March 31, 2009

Shameless Trip

As I wrote on my last post, the hospital trip was something peaceful for me. But after coming back, I knew there was something ignoble at that time. There are always some people that want to have a spree and let loose at such an event. Of course I like to let loose to some extent, but not that much...especially about boy's and girl's stuff. I heard that a young clerical girl that went with group one, stayed overnight with a doctor who has a wife and children, and other people couldn't enter the room. So, they stayed in other rooms. I feel such a thing is rude and ignoble. However, my senior told me that things like this happened in the past a lot (they were calling it "a shameless trip" lol) How scary!! Perhaps, some workers are so desperate for such things, and there must be some doctors as well who think they can get an one night relationship easily. Actually, I heard there are some nurses fighting over getting married with a doctor. I don't care about such people as long as they don't bother me, but can't deny I have some scornful feeling inside. I don't wanna be like that...I'm kind of a serious person :S

Anyway, there are a lot of people and their thought are various. I don't wanna be a girl that does something that isn't nice. I want to be fair about money and relationships. Hope that I won't get involved in such problems when I go next time :P

March 29, 2009

Hospital Trip

I just came back from an overnight trip with some members of my lab. This was our hospital trip; that was my work place trip. Since we can't make the hospital left without anyone, so we had two groups to departing different days, and people who wanted to go could choose from the two days. I was in the 2nd group, and left the hosital yesterday.

Maybe one of the best places for working place trip is a hot-spring, and actually we went to a hotel in one of the most famous hot-spring place; Ikaho onsen, and the tour guide said the hotel's bathes are the best one around that area. So, I got so excited about it.

One of the thing that you can't avoid in such a trip is, you have to be sociable in some degree. There must be a dinner, and you might have to talk to people that you don't know so much or walking around to pour beer in glasses of people who are superior than you. If you act well in such situation, it might be one of the chances to get promoted, lol. I'm not active, so I was just talking to a person who was beside me; but we got the seats by lottery, so I didn't know the person so I was very shy to talk to him for the first time! lol. Anyway, the dinner was so nice and looked expensive, I ate almost everything of them, and moved where my colleagues were after a while.

The dinner came alive when karaoke started and some doctors were singing, but I and my same age colleagues were bored and wanted to take the nice bath. So when the dinner got over, we three went back to the room, and moved to the bath. The bath was really awesome. It's not just about the water, the equipments are really good. The place we wash our body was wide and was separated from next by small walls. And the bathtubs are really awesome. There are some wide bathtubs in a large room. The temperature of each bath was different, and there are some jet bathes too. What I liked the most is a half body bathtub out side, which we can see the view, and an open air bath. I've never seen that many bathes in a hotel, so maybe that was one of best hotels that I; a poor girl, have ever been, lol.

Next day, we went strawberry picking. To tell the truth, I didn't expect about it since I thought maybe the strawberry won't be so good, but it failed to come up to my expectation. The strawberries looked much better than I thought! :) I ate a lot and felt happy. After that, we visited a glass factory, and ate noodles as lunch at a restaurant. The noodles were very firm and really yummy. The tour guide said the noodle is famous and they presented it to the Emperor in old days.

After lunch, we finally came back. The hot-spring was really good, and foods were yummy. But the transportation; the bus was tiring. I think I got stiff shoulders and a stiff neck :( Maybe I'll sleep well tonight, lol. Anyway, the trip was fun in some degree, although it was a kind of "part of my work". I hope that I got a little bit closer to my same age seniors that I went with this time :P

March 25, 2009

It's Time to Dress Up!

As for me, winter is not so good if I think about fashion because closing the front of the coat or the jacket fully makes my fashion look just simple. Of course I like simple fashion too, but not all the time; I want something + α. But now, spring is coming~ :) When it gets warm, I don't need to close whole the zipper of my jacket. So, I can enjoy my clothes outside with showing the combinations I chose :)

I usually want myself to be dressed with "moderately noisy" fashion. About the word "noisy", I don't mean I want to wear fanciful clothes. It's just something simple + something loud designed. I want to put a little spice somewhere in my whole fashion. So I like using small articles; like impressive necklace, bags, hats, shoes etc. I like keeping such stuffs since since it's cheaper than getting nice clothes a lot and makes me enjoy fashion more. Actually, they are good to order around; for example, I have a red checked and gray checkers reversible triangle scarf. I can make two different impressions by choosing the side I show, plus, I sometimes put it around my pants, or tie on my bag. So, there are more than one way to use it. I'm sure it's doing a better job than the price I paid for it :P

What's hot in me recently is something small flowers printed. I got such a scarf the other day :) I also got a cute brown jacket before in the winter clearance. I fell in love with it at first sight, because it has a small flowers printed cloth inside, and the fake fur of the hood looks nice :D

Maybe my taste of clothes will change as time passes, but I don't think I'll stop enjoying fashion as long as I am a girl and also my concept; dressing in petit prise but spend reasonable money for stuff I should get.

