, lol. Eating local sweets is one of the fun things that you do while traveling, don't you agree? :P Anyway, taking some hours again, we came back to Singapore. As soon as we got to the GH, I texted my friend to let him know that we got there safely.

Next morning, I got a reply from him, saying that he may get his aunt to bring us to their stall, but I told him we would come by ourselves. I didn't think it would be hard to get there as I knew the address and we didn't really want to bother his aunt. He told us to come around 12pm, and told us about the plan. Yay, we are going to have dinner together again! You know how glad we were when we heard about it? Since we hadn't expected such a thing that time, it made us extremely happy.

October 7, 2011

Walking In The Dream

I'm not gonna tell you the detail of what we did in the daytime of the day, because we were mostly sleeping. What I can say's better not to walk for an hour under the strong sunshine in a summer

So, let's talk about evening~night time!! When we woke up after a long nap, the time was already good for dinner. So we decided to go out searching for a meal. Walking the streets, we found something popular in America or Pizza-Hut, and a couple of stalls...I believe you're sure which we chose to have dinner ;)

After fulfilling our stomach with some local food and fresh juice, we started taking a walk again. When we walked by the riverside, we heard a voice which sounded very relaxing. It was words of prayer. The sound coming to my ears was very comfortable, and the air from the river was very mild and nice. I felt like I could go anywhere I want walking along the river. If I explain my sense at that time, I say, "I felt like I was walking in the sky...or...might be in a dream. It was such an unrealistic experience; walking along the river hearing the Koran. I do miss it and want to put myself in the atmosphere again...if I get a chance. It was a really nice walk at last night in Malacca :)

September 27, 2011

The Chicken Rice And A Mosque

The second day in Malacca, we went to a chicken rice restaurant that had a looooong line up the previous day. We didn't know that it was a chicken rice restaurant at that time, but the hostel master told us about it, so we got to know. The rice there was shaped balls and we thought that it was very unique. We had never seen it in our few experiences of eating chicken rice, in Singapore lol. They also season the rice and it was actually yummy. We LOVED it!! I highly recommend you to visit the restaurant; KEDAI KOPI CHUNG WAH, if you get a chance to go to Malacca. Even you don't remember the name, I'm sure you won't miss as long as you remember that there is a yummy chicken rice restaurant because everyone knows about the restaurant ;)

After chicken rice, we walked around the area. We found a mosque, and there, a guy from Turkey made a tour for me (my sister was waiting outside). I was worried first when he told me that they wanted to show me the mosque because I thought they were gonna charge me. However, I didn't have to worry about that. There were many Muslims coming from abroad for training, and making a tour to let people know their history and religious view. I'm personally totally not interested in following any religious seriously, however, it's interesting to know about religions as knowledge. After one hour tour (it took much more than I expected!), we headed to the Portuguese Square...and of course we didn't forget to grab some sweets before it :P

September 8, 2011

Shopping And After Shopping

You know beautiful Indian traditional clothes Saree, right? I've been interested in it very much especially since I bought Ao dai in Vietnam. The Indian store handles lots of ones and also very expensive ones for bridal. My sister and I were taking a look of the ones at ground floor first, but once we noticed there are much prettier ones upstairs, we started taking a look of them seriously. Yes, they were expensive, but not that expensive. We were sure that if we wanted to buy the same thing in Japan or Singapore, it would cost much more. We tried them on...took pictures (they actually told us to take pictures in every Sally that we tried), and finally picked up one. We noticed that we were there for 1.5 hours after all, lol. Do you think that's crazy? Girls are always very serious when they go shopping ;) We know we don't look as good as Indian women in it, but actually, we were very satisfied with the stuff that we got...which is the most important part :P From the store, we directly went back to the hostel. It was good time for dinner, and we didn't want to carry our pretty clothes that we got.

When we got to the hostel, the owner were sitting outside of the back door where the river is right in front and was talking to a neighbor. My sister and I had dinner at a restaurant which is 2 or 3 blocks from our hostel because the owner recommended. But the food was not so good. Then we thought that he it was because the restaurant owner and the hostel owner are friends, so maybe they recommend each other. Actually, the customers were only tourists. You should note that; Go to stalls that are crowded with locals if you want to get yummy food. I reconfirmed it that time.

