August 2, 2012

Alone Time Of 3rd Day

I went to National CKS Memorial Hall in the morning, and walked to an area that I saw in my guidebook. It's a street that has some small stores, and I wanted to check them up. Searching for souvenirs for my friends, I met a nice Chinese dress without an expectation. It was a little expensive, but looked really nice and I was attracted to it for the first sight. There was no wonder that I look in the mirror holding the dress...Mmm, it was not bad. Actually, I was on the fence at that time...Should I buy it or not...? Even it was something I wasn't planning, I was sure to find something I like in some degree was kind of hard. I told myself to try it on and see how it would go. If it doesn't fit, there is no regret. So I spoke to the store clerk. And you know what, it almost fit perfectly...and I was shocked. Being not a skinny girl, I've been through such cases that the clothes I want don't fit me sometimes especially when it comes about such kind of clothes that make you look gorgeous. In the end, there was no reason that I shouldn't buy it because I was sure such a chance wouldn't come again so easily. (Actually, a lot of people gave compliment about the dress when I wore it at my friend's wedding party! So I was glad.) I bought some souvenirs at other stores as well, and headed to a sweets restaurant (Cafe?) to grab a mango ice cream...YUM♥ I enjoyed it ;) Then, I walked back to the station. It was an unfortunate thing that I didn't have enough time for exploring the area. However, at least I was glad that I got to get some nice stuff :)

I went straightly back to the station finishing mango thing. I took a train, and went to the station that we supposed to meet up (Okay, to tell the truth, I got lost once on my way to the station, lol). I wasn't sure which exist should I go, so I texted him and also tried to call him either when I got there. There was nothing I could do except waiting for him, so I just sat down on the bench and was waiting him contact me. After a while, he showed up and we went to the exit to take a bus for Keelung.