April 25, 2010


I didn't realize it's been ten years since this song (which starts from 1:35 in this youtube video) was released!! I remembered about this song when I was talking to friend at izakaya restaurant. Since she is an elementary school teacher, she sometimes teaches some performances to kids. She told me she recently taught the dance of 慎吾ママのおはロック(Shingo Mama no Oha Rock). When I heard it, I said, "wait, wasn't it long time ago? Do kids know the song?" and she told me they don't so she showed them a video, lol.

"Shingo Mama" is a character that Shingo Katori (SMAP) played in a project in a variety show on TV. The project is "Shingo Mama's secret breakfast" which lets busy mothers sleep in the morning by stopping the alarm clock and making breakfast for kids and father. Since he plays mother, he cooks with wearing one-piece dress, apron, and make up. What is always done is mayo chucchu (Shingo Mama loves mayonnaise, so he swallows it from the bottle whenever he finds it in the fridge) and a good bye kiss from the father to Shingo Mama when he is leaving for work which looks really funny (fathers are always shy) :P

Anyway, this song was very popular at that time and went million seller :) Haha, I just wanted to share this funny PV. But he looks young in this video...of course, he was ten years younger than now when he made it :P

April 19, 2010

Just Murmuring My Thoughts

"Have you ever thought about marriage? I bet you haven't." His words embarrassed me.

I was at work last night. The duty on weekend is either busy or not busy in most cases. Since only a person is in the lab whole the day, if it gets busy, it's really busy. Luckily, yesterdays was the latter pattern. Usually, we have a desktop computer which is connected to Internet, but the computer broke few weeks ago and a new one is not available till few months later, so it was a right choice that I brought my own laptop from home to kill time.

We were chatting online via messenger. It was for the first time that we talked since he started working few weeks ago. So, naturally we were talking about his work. I knew that he is working at the same company that our common friend works; actually, he is working where she was working before till she was assigned to her present lab. And then, when I talked about what happened the other day at Shibuya, he said it.

I don't think I haven't thought about marriage, actually, I've posted about my thought about my ideal husband and stuff. However, the word "marriage" hasn't just been so serious for me. The word doesn't move my heart yet. It feels like it's something on another planet and it went even farther when I was left.

I've been in a few relationships before I went out with my last boyfriend, and of course I've liked few more people in the past. But in most cases, I was in relationships with people who approached me. I'm not saying I'm popular. It's simple, I can't go out with someone that starts from my one-side love. I just want to say, the balance of supply and demand sucks. I wonder if I'm bad that much :( But maybe (hopefully) it's because of the timing. I've missed a guy because of the timing, and I've even rejected when I asked a guy for his mobile address, lol.

Anyway, let's get back to the story. My friend said, I require passion too much. I don't deny that I want it in some degree now. However, it was not on my list in the past. For now, I just feel I can't be in a relationship with someone I don't spend great time with. It was good enough to be just okay before, but now, I require more. I don't know if I go back to the point since I've experienced something, guess, I don't need to for now at least because I'm not in such a mood. He said that it's of course to get bored but I didn't get the point why he said that. It was not me, but the other one. I wanted to solve the problem if there was, and I thought I had told him about it. So, I didn't think it was something that I should be told. He left a few minutes later so I felt foggy.

He is usually like that...says something that denies my thought. But it's fine. It lets me notice a new point of view :) I remember a friend told me I'm too picky sometimes. Another friend told me I treat people who have thoughts that is different from mine cheaply. I hadn't felt I was doing such a thing, so I was shocked and depressed when I heard it. She also said, "She said, "you always want to make things clear to be black or white. But there are a lot of gray things that can't be separated to be black nor white. Admit them and talk to people who have opinion that is different from you, it will widen your world".

Might be true...that was what I felt when I heard it. But as time passes, I started thinking differently. I'm not avoiding people who are different from me. There is a proverb; birds of a feather flock together. Of course we choose people to hang out with sometimes, but I don't think we do it every time. We are surrounded by a lot of people either you like or not, and simply, it's impossible to choose every single one. We meet someone by chance, and if we like each other, we will keep in touch naturally, there is no reason that we dare to try to keep in touch with people we don't feel like. However, it doesn't mean you are rejecting. If you get a chance to meet someone, you don't refuse it without specific reason, do you?

Thus, if she feels that I don't associate with someone who has different thoughts from me, it's wrong. I just don't try hard to keep in touch with every single person I've met. I don't have energy, time nor money to spend on it. And sadly, however I want to get close to someone, it's like catching the wind with a net if the person doesn't feel the same way.

Although having thoughts like this, we can't act as we think every time. Emotion sucks. It prevents us from doing what we think 'right' sometimes. However, since we have emotions and being not perfect, we are humans.