March 24, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I like this song since it sounds calm. I haven't listened to this song for a long while, but I wanna listen to it now since it's rounding in my mind :D This time I cheated because I found an English traslation that sounds much more natural than mine :P

Home Sweet Home / YUKI

The rain is starting to fall, and I'm tired of walking
Because I was chasing after the rabbit that I couldn't catch up to
Your eyes are breathing in the water of the transparent deep dark ocean floor
Call me, call me. I'm right here
Where should I go...where should I get satisfied?

Let's go home, tomorrow
Will I be fine and be smiling?

Call my name, call my name. I will embrace you
Close your eyes and remember when you were little

You filled in the areas that needed more
I was able to forget sad feelings right away, so I'm not afraid

I tell lies and regret them
I suddenly became an adult
Become embarrassed and have sweat run down
Even so, there is a reason to continue dancing
Burn the soul, burn the soul. It's yelling
If you open up and go...and will be saved

Let's go home, white rabbit
Let's meet at the other side of the moon
Let's go home, tomorrow
You will be smiling with your bare feet

Call me, call me. I will embrace you
Close your eyes and remember when you were little

The rain is starting to fall, and I'm tired of walking
Because I was chasing after the rabbit that I couldn't catch up to
Your eyes are breathing in the water of the transparent deep dark ocean floor
Call my name, call my name. I'm right here
If you say, say to your heart, you will be satisfied

March 21, 2009

On The Train

It was a calm weather today. I bought a cake for my grandmother's birthday on my way home from my half day work, and got to the train. When I sat on the seat, I saw a Caucasian girl sitting the other side of the door beside me. She was entwining her little curly light brown hair on her finger, and was listening to music with her pink iPod. She was wearing gray T-shirt, and the design let us see her white back. And under her legs, I saw a pair of black beach sandals. Beside her legs, there was a big deep blue backpack, and she had another bag beside her that some jackets and stuffs were in it. And they made me notice she was on a trip.

She has a clear skin, round eyes, and the profile looked pretty. She sometimes looked like she was singing. Suddenly, my eyes met hers, and she smiled. I got embarrassed, and turned away. She is so cute and her smile was so mild. I felt like talking to her, and becoming friends with her. However, I was too shy. Anyway, she looked so charming! Actually she was one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen in person.

When she got off the train, I didn't miss the guys' talking. They were sitting in front of her, and maybe they got the same smile as me, lol. Actually, they were talking about her cute smile and looks.

A girl that is attractive to girls can't be unattractive to guys, can she? :P

March 20, 2009

Make the Best Of Each Moment

We don't notice we have a lot of time when we are a kid. We feel we have a lot of things to do each time, but by years, our free time gets smaller and smaller, and finally once we start working, there is only little time. Being a student is good. Parents pay for school and to live, and we are given time to study. We can do part time job during the free time, and make some small money to spend.

In here, there tend to be two types of university students. One is students that have a lot of free time and can enjoying such a time, and the other is students who have a lot of school stuffs to do and can't have a lot of times for themselves. About me, I was the latter one. During the first year was not really, but from the second year, I got busier and busier. Since I was going taking a course to become a testing technician, we had a lot of subjects and lab classes. We went to school everyday from the morning till evening, and was working hard. I found that our course was tougher than some courses my friends are taking. Usually, science students are busier than humanity students. I really envied when I heard my friend taking humanity course had less subjects in their exam terms, and had longer vacations!

Although I had a tough schedule at that time, I think I still had some time. It's a sad thing because maybe a lot of people notice it when they get really busy after starting working, and actually I am one of them. If I could go back to that time, I would definitely do what I want to do. It's "traveling". However I was a busy student, I had a privilege; student's long vacations. I should have made good use of them. I went to part time job and did some stuff, but can't deny that I was wasting time as well. I should have varied the pace of life and should have done things that I could do only at that time. But however I regret, everything is too late now. I can't get the time back, so what I have to do is make the time I'm spending now as good as I can.

However I can't be a student anymore, there are some good things being out in the world; the biggest one is maybe being able to get some money. Especially people like me, living with family, can get some pocket money we can spend as we want. Since I want to pay my student loan back quickly, plus, I wanna save up some money as well, I can't spend a lot of salary on me. But still, there are some more spaces in my wallet compared to when I was a student. Since last spring, I realized that I couldn't get free time anymore but some money. Now it's the time to think what I can do in my situation, and make my life as nice as I can. One of the things I want to try is keeping in touch with friends; the precious thing that got busy as well.

