December 22, 2013

Sweet, Sour, Might Be Bitter

I know I can be myself because I'm independent. I can feed myself of course, can hang out with friends, and go traveling sometimes without relying on anyone about the cost. I'm such a girl who likes having a simple life, however, it's not too simple and I enjoy such small happiness which adds colours on it. However, sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in the air. It's been a couple and half years since I started living by myself. I almost never felt lonely until recently. I've heard from some people they can't turn off the TV because they feel lonely staying home alone without sounds. They started going out for a dinner more often once they left their parents house, etc. I was almost never bothered by such situations and I was a kind of proud of it. However, one day, I felt like eating sweet and sour pork so much. It was on my mind more than a week. Yes, I know I can buy it at a supermarket. I can probably go to a restaurant and order it. However, I knew that it won't satisfy my heart. I wanted to eat something that someone cooked for me. Not for business but just for a favor. I seriously thought going to parents house for such food.

Fortunately, I got a chance to eat it without going back to hometown. I remembered one of my friends had told me he could cook most of the Chinese food that are generally known in Japan. I didn't expect too much but just asked him if he would do me a favor...and it made my small desire become reality. The food was delicious and I got someone to eat with! It made me warm inside enough to make me weep (I didn't because I tried hard not to, lol)!! Anyway, it was such an impressive event. And recently, I realized something. It happened the other day; I upload pictures of the results of my cooking sometime on facebook and someone told me that he wanted to try them. You know what, such words from the person absolutely didn't turn me on. I naturally felt it would at a potluck party or picnic if he gets such a chance. However, I tried to cook yummy food when my sister came over. I spent time more than usual as I cook just for myself, and tried to cook good stuff. I just wanted her to feel happy and spend great time with me. Then I realized, cooking is love. When I cook for someone, I think about the person and hope I can see him/her smile and probably I want such love. Especially in these winter days. Getting into my dark and chilly tiny room after work, microwave the food I already cooked before, and finish it in 10 minutes being silent...Okay, I don't want to keep doing this until next winter. I want to eat with someone in a light warm and calm place having a conversation and smile. I'm sure the sweet and sour pork day became the point that I started thinking about such thing. However, how can I make it?

Should I just move out from here?
- I don't think it will make a big difference just changing a place if I still have to come back in an dark empty room everyday.

So, should I start living with someone?
- If so, it will be a boyfriend but doesn't it usually take time till both people feel the same way? And currently, I don't even have one.

Even I realized I want to get out from this situation, it's not an easy thing because I'm scared of not being responsible and also not confident about certain things. I don't even know who I should be with. It feels like the time is running out and I'm lost like a little child. Some people say they just strongly felt it when they met their husband / wife for the fist time that they were gonna get married. Some say it's better to be with someone you like. Some say it's better to be with someone who loves you. I think everyone has a different answer. The answer that went well with someone may not suit you because everyone is different. I don't know if such a day comes that I naturally find a way that I'm going through or if I have to force myself at some point. If so, there will be something that I have to sacrifice but probably it's an of course thing because I don't think everyone can get everything they want. Should I try to grab Kairos' bangs when he appears next time even it doesn't look attractive at the moment? Or, should I let him go but there isn't a guarantee that I'll regret later not getting to see him again because I can't catch him from behind because his head is bald backside.

December 21, 2013

The God Of The Chance

Kairos has only bangs. You have to catch him when he comes to you. It'll be too late once he passes since his back head is bald so you can't catch. So, you shouldn't miss the opportunity when it comes to you. It's not just once. He appears again and again. However, you have to be ready to grab his bangs at the right timing. You can't save up the chance and that what I'm struggling about. I hope that I'll be ready and won't miss a chance when he comes to me next time.

August 4, 2013

Hopeless Hope

It is impossible to get someone's attention. That what I have been feeling. There are some people that I want to become friends with, or want to get special attention from. However you try, however you show them you want to know about them and also want them to know about you more, probably such things usually don't go well as you want and you may get disappointed. Therefore, what I always trying to do is, not to expect anything. Whenever you do a favor for someone, don't expect any returns from them and just think it will be a happy accident if something which makes you glad happens. Once you throw things from your hand, you can never control them. Just let them go to the direction as they want. And if you ever receive something back, show the appreciation.

