December 25, 2007

Went to the Dream Land

I went to the dream land...eeeer, sea??? It was the first time that I went to Disney resort in this season. I thought there must be lots of Christmas light up, but was not really. The number of the special light up was less than I had thought, however, they were pretty.

I heard that only Japan had Disney sea. It was made only several years ago or so. Disney sea's lighting up at night is beautiful even if it's in normal days. The world of Disney sea consists of 4 or 5 small worlds, and each world has its own colour. Everything which was made up in the world matches in the world, so, they all are very beautiful worlds...and can't exist in the real life maybe.

So, I went there with my sister, my friend, his brother, and his mum. It was fun...especially the fact that I had to carry my translator on me? :P Yeah, but it was really fun...I hope that they enjoyed it too. However, I feel sorry about his mum because I made her walk a lot :s And I couldn't talk to her so much...She should have got very tired. And another thing, my sister told me that I should have walked much slowly. Normally, I walk so fast. Sometimes, my friend tells me that its like walking I thought that I was walking slowly...however, it wasn't enough slow. So...I regretted of it after coming back home :(

Anyway, the dream land was pretty. I'm sure that I had written about taking snapshots in the past archive, and about Disney sea, it has lots of spots for taking snapshots. And sometimes it even has a sign for it, lol. It helps people who are not good at taking pictures like me :P Would be able to take better pictures with it, lol.

And about the attraction, I wanted to try the newest, the Tower of the Terror :P I had heard that it was scary as a Disney attraction, but was sure that would be not for me. I'm not even scared of Fujiyama in the Fujikyu High Land (it is the biggest roller coaster in Japan) :D And as I thought, it was not scary...absolutely not. However, my friends were scared of it (a little bit? I dunno), lol.

After the Tower of the terror, we took pictures, saw a show, went to the souvenir shop, and left there. Bye bye, Disney sea. I don't know when I will go there again. However, I will never forget that there were some very FAT SPARROWS that were fed with popcorn around the dream land.

December 15, 2007


Lately, I found that I write English a lot because of this blog, but haven't written normal Japanese sentences. Of course, I'm writing some Japanese like diary...or mobile mails to my friends, but they are so casual and colloquial styled. Hence, I decided to write something in Japanese this time, lol.






December 11, 2007

Japanese Maples

In Japan, turning color of leaves is called 'kouyou'. It is middle of December now, so, the kouyou season is ending and becoming more winter. Breath is white in the morning and in the night, and I'm wearing dawn jacket when I go out.

My English teacher from UK told me that she liked Japanese kouyou because it looks pretty. She told me that in UK, turning color of leaves are much more yellow there. On the other hand, in Japan, we have red color...yellow,, colorful. I like kouyou too. I like seasons of Japan. I'm glad that I was born in this small island country which has seasons. I like seeing kouyou very much. Though I live in Tokyo, where I live is a rural area and there are many mountains around here. I can see pretty kouyou of mountains...which look like patchwork from my house. There is a small mountain whose name is Mt. Takao close to my house. It is a little bit famous because it is on some guidebooks of Tokyo, and many Japanese and foreigners come to climb the mountain. The mountain isn't steep and I have been there many times because the distance is enough to walk from my house to the base of the mountain (however, it takes more than 30min or so). This fall, I wanted to go there to see kouyou, but didn't get the chance. Maybe next year :(

I prefer seeing natures rather than going stylish modern restaurants or shops...of course I'm curious to go to places like them too...however too shy at the same time, lol. Haven't been to places like them in my life, I have to gather my courage if I get a chance. Here is a little bit funny(?) story. When my sister and I went to Canada, we stayed in two hotels. One was a hotel in Niagara Falls, and the other was in Toronto. We chose hotels because of locations and the price. About the hotel in Niagara Falls, it was casual. The room was larger than we thought, but was normal. However, in Toronto, we were embarrassed because we thought that the hotel was too good for us. I was sure that the hotel wasn't very great hotel, however, was too good for rural girls, lol. And another story, when I went to an explanation meeting of a group of hospitals, that was run at a nice hotel in Shinjuku, me and my friend had feelings like feel sorry about ourselves because we just hadn't get used to such a great hotel. We wondered that if it was right that we were there when we got into the hotel. Maybe it will take for a long time until I get used to go such places...and also have to get a lot of chances :S