First Day In Malacca

There were lots of tourists when we got to the park. We firstly headed to our hostel to leave the luggage. Walking to the hostel, we saw a long line up from restaurant but had no idea what the restaurant serves, and also didn't take a look because we really wanted to leave our stuff soon, lol. (Later, we got to know it is a famous chicken rice restaurant!)

Our hostel was in a location that is not so far from the park, and also near from Chinatown. I wanted to take a look of the night market in Chinatown, so as soon as we left our things in the room, we headed back to the park. Most of the things to see is very packed around there, and it was very convenient :) However, there is always "What is common" in the park...whenever I go to South East Asian countries; something like "Bike taxi" in Vietnam and Cambodia and "Tuktuk" in Thailand. There was no wonder that we were tried to picked up by "Trishaw" drivers. I've never taken a cruising Bike taxi nor Tuktuk, and didn't tried Trishaw as well, but it was fun to look at them especially at night because they were loudly decorated with flowers and lights, and sometimes even played music.

We were peacefully sightseeing till evening. However, it changed all of a sudden once we entered an Indian clothes store.

August 17, 2011

My Little Pleasure

When we got to the bus terminal, it rained in torrents all of a sudden. Feeling the hot humid air under the eaves, I had a kind of excitement inside; This is what South East Asia is that I've been missing for a year. Since we were very hungry, and also didn't want to move in the hard rain, we decided to eat lunch first...actually, it was a good time for having lunch. We walked through the building and checked stalls. Whenever I go to such a place, it's hard to choose which place to eat at, but finally, we chose a stall that a young guy said hi to us in Japanese.

The food there was one actually in the days we stayed in Malacca. We ordered fresh juice as well (it's a little pleasure to have it because I never buy it in Japan since it's expensive). We were very glad while having lunch, and when we finished, the rain was already gone so we went to the domestic bus terminal to go downtown of Malacca.

Local buses...what a yummy sound it is, lol. It's my favorite transportation. Usually, there are not so many foreigners on the bus, I see something that I never see in Japan...For example, in Vietnam, I've seen a bucket of tea on a front seat in a bus which passengers can drink. I also the driver handed a passenger newspapers. So like that, I can take a slightly look of what local people's life is which is interesting sometimes. That's why I love it even it's hard to communicate with the driver or a ticket keeper on the bus. Actually we had to show the driver a picture of where we wanted to go, to make sure the bus goes there. Simply, we can make it somehow if we try even we don't have a common language, so don't be afraid :P

August 1, 2011

From Singapore To Malacca

When we get to the bus stop, my sister was a little bit mad because there were two girls and a middle-aged guy sleeping on the benches so we didn't have any seats. It was still around 6:20 or so, and the ticket office opens at 7:00. So we had to wait for 40 minutes. Two girls sleeping there looked that they were tourists, but the middle-aged guy looked absolutely local. We wondered if he wouldn't catch a cold because he'd been sleeping half-naked, however, the temperature was maybe around 30 degrees, and it was not that hot early in the maybe comfortable weather for him. We also wondered why he was sleeping there but home, but we soon found out that he is a toilet man that cleans and corrects charge for it (but he was sleeping!!)

Before getting on the bus, I tried to call my friend to let him know that we had arrived in Singapore safely, and leaving there for Malacca. However, we didn't get to talk to him because he missed the call. was the start of our exciting trip :) When I sat on the seat, I tried to imagine the steps that we would go through with the paper I printed out, but...gave up soon. I guessed, it would be alright. Even if I get into a trouble, I'm not gonna die easily anyways. It will be how it should be, take it easy, lol.

There is not so much to tell about the time while taking a bus. We had to get off the bus twice at least; Once in Singapore for departure, and once in Malaysia for immigration. When we were leaving Singapore, you don't need to bring your luggage. All you have to carry is your passport and a departure card of Singapore (of course don't leave your wallet in the bus for the security reason :P) And when you get to Malaysia, you have to carry all the stuff with you because they check them with a X-ray machine. We got another break in Malaysia on the way, and then got to the bus terminal in Malacca. It took roughly for 4.5 hours from Singapore to there.

July 30, 2011

At Changi Airport

You don't know how I got excited when I heard my friend was about to start serving their food at their stall...

* * * * * * * * *

He was opening his stall; that was what made us decide to fly. Ever since we got to know each other, he kept telling me about his dream; Opening his own restaurant someday with his brother. So, now he has a stall, and it seems that I'm finally able to take some consecutive days off soon. THERE WAS NO REASON NOT TO FLY THERE TO CEREBRATE OUR FRIENDS' GREAT STEP?