Thinking about what others feel or think is so tiring because its just a "Guess" as long as you are different person and you never know if they tell you a lie or not even you ask them and get an answer. So, why don't you forget about it for a while and it's not too late to cerebrate it when you receive any good reaction after a while.

So...that's what I'm trying to do which is not as easy as I say sometimes. But, I hope it works.

July 9, 2013

I'm Just A Girl

I'm in the ironic mood these days because something depressing happened and I'm going to throw it out here just to release my feelings.

It's just what seems to be for me, but...I'm not that pretty but I know some people like my looks. I have received a compliment about it sometimes, and if I had to say if it's good or bad, I would say, of course it's a positive thing. However, such compliments make me sad as well.

Sometimes, someone tells me I look pretty. And I say thank you.
And what?

There are some experiences I've been through about relationships and whatever, and basically the guy liked my looks but I don't know if they ever tried to know about me as a person or a girl. I don't know what they have on their mind...of course everyone is not the same but how can they do something like

Buying stupid adult toys as a souvenir and tells me its for "Us" (It totally turned me off).
Keep telling that he doesn't care and want to make out when I was saying I had period and didn't want to do such a thing.

Try to kiss or make out without confirming if I'm available for such things without having a relationship.
And after such kiss, they sound like they are not interested in knowing about me.

The former two are something about my ex and the latter are about my "Friend".

Personally, I don't want to kiss or do anything more unless I'm in a relationship. And when such a thing happen, I get sad or disappointed especially when I was under the impression he is nice and there is something I admire about him.

I say, something happened recently and I just realized that I get more sad and disappointed as the days go by.
For me, a kiss or whatever is something more than just a friend. But it seems like guys are different in general.
One of my male friend says I have to realize that they just want to kiss her if she is pretty.

And I think it is truth because it describes why my latest relationship didn't work.
He told me I look pretty, etc. But never tried to know about me and I personally feel it's not because of the distance.
If that was the case, he could treat me in much better way.

If they like just my looks, I don't want them to come by me.
There are a lot of girls who are far prettier than me.
I don't want a guy who cares about my looks more than who I am.
I'd rather make friends who are interested in me and can hangout and spend time together.

It's a sad story but I realized I got to know a lot of people in past 3, 4 years. but there are just a few people who were interested in my personality and actually got to know about me in some extent.

I don't deny it's nice to have many acquaintances. However, it's not what I want for now.

June 16, 2013

Choose What You Want To Spend Money On

As you know, I enjoy saving. However, I don't try my hardest to make my cost expenses to the minimum. Because, it will be too stressful to cut all the money that I don't need to spend to live. I can't go out for dinner or hanging out with friends, I have to refrain from purchasing favorite things as fashionable clothes, etc. Such things are not what I want. My small goal is cutting the cost for the things that are okay and spend a little bit more money for the things that enrich my life :)

Here is an example.
I need to drink something while working because the room is dry and we get thirsty easily. One of my co-workers buys a can coffee in the morning, and then, buy one or two plastic bottle drinks while she is there. I don't want to do such a thing because it's waste for me. One coffee costs 120 yen normally. One plastic bottle drink costs around 140 yen. So, she spends 400 yen for those drinks per a day. If you go to work 20 days per a month, it adds up to 8,000 yen. Personally, those drinks I have while working are just what I need and not worth 8,000 yen. So, what I do is bringing a thermos bottle from home. I pour coffee or tea, whatever and it usually last half a day. Do I buy buy something later for the latter of day? The answer is no. I keep tea bags at work and during lunch time, I just make tea in the empty thermos bottle :D So, I spend less than 100 yen for those drinks. Isn't it economical? The point is, you shouldn't refrain from buying drinks if you want to have something specific. Sometimes, I feel like having ha carbonated drink and buy it. Even if you do it a few times in a month, it doesn't add up to 8,000 yen, does it? :P

So the point is,
1. Cut the cost for things for your need which is okay to be anything.
2. Spend money for something you want.

Isn't it better to spend those 8,000 for having nice dinner with great friends rather than having not tasty drinks just to make your thirst satisfied?

June 14, 2013

My Life Here Is Getting Interesting

The more people I get connected with, the more interesting my life becomes. If I ask myself, who just started working 5 years ago, if she can imagine how her life will be, I'm definitely sure she can't imagine how things will be. I feel I'm connected here with people, and not thinking of letting my current circumstances go unless I have a reason good enough for it.

