April 27, 2008

Golden Week

There are three consecutive national holidays on the calendar (from May 3rd to 5th), and it is called golden week. Golden week is the longest vacation for most people that are working here in Japan. However the holidays don't last for whole a week, some people get their paid holidays beside the days, and make it be for a whole week. It may be hard to believe about it for you since I heard that you can get more holidays in Western countries, but Golden week is the first and also the last chance to get such a long holidays in a year. In Japan, getting holidays for a week or two weeks in other time is almost impossible. Therefore people go trip and rush to amusement places in the week, and everywhere is crowded. Guess that if you go to Tokyo Disney Land at the time! You'll wait for 2~3 hours in the line at every attraction, and will get very tired! It is smart not going such a place!

Since everyone goes somewhere, the costs about going to trips are much much more expensive than that in normal seasons. However I like going to somewhere, I would like not go anywhere this time. So expensive and crowded, don't feel like going somewhere. :( I'd rather get holidays in another season if I could, but I know that it is impossible... I envy house wives on this point that they can make time for going to trip much easier at the time that they want to go than people that work. However, this golden week is one of when I can get to meet my friends. About this year, I have for 4 consecutive days holidays since May 3rd is Sunday (Next Monday goes into a holiday instead in case like that), and I will meet different friends each day. :D Since I don't wanna go crowded places, it can't be helped maybe. So, I'll try going to some normal places that people won't rush to very much.

Ah! I want to go to a trip so badly now! Maybe I should catch a nice rich guy as my husband who can get some long holidays, and turn myself to be a part time worker!!! Lol.

April 23, 2008


Lately, I like capybara very much. It is one of friends of rat, but very big. They live east in south America close to water places. I think they look very sleepy, and hence, they are cute. Don't you think? lol. Also, their stuffed toys are very popular in Japan now. You can see they are sold as products feature at stores, and in UFO catcher games in arcades too. I sometimes go there and get some. I'm not good at getting things with UFO catchers, therefore I try getting it only if I think that I can.

A few days ago, I saw capybara at Ueno zoo. That was first time that I saw them as long as I remember, and I thought that they were nice as I had thought. They were eating foods at that time but suddenly, one of them evacuated suddenly!! I got shocked, because I was just saying my friend like, "Hey, look! Aren't they cute?!" or something. Life is like that, lol. Can't go cool.

Anyway, I wanna keep one as my pet someday, but know that this intention will end as my dream. :P I will keep a cute rat again and dreaming about keeping capybara one day, lol.

April 22, 2008

Circadian Rhythm

Every animal has its circadian rhythm and about humans, it is almost 24 hours. Since I started working, my circadian rhythm got front loading. It is because I have to get up at 5 in the morning, so I usually go to bed at 11 p.m. You may think that it is later than 11 o'clock already, but I'm staying up because tomorrow is my off day. :P

It's interesting that I haven't fell into a sleep while I was talking to my friend on phone before working; I stayed up until morning sometimes but lately, I fall into a sleep EVERY TIME without noticing. :S Maybe it means that I am getting so tired recently. :( Work is so tough.

When I went to Canada, I really didn't feel the jet lag (but it was maybe because I slept a lot on the flight), however, lately I can't stand staying up, always feel so so sleepy around 11 p.m. and fall into a sleep so quickly.

I think that sleeping in early time is good for skin, and good for next day. There is a proverb "早起きは三文の徳". It means that the person who gets up early profits something. "文(mon)" is one of old denominations. I searched the proverb in English, and in some websites, it is said, "the early bird catches the worm". Is it popular in Western countries? lol. I wonder if I can really get something if I get up early, however, guess that at least I can spend time usefully. :) So, maybe I should keep this habit when the next day is off too. :S

By the way, I can't say SQUIRREL correctly yet however I tried to fix my pronunciation a lot! I wonder if I'm able to say it in the future, lol.

April 10, 2008


Cherry blossom trees are called "Sakura" in Japan, and its flower is very familiar with people here. Usually, the flower is in bloom early in April, and people go cherry blossom viewing to places that have beautiful cherry blossom trees. It is like a picnic, since we keep the places with blue seat, and bring foods and drink. We call it "hanami".

Sakura reminds us a new life too. Not as same as western countries, our new life starts in April. People start going to school, woking at a company as a new member of society...etc. Therefore sakura is a symbol of beginning of new life. And of course, it is a symbol of spring too. What is the most beautiful in Japan is sakura I think. If you ask Japanese what is beautiful in Japan this time, I'm sure that most of them would say "It's sakura".

We even have "sakura front forecast" in spring in the weather news. The kind of sakura they pick up is someiyoshino. It is the most popular kind of sakura here. Its flowers come out in the spring first, and leaves come out after flowers fall. I don't like when both flowers and leaves are on the same tree since it looks dirty. The best time of sakura is when it has only flowers on its branches, and the second is when it has only leaves.

However, I like falling sakura too. Especially when it is in a Japanese style garden. If its petals fall in the pond, it looks pretty. Anyway, I like sakura too, and think that feeling calm with seeing sakura is a kind of feelings that most of Japanese have.