December 12, 2011

Never Ending Peace And Love

"Never Ending Peace And Love", That's what people tell you when they explain about the meaning of "Nepal". I say, it's not an exaggeration because I actually had marvelous time there. I met great people, and went through great experience with them. However small the each piece was, every little thing took an important part. They were just like the pieces of a huge puzzle which you can never accomplish if you miss any of them. Without telling, I went under new experience, and didn't miss a chance to fill up my "To do list" ;) I think I was lucky to meet them. So, now it's time to tell you about my amazing time in Nepal. (And I think I shouldn't miss this music because I heard this almost anywhere I went. Therefore it became the theme music of Nepal for me, lol.)

"Was there any meaning of taking the bus?" That was how I was spoken to a guy as soon as getting off the bus that brought us from the airplane to the airport building. It was a very short ride...maybe just for 30 seconds or so and there was no wonder he wanted to share his feelings. Actually, he was sitting in front of me during the flight, but we didn't really talk until then. "Yeah, I agree with it", said I. "We actually could walk from there". Then, we started chatting and he became my first buddy for the trip. After immigration and getting visa, we went downstairs to pick up our luggage, and headed toward taxi counter. We were not sure if we should take a taxi yet, but wanted some information anyway. According to a guidebook, we knew that it costs 500Rs for taxi, but there is also a bus stop that we can take a local bus from if we walk a bit. When we got to the taxi counter, there was a official counter, but there were also a lot of "taxi drivers" who are negotiating with tourists. "4$" said one driver, "4$" said another, and they were fighting over us. I told them we were actually thinking of taking a local bus, but one driver said that it wouldn't be good because it'll take time and it's not so cheap since they raised the price recently. Then, I wondered if he was telling us a lie or not because I'd heard in some countries, specifically in India(lol) people who want to do business with tourists tells lie so easily. Anyway, do you want to know which way we took? I negotiated with a taxi staff and we got a ride with 1$ for two people. But we didn't even pay that money because we stayed at his friend's hostel :P

December 1, 2011

My Family In Singapore

In the end of the day, we finally got to hang out with our friends. They came to pick up us to the hostel, and we drove to a nice seafood restaurant. I remember when we visited Singapore for the first time, they took us to a seafood restaurant as well. We had very great time there as we had before. We really love how they treat us and always want to return the favor whenever we get a chance (Maybe next time in Japan!!). Even though we don't get to see each other so often, I personally have a warm feeling inside...I feel like calling them my family in Singapore...:) Probably my one-sided feeling? :P

Anyway, I really enjoyed spending time with them and so did my sister. The dinner time was filled with enjoyable chat and smile...Damn, I miss it so much! When they brought us to the airport, they even gave us souvenirs! Can you imagine how much we didn't want to leave there? I'm sure that we will fly to Singapore again when they make a new step to their dream :)