Recently, I got connected with my old crush again. He and I were not close while we were in the same school. It was my one-sided feeling and I never told him about it those days. Of course, such feeling has gone already long time ago. However, I found it interesting. I got connected with a person whom I never had expected to see ever again and he even seems interested in the events I currently taking a part of sometime. He is such a normal typical guy of my generation, and I totally haven't had a chance to hang out with them in my life these past years. I'm holding a small gathering at my favorite restaurant in Tokyo next Wednesday, and he is coming. 16 people are attending for now, and you know what, his first love is coming. When I asked my friends if anyone is interested in coming with us, the girl, who I haven't met for 13 years told me was interested and told me she wanted to come. I do not know if they've met after graduation. Anyway, no matter what, it'll be exciting. Really looking forward to it!!

June 10, 2013

I Will Follow What I Want To Follow

There is someone that I probably remember about for a while whenever I see or hear a specific thing.

He was nice to me firstly but didn't treat me properly in the end. The way he took was too cold as a friend, even as an acquaintance. All the lies he told me hurt me, but, I don't take whole the thing negatively. Because, I definitely got a chance to open a new door.

I know a better way to treat people if I get into the the same situation.
Of course, just saying is easy and my circumstance is different from his.
But still, my impression about is, it was one of the worst way. And I didn't do anything to deserve it.

However, I'm pretty happy about what I went through.
Even there was negative things, I'm sure there was more positive things I learned.

April 24, 2013

Small Stories On The Last Day, No.2

Story 2
I found small hand mirrors at stores and wanted to buy a few for me and my sister. It seems that everywhere has similar price. At the store I went lastly, the price was a little high and the store clerk was eager to show me stuff once she found I was interested in those mirrors. I told her the cheapest price I saw in that area and she gave me a discount!! Hehe, I was happy about it. Probably it was because I was a customer in the morning. I heard there is a saying that first customer in the morning brings a good luck.

So I purchased the mirrors and left there for the airport. The journey was short, but I can say I was satisfied about it :)

By the way, there was another story I want to add in the end.
There was a Korean guy sitting next to me on the flight. When we started filling the form, he asked a flight attendant for a pen. Unfortunately, she didn't have one she can pass, so she told him to wait a minute. Since I had two, I handed him one of them. Then a conversation started naturally. He was a student who is becoming a doctor in the future. He speaks Korean, English and also some Japanese. He was coming to Japan for 10 days and in the middle of his journey, he was meeting up with friends both from Japan and Korea. He seems a little bit nervous because he was not sure how to get to his hotel in Asakusa. I told him we I'm going the same direction till Ueno station, so we could go together. He seemed glad when he heard it and it made me feel comfortable. Since I was helped by nice Korean people on my journey, I wanted to return the favor somehow. Honestly, I was a little bored waiting for him behind the immigration counter, but other than that, everything was alright. I helped him buying suica (IC card for transportation etc.), told him to charge some money first, then took Keisei line to Ueno together. On the way there, he told me he was relieved because of my help. Getting to Ueno station, I told him the direction and the sign he should follow. And when I was finally leaving, it happened. I don't deny it was a small thing, but left a kind of strong impression on my heart.

He stopped me.
He seemed that he wanted to tell me something and having a hard time to say it.
I was wondering what he was trying to tell me, but soon, it became clear.


That was what he said and it surprised me.
"I wish your happiness", which I didn't really expect to hear.
However, it definitely ended my trip with a positive feeling and I'll never forget about it. Probably I'll visit Korea again sometime soon in the future, when I finally become happy, who knows?


March 24, 2013

Time For The New Generation

I had been using my old watch for more than 3 years. Recently, I realized I can't keep fixing it again and again anymore. It's just surprising to notice that much time passed so quickly, and I say "Time flies". I don't know if the stories are really correct since my memories are getting vague after those years. However, what I can clearly say is it was my special...Something special and memorial. Even after long time, there are some scenes that haven't disappeared completely.

I still remember when you put it on my left hand when we were leaving your room.
I still remember when you said it looks good on me.
I still remember you said "Don't catch your skin" when I hadn't gotten used to wear it by myself.
I still remember that the time I started keeping it was when we went to fix your another watch.
I still remember I asked you if I can keep it until you tell me you need it back.

