December 15, 2015

The Best Omotenashi -Kagaya Ryokan- Experiece

For some reason, I got a chance to stay at Kagaya Ryokan. This ryokan has been chosen as the best ryokan past 35 years.

What is so special about it?

It's Omotenashi, which means  "A Heart of hospitality".

Yeah, this hotel is quite expensive for me when I think about the places I usually stay at. So, I don't deny I can really compare.

However, I tell you it was a good experience to visit there.

The staffs were kind and took good care of us.
The dinner/breakfast were good.
The show was fun.
The facility was great.
The small tour of the art objects was fun.

If you ever visit that area, I highly recommend you to stay at the hotel as long as your budget allows you to :)