July 22, 2009


It's a story about Poutin and Кирененко that are enjoying their comfortable imprisonment life in an Russian prison. They are loose and unique. I saw this video at a store before and liked it :) Hope that you will like it too :D

July 20, 2009


Today I went to Yokohama to see A Grand Exposition for Yokohama's 150th Year. It started on April, and I've seen a lot of posters about it, but haven't been there. It's composed of three main areas; Bayside Area, Hillside Area, and Mother Port Area.

I went to the Bayside area today and it was composed of three areas. We went to every area but I didn't think they were worth the price I paid. Actually, my friend felt the same way. If I say something was good, maybe "ENEOS La Machine" was the best. Maybe "ENEOS Evening Picnic" was pretty late at night, but we didn't see it since we came back home in the evening.

Anyway, however I got some negative impression, it was still okay since I got to know how it was. I don't recommend you to go there..since I think it's too expensive. Maybe it was okay if it was half price :(

Hmmm, one thing I wanted to do is over now, what to do next during this short summer :S

July 12, 2009


レディオステレオ 作詞/作曲:岩瀬敬吾







another day


When this song was released, I was a university student. I really liked this artist at that time, and was going to his live concert a lot. His songs were something like word games, for example, a lot of rylics didn't make sense but sounded good in the melodies. Sometimes, his voice itself sounded like part of the melody. Since this song was released, I think his new songs changed from past ones. They tend to make sense and sounded more emotional.

I haven't been to his live concert for a long while now. I don't deny I have much less passion about him compared to before. But somehow, I just remembered about this song recently. It's one of the songs I surely stayed with part of my life, and I felt like putting it here, that's it.

July 5, 2009


There was a very beautiful daughter of the Lord of Heaven living beside the Milky way sparkling in the night sky. Her name was Orihime. She listened to her father well and working hard on weaving everyday. The cloth she made was very beautiful and it was shining in 5 colours. The wonderful brocade changed its colour every season. The Lord of Heaven was impressed but thought poor about her since she was marrigeable age but didn't make up, and didn't even have time to fall in love. So, he decided for her to get married with Kengyu. He was a cow boy living west of the Milky way. Thus, the two started their new life.

However, after getting married, Orihime was absorbed in the life with Kengyu and frolicking every day. She stopped weaving. Her father let her off for a while because they were newly-married couple, but started getting mad since it didn't stop. He got very angry and visited them. He said, "Orihime, did you forget your job is weaving? I can't let your misunderstanding keep going. So, you must go back to the riverside and start weaving hard again". And he added, "If you reform yourself and work hard, I'll let you meet Kengyu once a year, on the night of July 7th".

She felt a lot of pain to live without Kengyu, but she couldn't disobay her father. So, she said bye to her husband and went back east of the Milky way with drooping her head.

From that time, she reflected on her past conduct and started weaving hard again. Of course Kengyu felt the same way as well. He worked and worked..and waited for July the 7th comes. Like this, both of them strived for their job, and waited for the night

However, if it rains on that day, the water of the river comes up and she can't cross the river. Even though the young moon is under the river, the hearless shipper doesn't ship her to the other side. So they linger on each side of the river weeping and looking at the surface of it with feeling pain.

So, if it rains on the 7th of July, a group of magpie that can't stand looking at the two people come from somewhere, and make a bridge on the Milky way with spreading their wings, and help Orihime to meet Kengyu.

This story is very popular in Japan. We put ornaments and cerebrate the day. The very popular one is putting a bamboo somewhere and tie pieces of paper we wrote our wish :)