May 27, 2011

It's You Guys That Make Us Fly!

Yeah! It's time to check on my to do list again!! It's been a while since I did it for the last time. More than a year?!??!!!!? Maybe it's a lie. I know I accomplished a few of of them, after my trip to Vietnam. But as you know, even I got some chance to fulfill a few more things on my to do list, they weren't that excited. Basically, I have to be somewhere that the air is completely different from what I usually feel. So, outside of Japan or in a very close situation will be great. Anyway, do you know where I'm going next???


OK, telling you honestly, Singapore itself is not that interesting country (I'm sorry) least, I don't think I will visit there again and again for sightseeing and my sister has the same opinion as me. HOWEVER, I think I'll visit there sometime because I have great friends there. I've written about them a few times in the past posts with an appreciation...We've been friends for 4 years...actually, we started as online friends and met in person for the first time when they visited Japan 2007 in winter. Next time when we met was when my sister and I visited Singapore in 2009. As I stopped over in Singapore on my way to Cambodia in 2010 January, I got to meet them for the 3rd time :) And this time, we're flying there again to see seems that I'm visiting Singapore once in a year since 2009, lol.

Having his own restaurant; That's his dream that he's kept telling me since when we became friends in 2007. Now, they started their business with selling cookies online and finally got a stall to serve noodles after months. Of course it's not the end for them because what they want is their restaurant. However, it's nothing but a really great step for their dream. For our great friends' great step forward, why don't we fly there to celebrate them and eat the food they serve! So, actually we are flying to Singapore to eat their noodle!!! Seeing a friend can be a reason enough to make us fly to another country...of course the person worth doing it (^_-)-☆ My sister and I are sure that they are one of those kind of precious friends that we can meet just a few in our whole life.

Of course, even though the purpose of this trip is seeing friends, I'm not gonna miss taking advantage of the opportunity of fulfilling my to do list that I still have on my mind :P We'll see how many checks I will add when everything is done. And finally, here is an article of when a food blogger who featured them on his blog. Check it out, and if you're interested, visit their stall to grab some ramen! ...Of course, if you are close enough to visit there, lol.


Jeff said...

gotta say just from the title and the picture, I thought at first you were going to jump off a bridge.. ^^;

would love to visit Singapore someday, I hear the food culture there is great.. though ramen and cookies together.. wouldn't have thought of that combination..

and I think maybe I feel the same way about Japan now.. not sure how much left for me to see, but being there just feels good.. haha, like I'm at home.. if that makes sense?

anyway, hope to see you soon again sometime, till then.. :)

ばれりー said...

Hey, sorry for the late reply. I've been super busy these days. A lot of things to do and I'm moving in a few weeks. It will be a start of new life (Am I exaggerating? lol)

Come over to Japan whenever you feel like it! Let's hang out again :)

Jeff said...

mm.. maybe winter this time around.. so where are you moving to? another suburb or closer to central Tokyo ($$$$)?