Anyway, I like kouyou. There was another place where we wanted to go when we were thinking of going to Canada and it was Vancouver. We wanted to see kouyou there because we heard that kouyou in Vancouver is very neat! However, it was too early to kouyou at that time and we chose Niagara Falls. But I hope that I can visit Vancouver in fall one day. In my guide book, there are a lot of places which seem fun in Canada :) And where I want to visit is not only in Canada of course but places in my own county too. Visiting places in Japan is much easier compared to going to Canada, isn't it?! So, I wanna visit some places in Japan when I have time :D

Ah...the topic have been changed again, hahaha. Anyway, I like kouyou in Japan and one of my favorite trees is Japanese maples. Their leaves turn into beautiful orange/red colors. Usually, turned color leaves look pretty from far place, however, you know...if we get close there, they're a little (much??? lol) dirty. But maple leaves don't look dirty. I'm sure that Japanese kouyou can not be talked without maple leaves.

December 9, 2007

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Today, I went to see a movie with my friend. We didn't go to the cinema, but went to the civic hall because it was a past movie and was ran by a newspaper company. The movie's title was '東京タワー オカンとボクと、時々、オトン (Tokyo tower mom, me, and sometimes, dad)'. It was released in April 2007, but was broadcasted on TV in November 2006 as a special program and , was also on air this January until March on Mondays as a serial TV drama. Each program was made by different casts and stuffs. However, I haven't seen any. So, today was the first time that I saw it.

It's author is Lily Franky (I'm not sure how to write in alphabets) and the story is about his mom and himself since he was 3 until his mother dies of cancer. It is like the author's autobiographical novel and has lots of love for his mother. It lets us feel warm human relationships of Showa era which maybe everyone feels nostalgia if they are Japanese. Anyway, it was a emotional movie and my friend and I shed tears sometimes.

After seeing the movie, we ate lunch, and talked a lot. We talked for 6 hours! And had sweets too. Girls' talking doesn't end so easily, so I enjoyed talking to my friend very much. So, it was a nice Sunday because in recent Sundays I was staying home because of exams :s And on next weekend, a happy thing will happen :) The friend told me that she would make a small party to celebrate my getting job with her bf, lol. She is a really good friend, don't you think?

December 7, 2007

Everything is By a Chance

'En' means a chance, fate, a relationship, a connection etc. Everyone has 'en' with someone and something, and can not live without it. I think that I have 'en' too, but always don't think that each of them are strong...maybe I'm afraid of believing something like a destiny. I think, every 'en' comes by a chance. They're not decided things before it happens, just happens accidentally. However, such accidents may make someones fate...I'm sure that what I'm writing is contradictory.

By the way, I like songs of surface. It is an artist from Japan, and I prefer their past songs that were made several years ago or so. I like their lyrics. I think that their songs arouse people's sympathy. Here, it is one of their songs whose title is 'en'.

En / surface

My songs should be listened to like this because of some chances
I'd like to think a great deal of it in the connections with various people

With someone, I can understand each other more than words
However my words didn't touch another one as I thought
I know that all of them are not fate
But I hope my words will reach more far

For example, if I got be unable to sing
How many connection wouldn't break?
'The relationship with them won't break however I try breaking it'
I wanna think like that though it is out of my character

Somehow I remember about you lately
Did the relationship with you end at that time?
I hope that one day I'll meet you by a chance and can say
'Hi, how's going?'