Probably you got some idea why my new one is almost exactly the same as the old one and I do not deny it's one of the reasons. However, it actually doesn't matter so much. From months ago, I've been searching for a new cool one but couldn't find what I like. Fortunately or unfortunately, it's still on top of my favorite watch designs. Actually, I was also under the impression that it is a pirate of a very expensive watch and I didn't feel I would find the same thing unless I buy the "Real" one and it is not affordable. So, I kind of gave up on finding a same one. But you know what, one day I found the almost exact thing online! It was such so shocking and unexpected. So you know how much excited I was!!

Anyway, the new one I purchased looks almost the same as the old one. However, it's definitely time for the new generation!! :D

Beside it, I have to reveal that the wrist band is still the old one. Searching for something cool, I realized the wrist belt is not original but from a very expensive watch, so it'll be really tough to find the same thing. So, I'd rather choose keep using the old one.

Anyway, it's time for the new generation. I'm sure I'll go through happy times and also tough times with my new partner and will see the future together :)

March 19, 2013

Small Stories On The Last Day

Next day was the last day. In the morning, while preparing for leaving there, Momo cooked breakfast. Rice, eggs, tofu, seaweed, and kimch...It was a simple breakfast but meant a lot to me...I felt really really glad, and you know what, I loved the sauce we poured on rice!! Actually, I made something similar when I came back to Japan and had it XD Anyway, I say, it was a memorial stay. I enjoyed sharing time and space with my young cute host and I'm under the impression that probably it made my limit expanded. I experienced something that probably I didn't feel comfortable normally. So I say, I became even tougher!! LOL

When we finished breakfast, I finally left his place. I headed to 仁寺洞(Insadong), but when I got there, I found the street was quiet due to the morning time. Then I decided to check streets with traditional houses and 昌徳宮(Changdeokgung) which are both near by there. When I was done both of them and came back, the time was already good. The stores have opened, and a lot of people were passing there. So...*Shopping Time* :D

Since I didn't tell people I was coming to Korea, I didn't have to buy many souvenirs. However, of course I wanted to get some for my family and dear friends. 仁寺洞 was actually a perfect area for that. I found lovely small souvenirs and was happy about it. Let me tell you the two small stories I met there.

Story 1
I was looking at small bags that seem I can use as a silk wrapping cloth. It seemed that a lot of stores have the same ones, and the prices were actually the same everywhere. So, once I found it out, I purchased two of them at a store I was. The store clerk was a skinny guy. I paid him, and then he suddenly asked me if I want to take a picture! I was like "?!" but said "Sure..." and he started let me hold some masks or wear hats which were around there and took pictures with my camera!! I'm under the impression that in most places, they don't feel comfortable when people takes pictures using the items. It's very common to see such signs as "No picture please". However, the store clerk himself is taking pictures of me, WITH MY CAMERA USING THE ITEMS IN THE STORE. I found the situation very funny. He even concerned about how I look in the pictures; when he didn't like the picture he took, he moved the hat or mask and tried to make me look better!! And, when the picture time was done, he looked around. He noticed there was no one but me and asked me a question. "Are you alone?" I told him I was traveling by myself. Then he smiled and said "Beautiful girl!" showing his thumb. No wonder there was a hug just before leaving there!

February 28, 2013

The Theme Song Of This Trip

After exploring 明洞 for a while, I started feeling go back home. I felt sorry for him because it seems like he wanted to hang out a little bit more, but anyway, I knew that I was tired. I told him I would just catch a train and go back to my Momo's. However, it was really really nice of him that he offered he would drive me there. But...there was a problem. I took a bus from 恵化 station when I went there. I didn't know the address nor the way to the bus station. Then, he told me to use his phone to call my friend. So, I called him, and they talked and he drove me to the university. It's a shame I'm not good at location so actually I asked Momo to come to pick me up to the place where we reached...I always get a help from kind people. I'm really thankful!

So, I got home with Momo safely. We talked about what we did that day. After a while, he suddenly started studying listening to the radio (It was an English class program, what a serious student he is!!) and when we finished, we went back to the conversation. You know, sometimes what you see, hear or smell, whatever, leaves you a strong impression and they will be connected tightly to each other so you will remember about the other when you meet one of them again. My theme music of the trip to Korea is definitely this song that Momo played that night...I just felt it was calm and the simple lyrics were just came into my heart. I think, the timing was just perfect.

