January 29, 2011

Preparing For A New Step

The other day, my friend asked me if I can live abroad. He also asked me if I've lived outside of Tokyo in Japan and if I can live there. What I can say now is, living somewhere else is welcomed if I find a reason enough to move and if it worths changing my life. I think I'll be fine and I may even enjoy problems if I have something happy to live with.


Sending the last fax for advancing paying the last student loan, I was proud of myself. Finally, I'm finishing my student loan. It didn't even take half of the term I firstly planned :) I'm finishing it next month and will be free from loan. It's time to start working for a new aim; being independent. So, I want to move out...hopefully this summer.

Finishing student loan is a kind of period for me. I know I'm not skilled as lab technician, but at least I paid back something I've owed using the license I've got. At this point of view, I can say that I didn't waste the 4 yeas I studied at University. However, it's still almost just a way to earn money for me. It means, I don't have to be stuck on this. Of course, I'm not thinking of quitting this job right now. I'm just saying that quitting can be one of the choices when I have to change my environment, and it seems I can get some other ways to live. Anyway, it's not the time yet. For now, I'm just thinking of living by myself for a year at least. One year after, something may have happened...may not have happened. I may like my job very much and working really hard, may have found someone and thinking of marriage seriously, or may have found that I really don't want to do this job anymore and want to find something else to earn money, may seriously think about living somewhere else...I don't know what will happen in the future, but my closest aim for now is to start living by myself and enjoy it :)


Lan Limitless said...


Congras on finishing paying for your college loan! I am a random visitor who accidentally found your blog because I was searching for Nozomi Sasaki in Aodai (and somehow Google led me to your first time of wearing Aodai). I come from Vietnam, and at the moment, I am in the US to pursuit my undergraduate studies. It's really amazing to see you update this blog frequently in English because I don't usually see Japanese people using English a lot :) Have a nice day

ばれりー said...

Hi, Lan. Thank you for reading my post and leaving a comment. That's too bad Google led you to my blog when you were searching for Nozomi Sasaki, but I hope that you enjoyed my post :)

Have a nice day!!