June 21, 2009


ScoLar is a clothes brand from Osaka. They product casual clothes. I really like the designs. They are really unique and cool. I always feel like buying new ones whenever I see their productions at stores :D But they're kind of expensive things :S A T-shirts costs 4095yen!! An one-peace dress costs even more! It's rare to see them discounted.

However, today was a lucky day. I saw the ScoLar T-shirts and tops discounted at my favorite store XD I bought two T-shirts today :D One is normal one and the other is a long one. It was after a while since I bought my clothes last time. Because I went to a trip last month, I've been refrained from buying clothes :) Anyway, I was really happy today to buy my favorite clothes at a lower price. It's hard to explain what I like about the brand. So, I want you to check by yourself :D Hey girls, do you like the brand? Let's go shopping together if you like my taste :P

June 20, 2009

Where To Go Next

The thing, that commands majority of my brain is "where to go next". Although we don't have official summer holidays in our workplace, we still can get some days off with using the paid holidays as summer vacation in turn. So, what I'm thinking is about my next trip.

I'm not sure for now, since I don't know where to go. But I want to avoid the season that is so expensive to travel. So for now, I'm thinking of getting some days off in October :) I don't think I can get a week off, maybe 5 or 6 days in maximum, so the place I can go is somewhere in Japan or some Asian country that is close from Japan. Of course I wanna visit Europe, but it needs much more days as long as I don't stay in a small city whole the days. And maybe I'll go with my sister again, so the place has to be the one she is interested too.

So, where is good to visit in that schedule? 5~6 days, in October. Want to visit somewhere that is comfortable to visit in that season :) It will be much better if the place is best to visit in the season.

The other day, I read about India in some blogs. I got interested and wanted to visit. But my sister isn't interested in India so much. :S And there is another problem, if I go with other tourists and tour conductors, it would be alright. I don't have to worry about things so much and can travel comfortably. But I think it's a little bit boring. It's much better to be free. But I read a lot of experience of backpackers who went to India. All of them say India is fun but have to be careful because almost all of Indians that speak to us (Japanese) on the way are trying to trick us...scary! India is a country anything happens. For example, when you're on the street, someone puts dung of a caw on your shoe (you don't notice). The person tells you he would clean it and require you solecistic money for that!! It's so unbelievable. I don't think everyone does such things, but think maybe it's true since I don't think people who likes India say such unimaginable thing. Anyway, I don't deny I'm a bit scared, lol. Actually, I heard Japanese tourists are easy marks in other countries to trick :( Japan is one of the safest country in the world. I've heard of a news about French guys in Japan. They tricked people and got money. When they were arrested, they said, "Japanese people believe someone too easily". It really sucks. It might be true, but I want to say I feel sorry for you to have such poor thoughts trying to cheat on people.

Anyway, I didn't wanna say bad things about foreigners. I really want to visit a lot of places, but a little bit scared because not all the people are nice to us. Sadly, people who are trying to harm us do exist however most of people (I want to belive so) are not like that.

...Where to go??

June 13, 2009

Went To Blue Man Show

I went to watch Blue Man Group's show to Roppongi with my colleagues. First of all, we went to an Indian curry restaurant after work. Both of my colleagues had been to the restaurant, but I didn't know about the restaurant. So, it was my first experience. There were some lunch sets and everyone ordered the same thing! lol. It was curry with chicken and butter. We could choose rice or nan, and we chose nan.

First, we got a salad, and the curry and nan came. The curry was almost vermilion colour and looked hot. But it wasn't so hot. The nan was so big and it made me full soon. The lunch was yummy and we got satisfied :) I wish I could take someone there if it's close :(

Anyway, after lunch, we moved to Roppongi. We killed time in Tokyo Midtown, and went to the theater. The show was really neat! I laughed a lot. My colleagues looked they liked it as well. I was happy. Felt we got a bit closer :D It's a nice thing we can share time out of workplace like this sometimes.

After the show, we ate udon at a restaurant in Roppongi. It was yummy too. Roppongi looked nice to hang around sometimes. I really don't go there, but it's just my idea I thought today "It might be nice to come here on a date with my bf if I had a good one" Even though I usually prefer a more rural areas. :P

June 9, 2009

Listen With Your Headphone!

My sister introduced this to me last night. It's so real, isn't it? It makes me remember about a horror story in an amusment park. We enter a room, and sit on the chairs. There are headphones on the table and we have to wear it. The story progresses mainly only with sounds and voices and sometimes, light. There is a ghost in the room, and he starts killing people...and at the last time, it's your turn..the story is something like that.

Anyway, I like this sound clip so much. Hope that you'll enjoy it as well :D

June 8, 2009


To grow out of boring life, I decided to learn "いけばな(ikebana)". It's kind a flower arrangement. It started in Muromachi Era, and separated to many schools. How they arrange flowers and what materials they use depend on the school.

Honestly, I'm not interested in what kind of school I like right now. So I chose my school with the location and class time. My purpose from now is making my life coloured with flowers and stuff. If I put some flower in the entrance, kitchen, my room...and if I know how to put flowers look pretty, isn't it fun? First of all, I thought I wanted to learn the basic of ikebana whatever.

I heard that my mom used to learn ikebana as well. But her school is "古流(koryuu)" and mine is "池坊(ikenobou)". However, I think it doesn't matter if I use her scissors (koryuu's scissors are different of ikenobou's), and even my teacher said so. But maybe I should buy ikenobou's scissors when I get my diploma. I don't know when though. It would be long long while later.

The class will be only a few times in a month. I'm sure I'll enjoy it!! It won't be unenjoyable since when I went there, brought back the flowers, the entrance added some gaiety there :)

June 2, 2009

I Enjoy Reading!

Recently, I started reading books again. I don't deny going to the library is a bit troublesome, but once I get some books, I can spend a great time :)

What did make me like that is a book of Murakami Haruki. I've heard of the name, and knew that he was very popular, but haven't read the book. One day, I told my mom I was interested in his book and wanted to read. Luckily, my mom had his books, so I got the chance to read them without making effort, lol.

The title of the books was "ダンス・ダンス・ダンス" they were vol.1 and vol.2. It was a little mysterious story. Actually, the story was interesting, so I liked it a lot. I felt like reading his book much more.

I heard that he published a new book after a while. Since he has a lot of fans, the book was subscriptions from half a million people!! He even has a lot of fans abroad as well. His books are translated in some languages. I heard that some people started learning Japanese to enjoy his original books in Japanese :D

Now I finished the book of him that I got in the library the other day. I can't wait to get another book from the library soon (*^_^*)