October 28, 2016

Such A Calm Night...

Such a calm night, I started writing short messages to each of my coworkers with a small gift.💝
It has been more than 8 years since I started working there and a lot of things happened.
I do not think everything was great there. However, I couldn't miss it because it was something to go through to get here.
All I want to do is, leaving positive words to say good bye. It's not to make myself look like a nice person, but I really thank each of them because there was something I learned spending time there.
I'm going to get out of here.
Because I strongly feel we have different destinations.
Also, there are people other than work that I'm leaving which as family, friends or members of a group.
Am I going to miss them?
Maybe, sometimes.
However, I do not think I will try my best to keep in touch with them.
Probably Some connections get weak.
I may loose some.
Bur if it happens, it happens.
If our path cross again in the future, we will meet again.😊
And when it happens, I believe both of us will be different in a good way, more successful, and closer to our dreams.🌸

September 13, 2016

Miracle Haircut Experience!

I've experienced a special cutting technique; Revise dry cut.
Probably you wonder what it is...so, let me explain about it.
It's a registered brand name of a method for cutting hair.

With their original theory, they analyze you. They look at your dried hair, how it flows, volume and the feel of the bundle, also with your head skeleton, hair type, and face shape. And cut as finely as you make a sculpture.

There for,
It matches well to your face.
The shape lasts long.
Easy to set by yourself.

So, it's a miracle haircut!!

If you have always felt like a Cinderella (I mean, if you feel you look great on the day you went to a hair salon but feel just as usual from the next day), you should try it!

I heard there are some customers coming from far region, or some even live overseas visit the salon when they come back to Japan temporarily.

Here is the hair salon.

I'm personally expecting feeling the difference especially about "Shape lasting" and "Easy to set by yourself" after two months from today :)

August 8, 2016

Doing Good Through The Power Of Sharing

Today, one of my friends told me about "Wowapp"..
It's an app that you can use like "Whatsapp" or "LINE".

You can chat, call, earn and share and do good whild doing so by using this app.
There is nothing complicated and it's free.

If so, there is no reason I don't try.
So, I'm already using this app to talk to my partner.

It also has some options that you can call local phone, cellphone and you can even get a local number using pay options.

It doesn't have so many stickers as LINE (I don't know if you are a sticker freak, lol) but the quality of the call etc was better than I expected.

But I assume, the more people join, the more possibility they get sponsors and the App will be better.

So, why don't you join the Wowapp community and discover the power of sharing ?

This is how it works "Good" for everyone↓↓↓

If it caught your attention, there is no reason not to try it :P

July 10, 2016

Learning From A CEO's Words






Kenichi Ohmae said,

There are only three ways to change your life.

1. Change your time allocation.
2. Change your place of residence.
3. Change group of people you hang out with.

These three are the only elements which can change a person.
To make a fresh resolve is the least meaningful thing.

I think it does makes sense.

Statistically, your future income is expected to be the average income of ten people you hang out with.

If you can't remember who they are, probably you can find out checking your call logs or message logs.

Think about your workplace; your life is projected to become similar to that of your long-tenured colleagues.

Do you find them attractive?
Do they embody your future self?

If someone asks me those questions, I'll say, "NO"!

You told me you know you feel uneasy continuing to be like this.
You told me you know you have to do something to get a better future.

However, you say you don't think you are going to start something, because you feel it's annoying. Even though it may lead you in the right direction.

Don't you think you'll regret your actions later on?

I think it sucks that when you're about to die, you recall your past, and regret that you couldn't do something you wanted to do from the bottom of your heart.

Before I die, I want to be proud of myself because I tried everything I wanted to do and had a really great life.

So, what's next for me will be starting a new life somewhere different on this planet. Which I can't prevent myself from changing my place of residence and group of people I hang out with.

February 14, 2016

My Future With ageLOC Me

Do you know about ageLOC Me? (genLOC Me in Japan)
I've been using their Galvanic Spa, and definitely felt my skin condition has changed.

You buy something, maybe it was okay, but you think maybe there is a better one and you keep searching.

However, from now on, you will be free from those effort you have been making for finding your best one!

Once you start using this innovative product, you can customize your skincare product based on your environment, your skin, and your preference.

It's an innovative skincare system. Once you try it, you will notice the difference of the latest gene care technology. Galvanic Spa already did better than I expected, so why don't I expect more for this latest product?

Anyway, I have one and also letting my friends try it sometimes. Luckily (Or is it an of course thihg?), I'm getting positive comments and it makes me happy.

I'm looking forward to see myself in the future ;)

February 8, 2016


Yesterday, I organized a "大人の♥お茶会" which is translated as "Cafe for Adults".

* * * FOR ADULTS * * *

What do you expect?

Gaelic coffee
Hot sake

and so on...

I wanted to warm up my friends from inside in this cold weather, lol.
It was a potluck event as well and I set the theme as "Cafe, Meat, and I (Chocolates will be appreciated as well)" since Valentine's day was coming up.

Delicious hot alchohl, meat, and chocolate...hmmmm yum♥
I wonder if there is something you want to ask for more! (Maybe a sweet boyfriend/girlfriend?)

Anyway, my friends told me it was so much fun and want to do this again.
I really thank my friends and also owe them.

If nobody comes, It will be a boring party...actually, it even won't be a party.

I was glad because they were not just attending but were creating fun time together!

They help me cooking.
They always bring good stuff.
They always have thoughtful mind and enjoying spending time in there!

Thank you for coming every time.
Thank you for helping me every time.

I'm so happy to have such people around :D

January 5, 2016

My Amazing Experience in 2014!

I realized I haven't posted about my skydiving experience in 2014. So, I want to share it in this post.

It was in September...just after I came back from my short trip to Hanoi. I was checking Facebook, and found one of my high school friends was going to go there soon. I asked her when and OMG, it was the day I had a day off! There was no reason I didn't refrain from asking to come with her because it was definitely one of the things I wanted to experience once in my life.

And it was AMAZING!! You can tell from my face expression watching the video, haha. I definitely want to go back there and jump again...if it doesn't make me broke.

Anyway, the place is not that far from Tokyo.
If you are interested, maybe you shouldn't miss it ;)