February 26, 2013

Yes, Yes, It Was Something...New

It didn't take so long until I get bored at the market. It was because of the stores it had...mostly, there were stores handling cloth, bed covers, traditional clothes, etc. You know what, I like traditional clothes, and actually I buy them when I go abroad. However, unfortunately, Korean chima jeogori didn't get my attention so much :( I told him that I was done there, and where we went next was a cafe...a place which was warmed up with a heater. Haha, we were absolutely beaten up by the damn cold weather which was probably around -15℃!

We had hot drink there...yes very hot drink. After a while, we went back to the car, and he asked me what was my next plan. I told him probably I would go to 明洞(Myeongdong) and around the area next day. Then, he told me we could make it today!! It was shocking for me because I was under the impression that I wouldn't be able to go anywhere else to that day. So I was glad and also felt a little bit sorry because I knew that he would have to drive all the way alone home. Anyway, when we got to 明洞, it was around 20:30. A little bit late to start exploring somewhere and probably having a dinner...however, I was not so hungry due to the street foods I had at the market in 水原. In 明洞, there were also lots of street food stalls, and I got to fed by him there AGAIN, lol. Basically, same as other street foods on Southeast Asian countries, they tasted familiar to me and I liked them. However, there was something I didn't like so much...which was the grossest among the food I ever had. Mmm, I say, it tasted not that bad as you through up. However, I do not it's yummy and I would never buy it for a pure reason for eating. So, as you realize, it's the thing in the picture, haha. "Beondegi", I believe some people won't even want to look at it because it looks creepy...and it also stinks. At least I was brave enough to try it, so I give myself a compliment! *Clap clap* ;)

February 12, 2013

Spicy Street Food Warmed Up Our Body

As I mentioned before, we just walked walked and walked and went to the edge of the castle wall and came back to the car. While talking a walk, we talked about a lot of things; For example, where do Korean/Japanese people our generation go for a drink on weekends, where they hang out with friends, etc. We also shared our opinions about specific relationship. Because of our age, the topic became a kind of serious. However, we had fun exchanging our thoughts. Probably there is something like "Tendency" or "Stereo type thing" in each country or area , but I'd rather feel such a thing is more personal, and you know, there must be varieties because even Japanese people have many types. Walking under the setting sun talking about those topics, and when we finally went back to the car, we realized the temperature was even colder. We got into the car once. The next destination was a local market as I requested him while we were driving to the castle. He searched for a local market near by and we found out it was better to walk because it was we got off the car again, lol.

So we walked under the freezing weather again, crossed streets, etc and finally got to the market. As soon as we got there, he asked if I wanted to try street foods. WHY NOT? :D There was a stall selling street foods and tables were available back inside. He told me to go there, so I went there and sat down and waited for him. Soon after, he came and he sat down in front of me. He told me he ordered some food and soon, the waiter brought a tray...and they looked really spicy because of the red colour!! But you know, I was brave enough to try them, LOL. Actually, I like spicy food so I wanted to try how they taste because I have heard Korean food is really spicy :P And you know, how it was? It was not as spicy as it looked like ;) It was really nice of him that he bought those foods and he really didn't have to...Anyway, I enjoyed them a lot. I say, "I like Korean street food"!!

February 6, 2013

The Nice Scenery From The Top

The way looked a little complicated while driving to 水原華城. It was the first time for both of us visiting there. Jin was using a car navigation but a few roads were closed to traffic and it seemed like we were stuck driving around our destination (Ugh!!). However, we finally made it :) (By the way, it was something interesting for me to see the car navigation in Hangul, especially how they input letters, lol)

Firstly, we left our car in the parking of the museum and went in there. While I left for the restroom, he talked to a lady at the reception. When I was back, he told me what she recommended and we entered to the exhibition room. It was something I hadn't expected and things there were not so interesting for me (I'm sorry to say this. But I really appreciate his favor). What I wanted to do there was definitely walking along the castle wall and I was a little worried if it won't be too late.