However the purpose was seeing them and eat the food they serve, things were not that easy. The time they serve is only during lunch time on weekdays, and our plan was arriving there on Sunday. It was enough for us if we could see them a little while, since we knew that they were busy now. But we didn't know what to do in the rest of the time that it's time to fill my to do list XD

As you know, Japan is an island country surrounded by the means foreign countries equal oversea for us. So, there is a thing that I can never do here; Going to another country by a train or bus. I'd been wanted to take those transportation for hours to get to another country. So the rough plan was settled easily and we chose going to Malaysia by bus :)

* * * * * * * * *

Getting to Changi airport for the 3rd time from Japan, I found something was different. I couldn't see the ornaments I've seen there twice in the past. I didn't know if they removed it, or I just couldn't find it. So, I asked my sister if she remembered about those ornaments, but she was not interested and sounded tired. No wonder, we got there around 2:30 in the midnight. My plan was going to Malacca first using an international bus which starts from Lavender, but of course all the transportation (except taxi) nor the bus itself were not working at that time. MRT starts from around 5:45 and it's too early for having breakfast. What should we do?

It was very simple; We decided to take a nap on the bench at the airport. Since Singapore is a country that impose a fine under lots of rules, I was scared if we would be punished if we take a nap there, but we couldn't beat our tiredness so we started taking a nap on was our first experience sleeping on a bench at a foreign airport, lol.

Around 5AM, we woke up, and went to McDonald's right in front of the bench to have breakfast. OMG, I remember I always go to McDonald's whenever I go to the airport!! Mmmm, let me make an excuse. There is no restaurant but McDonald's...So we can not make a choice:P

July 13, 2011

A Trip To See Them Smile

Finally...I got a chance to go on a trip to over sea again. It had been a while since I went to Vietnam by myself...more than a year actually. Guess you know how much I missed travel?As I mentioned in my last post, I went to SINGAPORE (and Malaysia)! Haha, you may think I'm crazy that I'm visiting the country every year these 3 years. I'm sorry to say this, but personally, Singapore itself is not that attractive for me enough to visit again and again. I'm sure, I wouldn't have visited there this much IF I didn't have anyone I really really wanna see :) So, we flied there almost just to see them and cerebrate their great step for their dream.

Actually, the time we spent there was short. It's an of course thing, you'll be busy once you start working. So, even the purpose of the trip was seeing them, and eat the ramen they serve at their stall, it doesn't mean you can spend time with them as same as when we spent time together 2 years ago. I remember they took days off and spent most of the time with us during the trip (it was about 2.5 days in Singapore!), and treated us in a very sweet way. It was beyond what we expected and we really enjoyed it!! They know how to make people feel happy; that's what I feel. I really respect it, and feel it will be nice if I someone feels the same way as me spending time with me; you can't stop smiling, and you feel very happy and satisfied inside of your heart :) Even we are apart in Singapore and Japan, I believe that they are one of really nice people that I can rarely meet in my whole life...and when I say this, I really mean it. So, I definitely want to be life long friends with them...even if it's doesn't matter because what they let us feel is the truth for us. Anyway, sorry for the long introduction, now the main thing starts, here you go.

June 30, 2011

Incredibly Busy Month Is Over

I've been just literally very busy this month. Been working over time on weekdays, having tight schedule every weekends, etc. etc. And the fact that I'm moving out soon is making me even busier because I had to go shopping to buy a lot of stuff to bring my new place. Going through those things, time passed by so quickly, and finally, this month end up with one of my biggest you know, the trip I've been looking forward with my sister since a few months ago.

The aim of the trip was "Eating ramen in Singapore" was a trip to see our most precious friends actually, and at the same time, a good chance to add some "done" check to my to do list :) You know what kind of people can make us fly to another country, and you can guess how much we love them hearing that we miss them A LOT already since just after saying bye at Changi Airport last night. Actually, I was about to weep when I got to Narita Airport this morning (Shhh, it's a secret :P).

Anyway, I'll update this blog with my new travelogue as soon as possible. So, please don't miss it! But for now, I have to concentrate on my upcoming event; Washtub race! Hahaha, it's almost there!!!

May 27, 2011

It's You Guys That Make Us Fly!

