July 10, 2016

Learning From A CEO's Words






Kenichi Ohmae said,

There are only three ways to change your life.

1. Change your time allocation.
2. Change your place of residence.
3. Change group of people you hang out with.

These three are the only elements which can change a person.
To make a fresh resolve is the least meaningful thing.

I think it does makes sense.

Statistically, your future income is expected to be the average income of ten people you hang out with.

If you can't remember who they are, probably you can find out checking your call logs or message logs.

Think about your workplace; your life is projected to become similar to that of your long-tenured colleagues.

Do you find them attractive?
Do they embody your future self?

If someone asks me those questions, I'll say, "NO"!

You told me you know you feel uneasy continuing to be like this.
You told me you know you have to do something to get a better future.

However, you say you don't think you are going to start something, because you feel it's annoying. Even though it may lead you in the right direction.

Don't you think you'll regret your actions later on?

I think it sucks that when you're about to die, you recall your past, and regret that you couldn't do something you wanted to do from the bottom of your heart.

Before I die, I want to be proud of myself because I tried everything I wanted to do and had a really great life.

So, what's next for me will be starting a new life somewhere different on this planet. Which I can't prevent myself from changing my place of residence and group of people I hang out with.