Anyway, finishing the museum, we went outside and finally started walking around there. When we left the museum, a young girl at the counter gave us a map and explained the recommended way not to miss the important things. Of course, we followed the way ;P We saw 華城行宮 first and then walked along the castle wall. To reach there, we had to go upstairs and the way was LONG... I felt a bit sorry for him because he went to gym in the morning so his legs were already tired :S

On such a freezing day (Probably, the temperature was around -15℃ or so), feeling freezing air on cheeks, we kept going up the stairs. However, when we made it, we found it was worth because of the beautiful scenery there!! More over, good for me, I was not alone which means I got myself in pictures having such a beautiful background v(^-^)v Hehe, being a solo traveler who doesn't ask people to take pictures so often, I rarely have myself in pictures these days. So, such a small favor he did made me glad. (Actually, he offered me that he would take pictures for me many times.) Thank you my photographer, Jin!! :D

February 5, 2013

Korean Shabushabu ~Curly Meat~

Finishing the castle, I took a metro. I was meeting up a friend, whose name is Jin, at a station to drive to 水原華城(Suwonhwaseong). Oh wait, I shouldn't forget mentioning about Dunkin' Donuts! You know, in Japan, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and mister donut are available but Dunkin' Donuts. I found the donuts chain anywhere in Seoul so I really wanted to try. Since I had some time, I stopped by the one beside the MRT station before taking a train. Yes it was just a donut...actually, two of them and a cup of coffee. But it made me happy enough v(^o^)v

When I got to the station he had appointed, I didn't find anyone looked like him so I made a call from public phone. By the way, I found Korean public phones useful because T-money (Korean IC card for transportation) is available which means I don't have to throw coins while talking, haha. Anyway, when I caught him on the phone, he told me he was a little late. However, it didn't take time since then and soon he appeared.

What we firstly did was having lunch. He took me to a Korean shabushabu place and there were only local people at the place (I like such a situation quite a bit while traveling abroad) XD The meat of Korean shabushabu on the plate was curly because it was And it was good :P We talked about ourselves while eating. He was such a nice person who kept cooking and put meat into my bowl, especially when he got to know about my situation after asking a question. He said "Cheer up with meat" and gave even more. I wonder if he got to eat enough meat by himself due to it. After a while, we became full and we finally headed to the 水原華城 which was the main place I wanted to go that day :)

February 1, 2013

Korean Futomaki

When I woke up, it was already around 7:30 and the time was a little bit later than I was supposed to wake up. I sneaked out from the blanket and went to wash my face. Since he offered me the warmest place in his room, I had a nice sleep. After washing face, I went back to the room and started preparing to go out. When I finished almost everything, Momo asked where I was going today, and if it was alright that he would join me in the evening since he got an interview from 14:00. I told him maybe it would be difficult because I was planning to go to 水原華城 with another friend after noon. Then, he told me to contact him in case I eat dinner without him and I promised. To be responsible about my stuff, I didn't want to leave my backpack. So, I carried all of my stuff with me but told him I was coming back unless anything would happen :) To tell the truth, I was wondering if I should come back since Momo had headache that morning...but anyway, I just decided to speak to him later and let things happen as they would happen.

I firstly headed to 景福宮(Gyeongbokgung). There were two castles I wanted to see in Seoul and the other one was 昌徳宮(Changdokkung). I was planning to go to 昌徳宮 first but changed the plan just after getting on the train. When I was walking in a station for transfer, I found something familiar in front of a store. They were selling what we call 太巻き(Futomaki) in Japanese!! Since I prefer having rice for breakfast more than bread (There were also some kind of stores selling doughnut or kind of pancakes), there was no reason for refrain from buying it. I was also curious how it tastes like. So I bought one and kept walking with my mouth full, lol. You wonder how it tasted? I say, there wasn't a big difference between Korean one and Japanese least for me, haha.

January 24, 2013

My 5 Small Goals For 2013

Since My 2013 started in a bad mood, I didn't really have energy to work on things. Recovering from there, I think I finally mention about my small goals for this year.

1. Become active for the things I like.
I can't go aggressively when I'm not confident even for a thing I like. So, I want to become more brave.

2. Accept favors.
It's getting better than before, but I'm under the impression that I'm still not good at accepting someones favor.

3. Read 200 books.
I'll read whatever I feel like reading...I'm going to the library, borrow books, and try to finish them somehow.

