October 7, 2011

Walking In The Dream

I'm not gonna tell you the detail of what we did in the daytime of the day, because we were mostly sleeping. What I can say is...it's better not to walk for an hour under the strong sunshine in a summer day...lol.

So, let's talk about evening~night time!! When we woke up after a long nap, the time was already good for dinner. So we decided to go out searching for a meal. Walking the streets, we found something popular in America or somewhere...like Pizza-Hut, and a couple of stalls...I believe you're sure which we chose to have dinner ;)

After fulfilling our stomach with some local food and fresh juice, we started taking a walk again. When we walked by the riverside, we heard a voice which sounded very relaxing. It was words of prayer. The sound coming to my ears was very comfortable, and the air from the river was very mild and nice. I felt like I could go anywhere I want walking along the river. If I explain my sense at that time, I say, "I felt like I was walking in the sky...or...might be in a dream. It was such an unrealistic experience; walking along the river hearing the Koran. I do miss it and want to put myself in the atmosphere again...if I get a chance. It was a really nice walk at last night in Malacca :)

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