March 19, 2009

I Love Maker

I Love Maker is a flash based generator for "I ♥ NY" style logo. You can choose a logo and put some letters there too. You can also choose the colours of letters and background. After making one, you can save it as a picture file or you can tag it on your blog as well. Isn't it cool?

March 18, 2009

How to Use Maple Syrup?

I got a bottle of maple syrup before, but haven't used it yet. It's because I don't know how to use it. I can just imagine about putting maple syrup on pancakes. If I say more, maybe I can put it in home-made cookies...but that's it. Hmmm, I wonder if there are good recipes. I checked the other day, but couldn't find anything good in Japanese since it's not so popular here. It's almost like maple syrup = putting on pancakes with butter. However, I guess that there are some ways to use it in Canada; the country that has a maple leaf in the flag, lol. Do you know a good recipe? Please let me know if you do. But firstly, maybe I should make a pancake :P

March 16, 2009

Catching Fish at a Stream

Since I stayed at hospital whole a day yesterday, I came back home in the morning. After a while when I got home, my brother, who has spring vacation right now, asked me if I would go catching some fish with him. Since I was kind a bored, I said yes so quickly. When he says let's go catching fish, it doesn't mean "fishing" you imagine;his "fishing" is just getting into a stream and catch some fish with a net like when you catch some insects.

The stream is near from our house. It's like a mountain torrent stream and some livings are there. I used to catch small crabs when I was a kid. My brother and I still go there sometimes to catch fish as a food. Of course not ours, but our pets'. Our tortoise loves gourmet foods; sashimi (too good for her!) and living fish. My brother keeps a flesh-eating fish in his aquarium as well, and puts killifish as its food. Since his fish eats a lot of killifish recently; it's absolutely not kind to his wallet, so he decided to catch some fish today.

It was after a long while for me to go there, so I was shocked when I saw the stream shape changed. It used to be much deeper, but what I saw was a very shallow water. My brother told me they've fixed the stream after it broke when a typhoon came last summer, and actually the stream looked unnaturally straighter than before. It was good that they didn't make a concrete wall in the river, but I wondered if we could catch fish there because we didn't see any signs of fish.

Finally, we couldn't get so many fish. I don't know if they've disappeared or just hiding, but hope that they'll come back when it gets warmer. Although we didn't get to catch fish so much, I was happy going there, since I found some "spring" around there; sakura is coming~, lol.

March 15, 2009

Killing Time

Today is my Sunday shift at work. I have to stay here alone for a day...till next morning. We have to stay in the hospital at night and on holidays since we have something to do out of consultation hours. As a testing technician, about the scale of the hospital I'm working don't need a lot of testing technicians at those hours. So we stay alone in turn.

During the shift time like this, there tend to be two types of people; who call patients and being busy every time, and who usually don't have to do anything. Of course we're not trying to invite outpatients, it just depends on the number of available beds and which doctors are staying. So, it's kind a interesting thing that people always busy and always free exist.

As for me, I'm the previous type of person. I usually have to work in some degree. Since I'm always called sometimes until midnight, I don't go to the duty room (we can sleep there) upstairs till around 11 or so, and stay in the lab. I was really shocked when I heard one of my senior always goes to the room around 8 and watches TV. Sadly, I hadn't get such a chance since usually they call me when I am eating my meal upstairs. So, in such cases, I have to come back downstairs quickly, and have to take electrocardiograms or check blood or urine samples.

Although I'm always in such a situation, today was different. I really had nothing to do...only a few samples came in the day time. I heard that today was our hospital's shift day, so I thought patients would come in some degree. But the expectations was wrong in the end. I only tested blood samples for 2 people and one urine sample. I've been killing a lot of time today! I'm not sure if I'm wasting some part of the luck in my whole life, or it's just a gift for poor me that was so busy on the other day only few beds were available. Having a lot of time to do nothing is better than being so busy, but killing time in this much was really boring. I've been sitting in front of the computer in the lab and just playing around! I wonder if it's worth getting paid, but as I think about the day that I was awaken up every couple of hours at night, it's considered as a fair thing for me. Anyway, hope that that horrible night doesn't come again today.

March 13, 2009

A Letter From My First Love

Hi, Megumi. How are you?

Do you still believe blood types do matter on personality? I long for you seriously believing people with type B blood have their own pace.