For example, if I was gone involuntarily
Someone would be going to worry about me?
They will wait for me coming back with smile
And will think that I'm as always

For example, if I got be unable to sing
How many connection wouldn't break?
'The relationship with them won't break however I try breaking it'
I wanna think like that though it is out of my character

Making friends like 'them' is not easy. I usually make some walls around me and don't show my real intention. Hmmm...It's better to say my character? Maybe everyone plays a part that people around the person want him/her to be in some degree. The character the person is playing should be not completely different from him/her...maybe it is part of the person. However, it shouldn't be real him too. Making oneself 100% sure to someone is impossible as long as they are different people. However, we can make the distance closer. For me, the person may be my good friend, boyfriend...or...I don't know. But I think if I break up with my boyfriend, and if he can become my Friend again, he will be a good friend who understands me a lot. Once we let each other know deeply he should know me much deeper than other normal friends.

I also think among close friends, there is fellow feeling. It doesn't exist upon the fear like the case of bullying...but exists on trust. I trust one of my ex-bf, lol. We hadn't been keeping in touch for a while, but when I bumped into him, it was easy to say hello. He had helped me when I was dying for a reason...He spent his time and money a lot however I was already not his gf. I thank him. I believe that he will help me again if I am in a really really serious trouble, and ask him to help. And I want to help him if he is involved in a serious trouble too :)

I don't have a lot of friends, but have a few good friends who I can say the names if I am asked to list my good friends. I think that's a happy thing. I can share every thought of mine with them. I'm glad that one of my ex-bf became one of my good friend because there are a lot of couples who don't want to see each other after breaking up (but to tell the truth, there was some while that we were like that). I don't think that it is fate but think that it is some 'en' that relationships with my friends is like this now :)

December 2, 2007

Shiwasu -December-

Shiwasu is an old name of December. I think, most people don't know all of the names of months, however, 'shiwasu' is the most popular one. When it turns to December...on December 1st, news casters on the TV always say 'shiwasu ni narimashita'. So, therefore everyone knows the name of this month. December is one of the special months of the year.

About western countries, maybe Christmas' event is the biggest. However in Japan, new year's event, 'shougatsu' is the biggest event. So, people prepare for it in the end of the year. Of course in December, a lot of places are decorated with Christmas stuffs because of western countries' influence. However, after 25th, it changes soon into end of the year and new year's moods. I feel something Japanese from here, lol. In the end of the year, people clean up their houses, make new year's cards, prepare something for coming new year, and talk about the going year. So...December is the month when people drink a lot. A lot of dinner parties which are called 'bounenkai' are made everywhere.

Bounenkai is 'a year forgetting party'. People think back to the year and talk about it...and drink a lot. So, this month is very busy season for izakaya-restaurants. It is not too much to say that 30% of the sales of a year is made in December. As I am doing a part time job in an izakaya-restaurant, I know how busy it is. Really lots of reservations for bounenkais. And most of the resevertions are larger than other months' because every post of companies makes a bounenkai somewhere. Yeah, bounenkai is such a popular party.

On December 31st, people...maybe especially aged people don't like going out. There are a lot of special TV programs in the end of the year and in the new year season, and maybe people like to watch them in the kotatsu, lol. I think that I wrote about kotatsu in a past contribution of this blog. The general image about the style of spending 'oomisoka' is in kotatsu...watching TV with eating an orange and some senbeis (a rice cracker)...and sip a cup of green tea!! It is VERY JAPANESE style, lol. And for me, 'yukutoshi kurutoshi' (it is a TV program) is necessary to feel the going year and the coming year. If I stay at home without watching the program, it is hard to feel that the year is going and a new year is coming. It is a live broadcast of circumstance of some temples and there are lots of people who are coming there as their first visit of the year to the temples. And, I can hear the watch-night bell through the TV. It makes me feel something I can't tell, and also makes me feel the day real. So, I like the TV program :)

Now, it is already shiwasu. Maybe I have to clean my room and do something that I should do before the year ends. It is a little bit sad that the year 2007 is about to end. It was a busy year. However, I did something new during this experience, lol. Of course I have a few plans of bounenkai with my friends too. I'm really looking forward to the bounenkais. Everyone became busy in the past some years...especially in a few years and we can't meet so often. So, making a bounenkai is a good chance to meet them. I'm sure that we have a lot of things to talk since most of us haven't met each other since this summer :P

