February 28, 2013

The Theme Song Of This Trip

After exploring 明洞 for a while, I started feeling go back home. I felt sorry for him because it seems like he wanted to hang out a little bit more, but anyway, I knew that I was tired. I told him I would just catch a train and go back to my Momo's. However, it was really really nice of him that he offered he would drive me there. But...there was a problem. I took a bus from 恵化 station when I went there. I didn't know the address nor the way to the bus station. Then, he told me to use his phone to call my friend. So, I called him, and they talked and he drove me to the university. It's a shame I'm not good at location so actually I asked Momo to come to pick me up to the place where we reached...I always get a help from kind people. I'm really thankful!

So, I got home with Momo safely. We talked about what we did that day. After a while, he suddenly started studying listening to the radio (It was an English class program, what a serious student he is!!) and when we finished, we went back to the conversation. You know, sometimes what you see, hear or smell, whatever, leaves you a strong impression and they will be connected tightly to each other so you will remember about the other when you meet one of them again. My theme music of the trip to Korea is definitely this song that Momo played that night...I just felt it was calm and the simple lyrics were just came into my heart. I think, the timing was just perfect.

February 26, 2013

Yes, Yes, It Was Something...New

It didn't take so long until I get bored at the market. It was because of the stores it had...mostly, there were stores handling cloth, bed covers, traditional clothes, etc. You know what, I like traditional clothes, and actually I buy them when I go abroad. However, unfortunately, Korean chima jeogori didn't get my attention so much :( I told him that I was done there, and where we went next was a cafe...a place which was warmed up with a heater. Haha, we were absolutely beaten up by the damn cold weather which was probably around -15℃!

We had hot drink there...yes very hot drink. After a while, we went back to the car, and he asked me what was my next plan. I told him probably I would go to 明洞(Myeongdong) and around the area next day. Then, he told me we could make it today!! It was shocking for me because I was under the impression that I wouldn't be able to go anywhere else to that day. So I was glad and also felt a little bit sorry because I knew that he would have to drive all the way alone home. Anyway, when we got to 明洞, it was around 20:30. A little bit late to start exploring somewhere and probably having a dinner...however, I was not so hungry due to the street foods I had at the market in 水原. In 明洞, there were also lots of street food stalls, and I got to fed by him there AGAIN, lol. Basically, same as other street foods on Southeast Asian countries, they tasted familiar to me and I liked them. However, there was something I didn't like so much...which was the grossest among the food I ever had. Mmm, I say, it tasted not that bad as you through up. However, I do not it's yummy and I would never buy it for a pure reason for eating. So, as you realize, it's the thing in the picture, haha. "Beondegi", I believe some people won't even want to look at it because it looks creepy...and it also stinks. At least I was brave enough to try it, so I give myself a compliment! *Clap clap* ;)

February 12, 2013

Spicy Street Food Warmed Up Our Body

As I mentioned before, we just walked walked and walked and went to the edge of the castle wall and came back to the car. While talking a walk, we talked about a lot of things; For example, where do Korean/Japanese people our generation go for a drink on weekends, where they hang out with friends, etc. We also shared our opinions about specific things...like relationship. Because of our age, the topic became a kind of serious. However, we had fun exchanging our thoughts. Probably there is something like "Tendency" or "Stereo type thing" in each country or area , but I'd rather feel such a thing is more personal, and you know, there must be varieties because even Japanese people have many types. Walking under the setting sun talking about those topics, and when we finally went back to the car, we realized the temperature was even colder. We got into the car once. The next destination was a local market as I requested him while we were driving to the castle. He searched for a local market near by and we found out it was better to walk because it was close...so we got off the car again, lol.

So we walked under the freezing weather again, crossed streets, etc and finally got to the market. As soon as we got there, he asked if I wanted to try street foods. WHY NOT? :D There was a stall selling street foods and tables were available back inside. He told me to go there, so I went there and sat down and waited for him. Soon after, he came and he sat down in front of me. He told me he ordered some food and soon, the waiter brought a tray...and they looked really spicy because of the red colour!! But you know, I was brave enough to try them, LOL. Actually, I like spicy food so I wanted to try how they taste because I have heard Korean food is really spicy :P And you know, how it was? It was not as spicy as it looked like ;) It was really nice of him that he bought those foods and he really didn't have to...Anyway, I enjoyed them a lot. I say, "I like Korean street food"!!

