February 23, 2011

Action For A Second

I got a chance to play after a while last week...The photographer is who I had worked together once before, but for me, it's more friend already, lol. That type of shoot; having a theme as scene of a novel was something very new for me and I loved it. It reminded me about my high school days a little bit; those days I was playing around with other members in drama club.

Of course I like my past pictures that I play the reading role, but found myself love those ones more; those pictures I take a part of the atmosphere much better. There is a mood in the picture and I wanna be in the mood naturally. It's action for a second. But we prepare to make the second perfect think of the location, choose clothes, small articles, etc. Thinking of those things makes me excited and it keeps me motivated.

There is something I can do.
I don't think it has to be me actually, but if I get a chance, why don't I try my best?

Working for something with someone is really fun and the feeling you get when you accomplish it is more than anything. "It's fun to be in someones art." That's what I always say whenever I talk about this play with someone. It's fun to be in someones art, yes it is. But I know I can't just say it if I'm not motivated. It's fun because I put some energy, it'll be extremely glad if I feel that I'm required...for that point, I have to work harder...I guess...? Anyway, I have to brush up my acting skill, lol.

February 13, 2011

My Assignment

On my way to work this morning, I saw a husband and wife on the train. There was an available seat in front of them, and the husband naturally held her shoulders, led her to the seat and she sat down. It looked very smooth like a stream. Such a scene may be just a simple thing, but I was a kind of impressed because it's something I'm not good at. I can easily imagine, if I were her, I would have told him to sit unless I'm really tired.

Compared to western countries, "lady first" habit is not so popular here in Japan and I'm one of those girls who are not so used to it. So I'm perplexed when I'm treated in nice a way as a "girl" by male friends. Yes, I'm a girl. A girl can get things on the tall shelf if she uses a stage. A girl can carry her bag by herself because it's her stuff and she shouldn't bring too much stuff in her bag more than her capacity. There is no wonder she pays for her own meal when she goes out with a male friend because she has the ability to pay for herself because she works and earning some money. That's been my view. You're working, I'm working, there is no reason to make you pay for me. You don't find it sweet, do you? I know I'm not, lol. I wanted to be treated as an equal person but a girl who has to be protected.

However, now I think that maybe I've been wrong. They already know that I can do things by myself and they are sweet to me not because they think I'm helpless, but think it's proper :) So I shouldn't take it negatively. It's much better for both of us to receive those favor unless they don't have some bad intention behind it, lol. Therefore my assignment is; Getting used to be treated nicely especially from the other sex. Do you find it funny? :P But when I accomplish my assingnment, maybe I won't collapse what is called a ROMANTIC MOOD anymore (I know I do it sometimes because of the shame(>_<)), right? ;)

February 8, 2011

The Place I Wanna Come With Holding Hands

There is a place that I've been placing as where I wanna come with holding hands; World Heritage Shirakawa-village. I've been thinking that it must be in winter because I wanted to see them especially when it snows. As same as most of other wishes in my mind, it's something little, simple and unaffected, but means a lot to me. For some reason, I got a chance to visit there this time, and I was glad about it. Even though I went there with parents, I preferred to hang out alone all the time whenever I had free time. It was nice to spend time as I wanted. I'm sure it would be much greater if I had unlimited time, but joining a tour, I shouldn't disturb other members of the group, and keep time. It's a kind of negative side when I wanna be free, however, going there is a kind of hard, so it was nice that I didn't have to make efforts just to get there, and I got to visit other places as well.

I think I'm mesmerized by something simple and unaffected but has a strong power. It may be something natural, may be something spiritual as well. I felt the same thing as I felt in Bayon; I can spend whole a day just sitting there and seeing those scenery. But maybe not in winter, because it was really freezing. I'm sure the place has lots of faces to see through a year. I definitely want to come there again...next time, hopefully with holding hands...for sure :P But for now, I have to recharge my battery because it's almost empty again :)