Yeah! It's time to check on my to do list again!! It's been a while since I did it for the last time. More than a year?!??!!!!? Maybe it's a lie. I know I accomplished a few of of them, after my trip to Vietnam. But as you know, even I got some chance to fulfill a few more things on my to do list, they weren't that excited. Basically, I have to be somewhere that the air is completely different from what I usually feel. So, outside of Japan or in a very close situation will be great. Anyway, do you know where I'm going next???


OK, telling you honestly, Singapore itself is not that interesting country (I'm sorry) least, I don't think I will visit there again and again for sightseeing and my sister has the same opinion as me. HOWEVER, I think I'll visit there sometime because I have great friends there. I've written about them a few times in the past posts with an appreciation...We've been friends for 4 years...actually, we started as online friends and met in person for the first time when they visited Japan 2007 in winter. Next time when we met was when my sister and I visited Singapore in 2009. As I stopped over in Singapore on my way to Cambodia in 2010 January, I got to meet them for the 3rd time :) And this time, we're flying there again to see seems that I'm visiting Singapore once in a year since 2009, lol.

Having his own restaurant; That's his dream that he's kept telling me since when we became friends in 2007. Now, they started their business with selling cookies online and finally got a stall to serve noodles after months. Of course it's not the end for them because what they want is their restaurant. However, it's nothing but a really great step for their dream. For our great friends' great step forward, why don't we fly there to celebrate them and eat the food they serve! So, actually we are flying to Singapore to eat their noodle!!! Seeing a friend can be a reason enough to make us fly to another country...of course the person worth doing it (^_-)-☆ My sister and I are sure that they are one of those kind of precious friends that we can meet just a few in our whole life.

Of course, even though the purpose of this trip is seeing friends, I'm not gonna miss taking advantage of the opportunity of fulfilling my to do list that I still have on my mind :P We'll see how many checks I will add when everything is done. And finally, here is an article of when a food blogger who featured them on his blog. Check it out, and if you're interested, visit their stall to grab some ramen! ...Of course, if you are close enough to visit there, lol.

May 4, 2011

People I Saw While Walking

When I was spoken to by a guy while walking, I was about to say, "Sorry, I'm stranger here". Since I woke up late this morning I wondered what to do. On Golden week...actually, it's better to call Golden days for me, I had no plans during those days but on 3rd. I thought of going to Wurstmarkt being held in Tokyo-midtown. However, I wanted to leave home earlier if I go if I go there alone. So I left the chance for next time, and decided to take a walk around somewhere that is not too far from my place. Once I decided, I put a bottle of water, snacks, and a book into my bag and left for the place. I went toward Fussa city, which Yokohama Airbase exists. I've been to the Airbase once for the friendship festival a few years ago, but didn't explore around there so much. I heard that there are some stores along Route16 on the other side of the base, so I wanted to take a look. The guy spoke to me when I was walking toward Route16 from the station.

Think about the situation that you're spoken to a middle aged foreigner guy at a quiet residential area.

(1) He wants to ask direction
(2) He wants to persuade me to believe in God
(3) He wants to kidnap me, kill and bury me deeply under the ground

...Mmm, (1) seems most realistic. So, I prepared to tell him I am stranger there, but what he said next was totally different.

"Can I take your picture?"

That was what he said. He spoke to me with saying "すみません" (it means excuse me), but next, he asked if he could take my picture in English, lol. I thought for a second to understand what he asked because it was something unexpected, and said "Sure". Actually, he was holding a big camera there. Thus, I made a photo session(?) with a stranger, lol. It was a very short session because he took only a few pictures :P

While walking along Rout16 while taking a look of stores, I met a nice couple from another planet as well. They were sitting on a bench but it was hard to know if they were happy or not from their faces because their faces were expressionless. Anyway, I enjoyed my stroll today. If I get a chance go there again, I wanna go to one of the Thai restaurants I saw :D

May 1, 2011

Plan B

If you notice that the schedule for today (tomorrow) doesn't work anymore, let's carry out the plan B. I name it plan B because I call the original schedule plan A.

For example, you were supposed to go to see a movie with friend today. But he called you in sick last night and told that he would stay home. So, what will you do? I say, in the past, I had been a little mad because of the situation that I wouldn't accomplish my plan for the day even though I know that it's something that can't be helped. However, since a point, I naturally stopped complaining and started to enjoy the situation that I'm actually in, because I can carry out some ideas that I've had in my mind; Plan B.