February 6, 2013

The Nice Scenery From The Top

The way looked a little complicated while driving to 水原華城. It was the first time for both of us visiting there. Jin was using a car navigation but a few roads were closed to traffic and it seemed like we were stuck driving around our destination (Ugh!!). However, we finally made it :) (By the way, it was something interesting for me to see the car navigation in Hangul, especially how they input letters, lol)

Firstly, we left our car in the parking of the museum and went in there. While I left for the restroom, he talked to a lady at the reception. When I was back, he told me what she recommended and we entered to the exhibition room. It was something I hadn't expected and things there were not so interesting for me (I'm sorry to say this. But I really appreciate his favor). What I wanted to do there was definitely walking along the castle wall and I was a little worried if it won't be too late.

Anyway, finishing the museum, we went outside and finally started walking around there. When we left the museum, a young girl at the counter gave us a map and explained the recommended way not to miss the important things. Of course, we followed the way ;P We saw 華城行宮 first and then walked along the castle wall. To reach there, we had to go upstairs and the way was LONG... I felt a bit sorry for him because he went to gym in the morning so his legs were already tired :S

On such a freezing day (Probably, the temperature was around -15℃ or so), feeling freezing air on cheeks, we kept going up the stairs. However, when we made it, we found it was worth because of the beautiful scenery there!! More over, good for me, I was not alone which means I got myself in pictures having such a beautiful background v(^-^)v Hehe, being a solo traveler who doesn't ask people to take pictures so often, I rarely have myself in pictures these days. So, such a small favor he did made me glad. (Actually, he offered me that he would take pictures for me many times.) Thank you my photographer, Jin!! :D

February 5, 2013

Korean Shabushabu ~Curly Meat~

Finishing the castle, I took a metro. I was meeting up a friend, whose name is Jin, at a station to drive to 水原華城(Suwonhwaseong). Oh wait, I shouldn't forget mentioning about Dunkin' Donuts! You know, in Japan, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and mister donut are available but Dunkin' Donuts. I found the donuts chain anywhere in Seoul so I really wanted to try. Since I had some time, I stopped by the one beside the MRT station before taking a train. Yes it was just a donut...actually, two of them and a cup of coffee. But it made me happy enough v(^o^)v

When I got to the station he had appointed, I didn't find anyone looked like him so I made a call from public phone. By the way, I found Korean public phones useful because T-money (Korean IC card for transportation) is available which means I don't have to throw coins while talking, haha. Anyway, when I caught him on the phone, he told me he was a little late. However, it didn't take time since then and soon he appeared.

What we firstly did was having lunch. He took me to a Korean shabushabu place and there were only local people at the place (I like such a situation quite a bit while traveling abroad) XD The meat of Korean shabushabu on the plate was curly because it was frozen...lol. And it was good :P We talked about ourselves while eating. He was such a nice person who kept cooking and put meat into my bowl, especially when he got to know about my situation after asking a question. He said "Cheer up with meat" and gave even more. I wonder if he got to eat enough meat by himself due to it. After a while, we became full and we finally headed to the 水原華城 which was the main place I wanted to go that day :)

February 1, 2013

Korean Futomaki

When I woke up, it was already around 7:30 and the time was a little bit later than I was supposed to wake up. I sneaked out from the blanket and went to wash my face. Since he offered me the warmest place in his room, I had a nice sleep. After washing face, I went back to the room and started preparing to go out. When I finished almost everything, Momo asked where I was going today, and if it was alright that he would join me in the evening since he got an interview from 14:00. I told him maybe it would be difficult because I was planning to go to 水原華城 with another friend after noon. Then, he told me to contact him in case I eat dinner without him and I promised. To be responsible about my stuff, I didn't want to leave my backpack. So, I carried all of my stuff with me but told him I was coming back unless anything would happen :) To tell the truth, I was wondering if I should come back since Momo had headache that morning...but anyway, I just decided to speak to him later and let things happen as they would happen.

I firstly headed to 景福宮(Gyeongbokgung). There were two castles I wanted to see in Seoul and the other one was 昌徳宮(Changdokkung). I was planning to go to 昌徳宮 first but changed the plan just after getting on the train. When I was walking in a station for transfer, I found something familiar in front of a store. They were selling what we call 太巻き(Futomaki) in Japanese!! Since I prefer having rice for breakfast more than bread (There were also some kind of stores selling doughnut or kind of pancakes), there was no reason for refrain from buying it. I was also curious how it tastes like. So I bought one and kept walking with my mouth full, lol. You wonder how it tasted? I say, there wasn't a big difference between Korean one and Japanese one...at least for me, haha.