November 23, 2007

Graduation Photo Albums and Friends

Is it popular to make a graduation photo album in western countries? Here, normally every kindergarten, school, university makes it every year for students who graduate in the year. As I'm at the last year of my university, we are also making our photo albums now. Since summer, a photographer comes here sometimes and is taking our snapshots or group photographs. Since I don't know most of the students that will be on the album, feel that having it is good. It will be one of the chances to remember my past...while I was at this uni.

I rarely see my past graduation photo albums, but when I look at them, they remind me my school life there. Whenever I look at them, I remember my friends, teachers, and who I liked, lol. They should have been changing for the time. Sometimes, I get surprised how much my friends changed. They started making up, their taste of clothes, most of my girlfriends became prettier than before. But 'NOW' is our prettiest time I think. Early in 20's is when girls are prettiest in their life. We are getting older and older... Of course I don't wanna be older, however, it can't be helped. Keeping our looks younger is hard unless we are not people in show business or if our job isn't about beauty I think.

Anyway, we took some photos for the album yesterday with my circle members and juniors. And after that, I asked to take a snapshots with some of my friends. I don't have many close friends in the uni, however, of course some of them are closer than other students in my class.

One of them is my closest gf in the uni, and one is ex-bf, and one is a guy that I sometimes go drinking with another friend...and I have a few other friends in the uni, but they are not in this photo, lol. One of them was with me and listened to my talk when I was dying last year when I had a broken heart, and the other asked me to go to have a meal together since he was anxious about me since he thought that I may have got desperate at that time, lol. Of course I didn't. However, I was glad that he felt care about me. So...I like my friends.

I think, I don't need a boyfriend, but need friends. When I was in high school, I had a bf, and was going out almost only with him. Because, if I have a bf, he is easy to ask to go with somewhere if I have places that I want to go. However, after breaking up, I thought friends are more important. Boyfriends are good only while when we like each other. I don't think it will last for a long time. I liked my bf so much when I was going out with him and thought that I would get married with him some day. However, it ended. Feelings change. However if he says that he likes me now, however I think that I like him now...don't think that we both will keep feeling so. However, it doesn't mean that I don't care about my bf. Of course, I will go somewhere...or do something with him, but don't think to care him too special. It doesn't mean that he is not special for me. Of course he is special because he is my boyfriend, I mean that I don't give him preference without special reason.

For example, if I promise to go to Disney land with my friends, and if my bf asks me to go there after making the promise, I will reject him. For me, previous promise takes precedence. It may be normal, but I know there are people who usually take their bfs or gfs higher and I don't like that. People like that will sometimes break the promise with me for their bfs and gfs. I don't think all of them are bad, of course it depends on the situation because there are sometimes things that have to be taken precedence than anything.

As I think that friends can keep much longer than bfs and gfs, I don't wanna look at only my bf. Friends will bring me more valuable life than bf. I can imagine my life without bf easily but can't imagine without friends. Friends play an important part in my life. However, I don't think that I have many good friends. There are some closer friend than other friends, and a few closest friends, but they are enough. I'd rather want a few good friends with deep relationship than making lots of light friends. If I get a really good friend, we can keep going out forever and ever until we die! And that is one of the things that I think don't exist between me and my bf at that time :s You may think that I'm a gf who got lost her feelings, lol. However, I also think that I'm not so good at being someone's gf :P

November 22, 2007

The Library -A Comfortable Place-

Since I noticed I had to study much harder to pass my exams, I started studying in the library almost every weekday after my classes. Our library is small and the spaces with desks were filled with students soon when it was a big exam season. However, since the newest modern building was built, the situation changed. The building is so clean and has many small room to study. So, many students who are using the building for classes started to go there and the library became with less people.