Plan B can be anything. It can be cleaning your place, cooking some foods that you can keep in the fridge for a while. Or, if you remember that friends were making a plan but you were not supposed to join because of the movie plan, you can call them and ask if you can join. Even if anyone can hang out with you, you can go anywhere by yourself if you feel like it. For example, you can go to a museum to see an exhibition that you've been interested. If the weather is nice, you can go to a park bringing a sandwich.

I think that having some ideas that you can actually carry out anytime is a really nice thing. You don't have to get mad even your original plan doesn't work all of a sudden, you just keep it to next time and can choose one of your plans B that seems to be good to carry out and just enjoy it.

One of my plans B was going to see flowers that is called shiba-zakura at a park which is a kind of far from my house. Actually I was planning doing something with someone the day, but since it didn't seem that would work, I decided to go to see the flowers. I've wanted to see it since before, and the season was perfect. Fortunately, the weather was great and I enjoyed my small trip going there.

So, do you have some ideas of "Plans B"? I'm sure they will enrich your life if you always keep a few ideas in your mind.

April 16, 2011

How Will It Taste Like?

Don't you agree that things can be more interesting and fun if you add some humor as a spice in your life? Basically, I'm a kind of serious person...of course I like humor, but I think, I haven't adopted that element so much in the situation when I introduced myself to new people. I think it's because I didn't feel it comfortable when people misunderstand me and take my words different from what I meant. So I've tried to describe myself as the way as I really am. However, for some reason, now I feel like playing around with humors and being free from thinking seriously too much. I think it's my good thing to think about things seriously, but also know it can be a bad thing as well to be too serious anytime.

While reading a book the other day, I got a hint that may make things more interesting when I meet new people. I've started working for it already, and can't wait to try it and see if it really works :) It's just a play...very little play with humor. I expect someone to enjoy my little humor and will be happy to meet those people who share similar sense of humor.

Anyway, I haven't accomplished working for the plan yet. It has to be done as soon as possible due not to miss the first chance! So, we'll see if my intention will work...maybe near in the future? :P Now I am excited.

March 21, 2011

The Spring Dream I've Had One Day

When I decided it, this song was playing in my head.
♪I'm coming to see you by train~
..Actually, not by train when I'm going...maybe I have to change the lyrics and say ♪I'm coming to see you by overnight bus~, lol.

This week has been very busy. On Monday, transportation was messed up. Because of the planned black out, JR line didn't come to my station They cut down the number of trains and also reduced the area. Some lines were not even working. I already knew that the line I take wasn't coming to my station at that time, but left home earlier than usual with having a small hope that it might come when I get to the station. However, the front door of the North exit was closed (I saw it closed for the first time!) and two staff was telling people that the line won't come today and we have to walk outside of the station to South entrance if we want to take Keio line (usually, we can go through the station). When I was leaving home, I already saw a text message from my boss telling me that I don't have to come (actually, he could not come) because it may be so tough and I may not be able to go back home later. Even though I read it, I chose going to work somehow because the day was my turn to stay over at the lab. So, I told my boss that I was gonna come, and it took for 4 hours to my stupid! I experienced being in a very packed train for the first time in 10 years or so (I hadn't experienced it since I graduated high school) and was already tired when I finally got to work. Actually I had a cold since a few days ago, and it made me feel even worse enough to make me see a doctor after work. And since the Seibu line didn't come to the station, I walked for 40 minutes to the closest JR station.

Even next day, I wasn't allowed to sleep well. I got up one hour earlier than usual because the trains were not working normally yet, and next day again...I found myself being tired because of those stuff. At the night I stayed at the hospital, I was supposed to get up at 3 in the morning, test blood samples of some patients that have serious status at that time, and then turn off all the machines to prepare for the black out. You know how much I got relieved when I heard the black out was going to be canceled...And when the weekdays were finally over, I noticed that every plan I had on weekend was canceled again. I know I can't say anything if I was told to think about the people in Tohoku that were attacked by tsunami...however, it was something. I was stressed and also lost the chance to release those stress. Drinking, wedding, performance...every event was and is going to be canceled and having a boring a day because of it, however I didn't feel like playing around stupidly. And today? WORK. I think it's coming to touch the line soon if I keep feeling like this. It's something more mental. I know that it doesn't matter for me to work harder than usual, however, if I don't have anywhere to let go the stress, it does matter. Actually, I know what I want. I know what saves me from this depression, and makes me feel calm and composed. However, it's not available. That means I need to deal with it by myself somehow, so I decided to go on a short trip this weekend. But to be honest, I wonder if it will work...I hope it will make me feel better even if it will be only a little bit...