4. Do not leave things to do later and try doing my best.
I won't put off doing my task and will even choose a better way if it's affordable.

5. Find a small side business.
The important thing is, it has to be something I enjoy, and also makes small money. It doesn't have to be big...Just for self satisfaction.

By the way, even this year started uncomfortably as I said, maybe it's not that bad. Looking on the bright side, my 2013 must not go any worse because it started from minus. There is only a way to go up. Adding the 6th thing, probably I have to be positive whatever happens :)

January 23, 2013

We Shared Enjoyable Time Together!

Having a dinner, we talked about a lot of things. I was curious about the frequency of cerebrating anniversaries and how they do it for Korean couples (Haha, it's such a stereo type thing), and I asked some questions related to it. Despite they were such personal things, he talked about his case and we shared some experiences. Then, I reached the answer that probably, Korean guys are more romantic compared to Japanese guys in general (Hey, Japanese guys, you gotta make more effort!!), LOL.

Anyway, after chatting, we both became full. On our way home, we stopped by a few supermarkets to buy some boozes. Why just not one was...he had some specific thing on his mind and didn't want to get anything alternative. So we searched for the one he wanted until we found it! When we finally finished shopping, we headed home. When we came back to his small room, he tried to treat me with his "Special" coffee...but the funny thing was, he had no idea how to make coffee. He didn't even have a kettle, lol. So I tried to pour hot water somehow from the pot. And the coffee, that we had as the result of those trying, was a kind of thin, was better than I expected, and more than anything else, he was very happy. So that was good :)

When we finished coffee, he started peeling an apple. It was shocking for me to know he still had some space in his stomach after eating lots of food (I was still so full and had just a piece of it.) and we enjoyed talking seeing pictures of his past trip in Europe. There were a lot of pictures, and he told me the stories about each picture. I liked the part that he cooked Korean foods for friends whenever he went anywhere. And they liked it a lot!! Personally I haven't done such things yet and it's on my list. One of the problem is, since I'm traveling with a small backpack and bring it in the airplane recently, I can't carry so many things with me. Mmm, maybe some day :D

January 18, 2013

Momo's Small Wonderland

My Korean friend, Momo, is a cute boy who smiles nicely. He is a student, and his place locates right beside the university. I liked the scenery of the city I saw while walking, and we soon reached his place; Which I call Momo's small wonderland! He said he had everything he needed there, (And I started doubting it later, due to the things happened lol) and welcomed me in warmly. Sitting on the floor, I handed him my small gift I brought from Japan. It was a sweet and it is popular as a souvenir from Kyoto and I love it. Since it's available in the airport, I sometimes bring it for my friends abroad. He looked glad when he received it, and asked me if he could open it. I said sure, and soon, he took a bite.

Boy, he just looked like an innocent kid while tasting it, and it calmed down my heart which was rough due to the things that had happened in past few weeks. Observing him for a while, I realized I was very hungry!! It was already around 20:30 and I hadn't had dinner yet. No wonder. So, we headed for a Korean dinner :D

January 17, 2013

After Feeling Uneasy...

I met the second trouble when I got to 恵化 station. As my friend told me, I went out from the exit 1. He told me to take a bus from there, which is going to Sungkyunkwan university. I asked a young guy where the bus stop is and which bus I should take. However, he didn't know about it. Soon after that, I found a bus stop by myself and walked there.

At the bus stop, there was a sign which shows destinations of the buses. However, it was only in Hangul so I had no idea which bus to take and the person I asked for a direction couldn't help me at all. So, I finally decided to make a call to him and luckily, public phones were just beside the bus stop. When the call was done, I had the information that I had to take one of the green mini buses whose number is 7 or 8 and had to go to the final destination :)

After a while, I found myself feeling uneasy because it looked like I got to the final destination of the bus but I was in a residential area. Being under the impression that I was going to an University, the environment looked completely different from what I expected. So, to make sure where I was, I spoke to the driver, confirmed it was the last destination, and asked him if the bus wasn't going to the university that my friend told me. I wanted to find a clue, but since the driver didn't speak English so much, it was a kind of tough. We even involved another bus driver, who came with next bus. But after a while, a young guy showed up and called my name! I bet you know how much I got relieved!