It's already been 9 years since the day you said "I like you so much, but will break up because I'm feeling so lonely", with crying and stopped keeping in touch. Time passes quickly.

By the way, I didn't have any reason to write this note. I just met a dog that had similar name as youres, and it reminded me about you. So I felt like writing something whatever I thought by chance, lol.

When I think about the time we were going out now, I have a set picture that I had though time since you were mad at me a lot. Of course when I was hanging out with girls, but also even with guys, you were complaining about it somehow. I can't forget when you coldly stated, "you take priority over friends more than gf". I wonder if you got some more space in your mind now.

Well, I was your first bf. So that's why you were putting on an act so much. I'm sure that you couldn't say things like "hey, let me touch your Adam's apple", in the beginning. Maybe you are touching without asking now.

When we just started going out, you pressed me for a promise not to break up no matter what. I remember that I was saying "yes, I promise" or something, but had something tough inside at that time. I'm sorry that I broke the promise.

The really good thing that I got from our relationship is, I got to understand some feelings of people who think negatively. Plus, my tolerance got increased a bit. Thank you about it.

Anyway, although I wrote a lot of stuffs, I really liked you. Hope that you will be as you are. But want you to stop bringing a lot of syrup from drink bars anymore. Be happy. See you again.

P.S. I don't know why, but you smelled like an old lady in those days.

So...this is the letter from my first love. Nah, it is just a love analyzing game that is popular among young people on mixi (it is like face book). You have to answer to some questions about thought of your love, and the website makes a letter from your first love. And finally, the website shows you the analsis of your love type. I don't take it seriously but playing with it is fun. Maybe some of them are correct? Who knows :P Anyway, you can do that from here but it's Japanese only.

March 12, 2009

Thinking About Happy Holidays

What is the happy thing coming in 2 months? It's *Golden Week*, yay!! Since I'm spending boring weekends these days, I want to get some spice on my Golden Week. Don't want those days to be like something just "nothing special" off days as I'm spending now, because what I'm doing are playing video games, making my brother play BIOHAZARD(RESIDENT EVIL in USA) and I'm watching it. Actually, watching BIOHAZARD is fun for me since I really like it but can't play well by myself. So, I'd rather make my brother play and watch it beside him.

Although I like it very much, just staying at home and watching such stuffs is unhealthy. Of course I can't say I can do that anytime, since I need my brother to do that, but there must be something much more interesting if the weather is nice. I wanna go shopping, wanna go some cafe with friends, I wanna go *traveling*. So, this time, on Golden Week, actually I'm thinking about after golden week, I'm planning making a small trip with my sister. I'm not sure if I can take some days off, but want to ask my senior if I can. Golden Week is a very expensive season to go somewhere since everyone has off days, so if I can take some day off after the BEST season for everyone, it would be so great for me. I don't expect a lot of days, but want just a few days to make myself be in some new places. If I can't this time, hopefully next time. I don't wanna miss it every time since it's not too much to say that I'm alive to do such things; traveling, having fun, and eating yummy foods. That's the pleasure of my life and what I'm working for. Anyway, hope that I can go somewhere in May, lol.

If you don't know what Golden Week is, check my past post :)

March 3, 2009

Hinamatsuri -The Girl's Festival-

Today, March 3rd is the day of girl's festival. A lot of families that have female kid display special dolls and celebrate the day with eating chirashi-zushi, shell soup, colorful small rice crackers and drinking amazake; a sweet drink made from fermented rice. These special dolls are usually presented by the girl's parents or grand parents when she was born. People start displaying it in the beginning of spring and take away in the next day of the festival since it is said it makes them give daughter early into happy marriage. In every display, the main things; the Emperor and the Empress are there. Their style is that of Heian Era.

I like looking at these displays, especially greater scale ones. Because, there are a lot of people and stuffs that we had in that era, and they are really made well. Maybe you'll feel what I'm saying now when you take a look at them once, and you will be impressed. So, the girl's day display is really popular in Japan, and everyone knows about the day. There is even a very popular song about the festival day.

Ureshii Hinamatsuri (Happy Girl's Festival)

Let's put the light on lamps
Let's put the flowers; peach flowers
Five musicians are playing the flute and the drums
Today's Happy Girl's Festival

The Emperor and the Empress
They are beside each other and have a clear face
The court lady's white face looks like
My sister that came to be my brother's wife 

The spring wind that is slightly swinging
The light reflected in the gold folding screen
The Cabinet minister right side has a red face
Maybe he had some white sake

Wearing kimono and putting on an obi
Today I'm in my best clothes too
This good day in spring, March
It's the happier thing than anything, Hinamatsuri