The day is almost there, 頑張れ myself.

March 13, 2011

My Day On March 11th

When the earthquake occurred, I was at work. I've been kind of gotten used to earthquakes, since it occurs sometime so I don't care so much usually, but this time was the largest one I've experienced. Yes, it shook and I hid under the desk. Since Japan is an earthquake country, we are told to do the following things at elementally schools.

1. Turn off the fire
2. Open doors to ensure the evacuation route
3. Go under the desk and protect your head

So, I stuck my head under the desk...but nothing fell from the shelves. Since our lab seems to be very dangerous when a large earthquake occures, since we have lots and lots of stuffs on shelves above out head. We sometimes even joke about it, and say that if a large earthquake occurs the people who will die firstly must be us. Our room simply has no space for things because it's too small. Anyway, fortunately, nothing fell down and we went back to do things we had been doing. On the other hand, out side of the lab, staffs were running to let patients evacuate from the building. But after a while, they let them come in again, and it looked like everything was alright. However, the TV kept reporting about the horrible scene of the area that the earthquake and tsunami hit directly. It was really awful and shocking. I was sure everyone felt sorry for it.

So, it seemed that things went OK in our small lab. No one got injured, nothing broke, actually we didn't have problems. However, it happened when I was going home. I heard that the trains were not working at that time, but didn't think it was that serious. Yes, the earthquake was a kind of large, but the strength here was not enough to make any single thing fell down from the shelves. So, I thought that however the trains are not working at that time, it would be recover in a few hours after checking things. But it was an optimistic thought actually.

When I got to the station, the shutter was closed and we didn't come in. Most stores around the station were closed and I was waiting in a bank beside the station because the inside was warm. I waited for 2 hours but the train didn't work. I checked the Internet with my phone and noticed that all the trains around this area wouldn't work till tomorrow. So, what to do?

It takes for an hour from my station to the station by train, and including time to get to the station from the workplace and my house, totally it takes almost 1.5 hours. I don't know how long it takes if I walk home and it's not safe because aftershocks have been occurring again and again, and it was already dark. I tried to call family but was very hard to get connected. Also, since I hadn't gotten text messages from my boss for a while (he was asking me to tell the situation of the train), I thought the same thing can be said about short mails and emails. Under the situation, some SNS application using Internet like facebook, mixi, What's app or viber looked far easier to use. Anyway, I tried and tried to call my dad and when I finally succeeded, I asked him if he could come to pick me up...of course the answer was NO.

So then, I remembered that my co-worker joked that I could come over when the earthquake occurred at the lab, so I started to try to call her. I laughed and told her that I wouldn't because I would go home, but unfortunately, the situation became reality. I couldn't go home. So, when the phone finally got connected with her, I told her my situation and asked her if I come over. So, luckily I got a warm place to stay. When I got to her house, her husband was already home and we went Matsuya near her house to have a meal. We watched News, took a bath (I even get to wash my hair!!), and slept on the warm matress with a blanket. I was very lucky. I know there were some people stayed over at the hospital without having a bed (maybe). All the damage I suffered was wearing the same panties again...(we call it 二度パン), so stupid!! And one more, I was tired to go to work from there next day...But it's nothing compared to the most victims in Tohoku area.

I hope everyone can go back to their normal life as soon as possible, so I will try to help them with things I can...for example, donation and saving energies...

February 23, 2011

Action For A Second

I got a chance to play after a while last week...The photographer is who I had worked together once before, but for me, it's more friend already, lol. That type of shoot; having a theme as scene of a novel was something very new for me and I loved it. It reminded me about my high school days a little bit; those days I was playing around with other members in drama club.

Of course I like my past pictures that I play the reading role, but found myself love those ones more; those pictures I take a part of the atmosphere much better. There is a mood in the picture and I wanna be in the mood naturally. It's action for a second. But we prepare to make the second perfect think of the location, choose clothes, small articles, etc. Thinking of those things makes me excited and it keeps me motivated.

There is something I can do.
I don't think it has to be me actually, but if I get a chance, why don't I try my best?

