October 13, 2010

Taking Nozomi From Tokyo

It didn't feel like I was going anywhere. I woke up at workplace, and did some work. Then, I handed over job to my co-worker and left there. It was a little bit rainy outside, and I left for Tokyo station after breakfast to take a shinkansen. Actually, it wasn't the way that I wanted to take. I wanted to take a bus all the wayt to Hiroshima. However, it didn't look like a good idea because my time was very limited. So, I chose going there by super express train.

I wasn't so excited when I got into the train. But once the train departed, I slowly got excited. The idea "I'm going somewhere" started coming up in my mind. Anyway, the train finally arrived at Hiroshima station after 4 hours. I bought a one day ticket for a tram, and headed to the hotel. Staying at that hotel was not what I asked for because I had somewhere. However, it couldn't be helped. Buying round trip tickets from Tokyo to Hiroshima was more expensive than the plan I found which includes round trip train tickets and a hotel stay for a night. I could just skip staying at the hotel and could go where I wanted to stay, however, I chose taking advantage of the situation. Actually, the decision was right. I got a chance to eat breakfast at peaceful riverside next morning because the hotel was just some minutes away from the Peace Memorial Park ;)

Web album: A Trip to Hiroshima

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