April 18, 2010

The Paper Plane Splits The Cloudy Sky

"How are you?" Are you still feeling sad?
"I'm ok. I've already gotten used to being betrayed"
"I don't remember how to smile since the sky doesn't smile anymore"
So you muttered, and smiled

"Come on, look up"

I wrote my dream on underside of the exam, made a paper plane and casted it toward tomorrow
It will split the cloudy sky, build a rainbow bridge and take all of us with it

Hey, do you still remember the sky we looked at together?
We used to throw a plane named "Möwen"
I want to change your smile
I didn't have anything, but drew your portrait
It was really horrible and we...everyone smiled

The wind held us and pushed our back
Thy sky smiled as well
It made us smile
We are carried on the wind having each dream

Let's open arms

I wrote my dream on underside of the exam, made a paper plane and casted it toward tomorrow
It will split the cloudy sky, build a rainbow bridge and take all of us with it

Remembering how to smile, I think I'm going toward a good direction. However I don't know where the exact place is, I think I'm fine. I've noticed the ore of the stone I wanted was fake..It was not really a fake one, it just had a lot of impurities. I've known something was wrong, but I didn't want to admit it. But don't take it wrongly, it really had some pureness. Anyway, now I'm in a kind of positive situation. Everything is going well. Err, maybe not everything, maybe almost everything :)

Beside everything, what makes me excited the most is the trip I'm going on next month. Man, I'm looking forward it too much so that I worry I might be disabled after that having anything to look forward to, lol. As I mentioned in my old post, this time I have some wish lists; trying new things, and I already started to accomplish it. *Sending an inquiry in English*, lol. Dooooooooooooooooooon't laugh, I'm dead serious!! :P I don't know formal English I can use in such a situation since my English is based what I learned at junior high, high school and talking to friends casually. I feel embarrassed when I have to send some messages to people I don't know, hahaha.

I've been thinking about if I book a hotel for the first day or not, and if I ask for a picking up service. A girl being arriving at an airport surrounded by a lot of taxi drivers who are waiting for tourists to trick...for the first time...in the midnight! (←important part!!). Hmmm, sounds delicious dangerous :P Now, I decided to book a hotel for my first night...however don't know which hotel yet. Mmmm, which is better, the hotel I was told or another one...(murmuring).

April 12, 2010

New Experience At Shibuya

When you were a kid, your mom told you not to go along with a stranger. Naturally, I was told it as well in my childhood. But I'm sorry mom, I did it today.

I'm reeeeeeeeeeally not a girl who is tried to hit on by anyone. It never happens. I remember it happened just once when I was waiting for my friends at the station last year. A young guy around my age came up, started talking to me and tried to get my email address somehow. I didn't let him know, but it was a funny experience since he kept trying it for 30 minutes till my friend came back, lol. Anyways, I'm really unpopular about such a thing.

Today, I went to Asakusa to meet someone, and after that, went to Shibuya. The reason was because I found it cheaper if I go back to my station via Shibuya. Although I wasn't planning to drop in anywhere, when I got to Shibuya, I just felt like stopping over since I was bored and didn't have anything to do. I rarely go to Shibuya, and usually I'm not caught by anyone when I walk there. Today was an odd day tho. I was spoken to by a few people while walking. One of them was a middle aged guy who was searching for someone who works for him part time. And the other one was a hair stylist who wanted to cut my hair. And the last one was a guy who told me my looks is his taste. He asked me if it's ok to have a cup of tea with him!!! What a typical thing to ask!! I've thought that it's a line that only exists in comic books!!! I think I would have ignored it if I wasn't that bored. Why I told him having tea just for a while was ok was not because he was handsome (absolutely not!!), but I just felt like trying a new thing. Having a tea with someone who tried to hit on me was something new! But you know, it was ABSOLUTELY BORING!! Since he spoke to me, I thought he would talk. However, while we were sitting having coffee, mostly I was talking. When we were leaving, he told said "Let's go drinking next time" and asked for my email address but I didn't let him know. I just said "If we get a chance".

Thus, my first experience "having tea with a stranger who tried to hit on me on the street" is over. It just let me know that it's hard to meet someone that I can have fun with from the bottom of my heart from the first time meeting even more. I remember maybe one of the greatest ones happened long time ago, but now, it's gone. I don't know if I'm picky, but hope that I will be with some people that I can share great time with in my life :)

April 7, 2010

Look, This Is My Needlework At Night :D

There is a Japanese song that starts from ♪My mother worked till late at night to knit me gloves~ :D

Finally...I finished sewing my new bag for next trip!! It took two days for me to make them (I made one for my sister too).

It's like a secret waist bag that I can wear under my clothes. I know that I can get one by 2000 yen or so, but I just felt like making it. It had been a while since I did needlework seriously; I think it was when I made an apron at school. I referred to the one I was about to buy for making my own one.

Firstly, I searched for how to make a pouch with 2 or 3 zippers. I followed the recipe, and when I was sewing side, I attached tapes with a plastic buckle. I don't think what I made is perfect, but good enough as someones work who doesn't really sew usually. Especially, this is not for showing. It must be hidden under my clothes. The clothes I used are not waterproof but I can put money and passport in something like a vinyl bag and put in there for the case I get sweat a lot :P