Working for something with someone is really fun and the feeling you get when you accomplish it is more than anything. "It's fun to be in someones art." That's what I always say whenever I talk about this play with someone. It's fun to be in someones art, yes it is. But I know I can't just say it if I'm not motivated. It's fun because I put some energy, it'll be extremely glad if I feel that I'm required...for that point, I have to work harder...I guess...? Anyway, I have to brush up my acting skill, lol.

February 13, 2011

My Assignment

On my way to work this morning, I saw a husband and wife on the train. There was an available seat in front of them, and the husband naturally held her shoulders, led her to the seat and she sat down. It looked very smooth like a stream. Such a scene may be just a simple thing, but I was a kind of impressed because it's something I'm not good at. I can easily imagine, if I were her, I would have told him to sit unless I'm really tired.

Compared to western countries, "lady first" habit is not so popular here in Japan and I'm one of those girls who are not so used to it. So I'm perplexed when I'm treated in nice a way as a "girl" by male friends. Yes, I'm a girl. A girl can get things on the tall shelf if she uses a stage. A girl can carry her bag by herself because it's her stuff and she shouldn't bring too much stuff in her bag more than her capacity. There is no wonder she pays for her own meal when she goes out with a male friend because she has the ability to pay for herself because she works and earning some money. That's been my view. You're working, I'm working, there is no reason to make you pay for me. You don't find it sweet, do you? I know I'm not, lol. I wanted to be treated as an equal person but a girl who has to be protected.

However, now I think that maybe I've been wrong. They already know that I can do things by myself and they are sweet to me not because they think I'm helpless, but think it's proper :) So I shouldn't take it negatively. It's much better for both of us to receive those favor unless they don't have some bad intention behind it, lol. Therefore my assignment is; Getting used to be treated nicely especially from the other sex. Do you find it funny? :P But when I accomplish my assingnment, maybe I won't collapse what is called a ROMANTIC MOOD anymore (I know I do it sometimes because of the shame(>_<)), right? ;)

February 8, 2011

The Place I Wanna Come With Holding Hands

There is a place that I've been placing as where I wanna come with holding hands; World Heritage Shirakawa-village. I've been thinking that it must be in winter because I wanted to see them especially when it snows. As same as most of other wishes in my mind, it's something little, simple and unaffected, but means a lot to me. For some reason, I got a chance to visit there this time, and I was glad about it. Even though I went there with parents, I preferred to hang out alone all the time whenever I had free time. It was nice to spend time as I wanted. I'm sure it would be much greater if I had unlimited time, but joining a tour, I shouldn't disturb other members of the group, and keep time. It's a kind of negative side when I wanna be free, however, going there is a kind of hard, so it was nice that I didn't have to make efforts just to get there, and I got to visit other places as well.

I think I'm mesmerized by something simple and unaffected but has a strong power. It may be something natural, may be something spiritual as well. I felt the same thing as I felt in Bayon; I can spend whole a day just sitting there and seeing those scenery. But maybe not in winter, because it was really freezing. I'm sure the place has lots of faces to see through a year. I definitely want to come there time, hopefully with holding hands...for sure :P But for now, I have to recharge my battery because it's almost empty again :)

January 29, 2011

Preparing For A New Step

The other day, my friend asked me if I can live abroad. He also asked me if I've lived outside of Tokyo in Japan and if I can live there. What I can say now is, living somewhere else is welcomed if I find a reason enough to move and if it worths changing my life. I think I'll be fine and I may even enjoy problems if I have something happy to live with.


Sending the last fax for advancing paying the last student loan, I was proud of myself. Finally, I'm finishing my student loan. It didn't even take half of the term I firstly planned :) I'm finishing it next month and will be free from loan. It's time to start working for a new aim; being independent. So, I want to move out...hopefully this summer.

Finishing student loan is a kind of period for me. I know I'm not skilled as lab technician, but at least I paid back something I've owed using the license I've got. At this point of view, I can say that I didn't waste the 4 yeas I studied at University. However, it's still almost just a way to earn money for me. It means, I don't have to be stuck on this. Of course, I'm not thinking of quitting this job right now. I'm just saying that quitting can be one of the choices when I have to change my environment, and it seems I can get some other ways to live. Anyway, it's not the time yet. For now, I'm just thinking of living by myself for a year at least. One year after, something may have happened...may not have happened. I may like my job very much and working really hard, may have found someone and thinking of marriage seriously, or may have found that I really don't want to do this job anymore and want to find something else to earn money, may seriously think about living somewhere else...I don't know what will happen in the future, but my closest aim for now is to start living by myself and enjoy it :)

January 15, 2011

Are You Same As Me?

