August 17, 2008

Oh My Wallet Is Old!

I think there are three things that I should buy at that time, if I find them.

1. Shoes: Since my feet are larger than Japanese girls average, sometimes it is hard to find shoes of my size. If you wear wrong shoes, your feet will be hurt.But however the size doesn't matter, even finding design of shoes that you like isn't easy. I think finding the right size shoes with your favorite design.

2. Bags: Finding favorite bags is also not so easy. In some cases, when you are looking for a bag, maybe you have something that you can't give way. For example, when I was seeking a bag for school, I couldn't give way about finding "a strong bag". It was because my textbooks are so heavy, and I had to bring it to school. The bag also had to have size in some degree because of the textbooks' size. But of course, if you don't like the design, you don't wanna use it. Strong bag with right size plus, your favorite hard to find. Actually, when my bag broke at the end of my school life, I didn't buy a new one since I didn't think I could find a bag that I would like, and also didn't think that I needed such a strong bag for bringing heavy textbooks anymore after graduation.

3. Wallets: I think it will be the most difficult one to find if you are particular about it. I decided that I should buy the wallet when I find my favorite one since I noticed that it was so hard to find my favorite wallet. It might be just my taste, but about shoes and bags, I have ways to give. But about a wallet, no. About bags and shoes, I can keep many and use different ones for the purpose or my feelings. But I don't think that most people uses some wallets and use different ones because of their feelings everyday. So, I can use only one. Therefore when I find one that I want, I want to try to buy it as soon as possible. Or else, I wouldn't meet other wallets that I feel like buying for a while. However I'm thinking like that, the real is not so easy. Actually I found my favorite wallet today, however it was almost ¥14,000. It might be not too expensive, but expensive for me. So I have to have a talk with my present wallet if I can buy it or not...I need some space inside of my wallet (of course it doesn't mean that it is better if my wallet is empty, lol) or else, I might get involved in a big trouble later :P

PS. Do you know what is easy to find however I have my taste? It is clothes!! Some brands have similar designs of clothes at the same time, so it is much easier to find clothes that I want to buy!