January 30, 2010

Welcome Back, How Was Your Trip?

I didn't even realize how long I hadn't been here to write something!! I had been doing something hard and finally came back from my great trip :D I say it was like a dream. I know it was reality and I was actually there. But after few days coming back to Japan working as usual, I feel like it wasn't what I experienced but just happened somewhere far in another world when I was dreaming. But anyway, I decided to talk about my tiny brilliant experiences before they fade away.

I had to get up early when I was leaving for the airport. The weather was nice, but it was cold. I carried my suitcase with me, took a bus, took trains and got to the airport. This was my first trip going somewhere alone without having friends at the place. But I wasn't nervous at that time, I knew that I would meet my friend in Singapore :) I really really enjoyed spending time with him and his family when I went there last time. They took good care of us. So, there was nothing to worry about.

The flight for Singapore was not full. No one was sitting beside me, so it was relaxing. But I missed a chance to talk to someone. It was one of what I wanted to do on my trip because I'm a shy person. I wanted to try something through the trip. Even though they are small, they might be my first new step :) Anyway, I gave up talking to anyone at that time and was watching movies. After a while, a guy moved to the next next seat from mine because he felt cramped sitting beside his friends. There were 5 or 6 people in his group, and all of them were guys. It was funny because all of them brought their laptop to their own seat and were playing the same game all the way to Singapore!! I wonder if they didn't get bored playing the same game for almost 7 hours, lol. Anyway, the flight brought me to Changi airport. I was relieved I got there on time, but actually it was a little bit earlier than I expected because the departure time of the flight got 10 minutes early when I was in Narita airport :)

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