January 16, 2013

There Is Always Someone Nice

Since I knew there is a reusable transportation card for buses and trains just as like in Japan, Taiwan or Singapore, I told the person in the information counter that I wanted to purchase one as soon as I got to the station. However, it was not available there. He told me it is available in Seven-Eleven...and there was no Seven-Elevens nearby. He showed me two options. First one is, going back to the airport building and purchase it. The other one is, getting on the train buying a regular card for single use, then purchase the reusable card somewhere in Seoul. I chose...the latter one. So I purchased a card for single use for 恵化 station and left for Seoul station. I had to transfer there to the line 4.

When I got to Seoul station, I got into a small accident. I went out from the gate (I didn't realize there is a way to transfer without passing the gate) and my card got invalid!! I felt myself so stupid. When that happened, there was no available information counter and I was confused. I purchased a reusable transportation at a convenience store I found at the station and tried to figure out what happened to my card asking the store clerk but it failed since she doesn't speak English so much. Kindly, a girl who was waiting for a check behind me followed me later and I got to figure out what I did wrong. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the small money back but she helped me with refunding the single use card. When she left, she smiled and said, "Have a nice trip!" :)

Saying Hello To The Very Next Country

It was just a few weeks in advance when I decided to fly there. I noticed I got a few days off in a row in January unexpectedly when I received my work schedule in the end of December. Firstly, I thought of another specific place to visit due to my status at that time. However, since it didn't seem available, I finally chose that country. Korea is somewhere I had on my mind that I would visit at least once. Why it didn't happen before was because of the distance. It is a country that is not so far from Japan. It's something similar that people from Tokyo are not going to Tokyo tower often. It feels like we can go anytime.

Being a lazy last minute traveler these days, I didn't do almost anything until the date got close (again, lol). I finally started searching for places after a few days when February started. I went to the library, borrowed a few guidebooks, checked a few places that I shouldn't miss, and took copies of some pages including maps. Unexceptionally for recent trip, my journey started from the next morning I did overnight shift, and I rushed to the airport as soon as I got home and picked up my backpack.

It was my second time traveling alone in January. Last time was Singapore and Cambodia in 2010 and it eventually became a broken-hearted trip because my boyfriend left me after I organized everything for the solo trip. Ironically, it followed the same way this time. What differed it from the past one was I was a bit more optimistic about things which happened around me and I was already used to travel alone due to the experiences I went through after that trip.

Anyway, as soon as I passed the immigration counter, I followed the signs toward to the airport rail to go to 恵化 station to meet up a friend.

January 15, 2013

Getting Home At 3 AM

When we finally met up our friend, we headed to the place where we were staying. On the way there, we talked about how we enjoy meeting people from/in abroad. He told us the story when he came to pick people up to the airport 4 times in a day...haha, I felt he really enjoys meeting people. He also told us we were the first people from Japan he "Met" in person.

Our host's house locates in one of the areas where a lot of new high-ended apartments are built, and the area is still expanding. It's hard to find a specific house in a residential area if you are not familiar there. No wonder our friend, Arvind, asked the guards around there sometime and we finally found the place. It was such an apartment that I haven't lived, and do not even expect I can live in the future, because it looked so nice. There were a few guards at the entrance of the whole condominium area, and we had to tell who we are there. It also looks like there is a guard at the first floor of each apartment and we had to tell who we are again there!! Since our host didn't tell them we were coming (It was the first time for him hosting someone, so I guess it couldn't be helped), we couldn't get in smoothly...and I was sure it took more time if we didn't have Arvind because the guard at the apartment didn't speak English at all!

Making sure that we were alright, Arvind left for home. We felt really sorry for him because we heard he lives almost the opposite side of Delhi and it takes 1.5 hours to get home from there. He drove all the way to take us there for a favor.

Gautam, our host, is a cool guy who designs bag and stuff as his occupation. He lives there alone with his lovely dog Maximus, and hiring a maid to take care of him. He was up till 3 AM despite he had to work that day, and welcomed us nicely. He told us about the necessaries, and even told us we can let his maid clean our laundries and cook breakfast for us. His apartment was really nice, and the furniture he has are very cool as well. Also, I personally really like the bags he designs. They are simple, and cool. I don't know how many times I'm saying "Cool" in this post, haha. Anyway, we really liked the room we stayed :) We felt like we were staying at somewhere like an expensive hotel, lol.