It's just a plate of metal.
It's much cheaper than diamond, so you may thing I'm a cheap girl, but actually, the thing is much more valuable than jewelry.
I say, I'm glad as a person because I feel I'm trusted.
I'm allowed to come to a small space which people don't let others to stay in their absence because the place is very private and filled with personal stuffs.
I can be a part of the world and mostly, only one person is allowed to be.

I say, I'm not so interested in jewelry itself displayed in a store. However, I'm very interested if I find a meaning added on it. Because what I appreciate is the action and consideration the person went through before buying it and giving it.

Let's think about an engagement ring.

Maybe he thought about whole of his life and finally decided to walk with the only one girl till he dies. He has serious feelings and determination that he will take care of the girl, doesn't mind going through the toughness sometimes and try to overcome problems with her. Such invisible decision and promise are given to the girl as a visible ring.

So, do you think same as me, or do you feel it's a bullshit?

I think things what I want can't be really seen. They are hidden behind other things and you can only feel and guess. You can't be 100% sure about it since the thing itself isn't visible. I sometimes want them in visible ways like words or things for confirmation, so I can feel a little bit better, however, I also know that it can't be sure actually, as one of pair rings lying idle in a drawer tells.

January 12, 2011

The Key of This Year Is...?

In the first 1/3 of January in 2011 was full packed with work and small events. I went to grand parents house to meet relatives on 1st, had a whole day shift till next morning on 2nd, went to karaoke on 3rd after work, worked on 4th, had a whole day shift again on 5th (I chose it to get days off as I wanted so I don't complain, but it was a kind of tough, lol), met a friend from the US after work on 5th, hung out in Tokyo with two Canadians on 7th, worked half day and stayed over at a co-worker's "sweet home" with other co-workers on 8th, left there early in the morning next day for snowboard trip and came back home at 10th night. What a busy new years days! I think this year was actually the busiest one, lol. Since I knew that I had 12th off, I could 頑張る yesterdays work, but it was tough actually because I have muscle pains all over the body. Plus, because of those tight schedules, I hadn't slept enough these days. So this morning, I slept like a baby and woke up at 12:00 :P

There is a proverb "一年の計は元旦にあり (New Year's Day is the key of the year)" and I know I haven't planned anything about this year yet, and if I say more, I didn't clean the mess of last year in the end of the year because of my busy schedule (I know it's just an excuse...), but at least, I'll write down some wish lists (objective?) for 2011 here.

Maybe everyone in my workplace thinks that's "me" when they hear this word. I'm not thinking of stopping this until my life completely changes and it's not available anymore. I'm still not sure if I get a chance this year...but hopefully I do. This is an ultimate single play that makes me feel alive. I go, I see, I eat, I feel, I live...I meet something, it influences me, and I'll be someone.

Human can't live alone. But beside being helped by someone, everyone has to be independent in some degree. As a girl who already reached around the age, I know that I really have to become one of them. For the reason of student loan, I haven't moved out yet, but the reason will disappear soon because I already paid back almost all of it. I'll finishing it in a few months and it means that it'll be done earlier than I expected. Since I don't like the status "having a loan", I decided to pay it back in 5 years when I started working. But it'll actually be done in 2 and half years since I started repaying. The original debt is roughly 2.6 million yen and I saved up a million yen beside paying it back. I also have been spending money on things like clothes, traveling, dining out etc. I think I'm doing well enough for my salary v(^_-)-☆ However, it's because I live with family. I won't have loan anymore when I finish paying, however, I'll get more expenses just to live once I move out. I'm not sure if I really leave house since I'm getting someone to "feed" just on paper from next month and if it's possible even if I move out...anyway, we'll see.

As a girl who is missing the wave of marriage and becoming what is called a loser in general (lol), I think there will be chances to do something with friends (like attending wedding parties and stuff) more than doing something about myself if I talk about events. I think the marriage boom is still there this year as well, the topics related to such things never stop when I talk with friends around my age. There are lots of things that I want to tell, but I'm refrain from posting it here because I feel stupid to write it here now. At least, I want to become a girl who is attractive as a human and can make people around me smile :)

There is not so many things I can say about this, because it's still just a way to live for me...At least, I have to be motivated for it...definitely.