The fine neat building is mainly for vet major. The main major in our university is vet...but the building has a rumor that it was built with the money of retake examination (we have to pay 2000yen/1 retake) so, we think it unfair that the building is for vet students. Because, our major is still using a very very old building which even doesn't have an elevator!! It is the 3rd oldest building in our university, however the newest building with latest equipment is 10th one!

Anyway, less people in the library is comfortable. It is easy to take a seat and we can use a wide space. I like studying in the library, because when I am studying at home, there is a lot of annoying things that interrupt my study. I rarely watch, TVs don't matter. However, comic books, PC, interrupt my study. And, if there are people while I'm studying, they also interrupt me because they make noises and sometimes ask me something to do.

So, while I am in the library, I'm free from such annoying things. No one speaks loud and there are no computers, comic books, lol. However, there is another problem. Too comfortable. I always fall into a sleep in the library while I'm studying, and sometimes even have a dream!! Yeah, it is very comfortable in the library for studying, but can't deny I am also wasting time (for the view of study). That's sucks because I have to study hard :s But I know, if I study at home, I can't concentrate more. However, is there any good idea to spend a good time in the library? If you have some good ideas, please let me know! I want to make good use of my time as possible as I can while I am in the library.

November 20, 2007

Hana no Na (The Name of The Flower)

Why can't I say though it is simple
Why do you understand it however I can't say

Even if I forget the sky I saw with you
I won't forget that I was with you

If you were a flower
You may not be different from lots of other flowers
There is a song that only I
Who chose one of them can sing
There is a song that only you can hear

The fact that I exist here is the evidence that you existed
The song that I put here is the evidence that I put it with you

Since I borrowed power to live
I have to return it while I'm living

Remember that only when you forget smile and tears
There is a song that only you
Who got lost in the same agony can sing
There is a song that only I can hear

Everyone wants to meet someone
Everyone is waiting for someone
If you wanna meet someone
There is someone who is waiting for it

If you were a flower
You may not be different from lots of other flowers
Only for me and you who chose one of them

Remember that some time
Only when you forget smile and tears
There is a song that only you
Who chose one of them without hesitating can sing
There is a song that only I can hear
There is someone who is waiting only for me
There is someone who wants to meet only you

This is a latest single of BUMP OF CHICKEN which was released with another single 'Mayday' in this October. I think it is a typical type of songs that I like...the lyrics, melody, and of course his singing voice! lol. Its music is silent on balance, but is also brilliant in somewhere. This melody comes ingrained quietly into me. I feel it very calm.

Though I like BUMP OF CHICKEN, I didn't have any single of them. So, this single and the other...Mayday, were the first single of them I bought. However, I know that they have hidden tracks in their singles, and most of their coupling songs of singles don't exist in their albums. So, I wanna buy them some day. I don't like buying songs online because I like collecting CDs of my favorite artists, lol.

I also rarely listen to songs that I don't have interest unless I get a strong impression or something like that when I first hear the songs, lol. Most of my favorite artists came from there. About my favorite artists, plane, C-999, and Simon Isogai, I first listened to their songs at live houses when I went there to see my another favorite artist...and maybe fell into love? lol.

Anyway, however I like to share my favorite songs with someone, it is hard to share me your favourites, lol. I really really do not listen to other songs. So...please don't think badly of me. I'm sure I am sometimes conservative about things around me :P

November 12, 2007

For Who?

I like fasion...clothes. I think that the two most popular fashions in Japan for girls are 'casual fashion' and 'oneesan-kei' fashion. Of course, there are much more types of fashions like 'harajuku-kei', 'rock-kei' 'gothic & lolita-kei' etc. I like casual fashion. I like clothes that are easy to move. I sometimes run the steps of stations, ride on my motorcycle under 50 cc... so, if I am wearing clothes like 'gothic & lolita-kei' , I can not move well, hahaha. And such clothes are really expensive, and however if it were not expensive, they are not my taste. Actually, why I'm wearing casual clothes is because just I like them.

Why I don't wear 'oneesan-kei' clothes, is because I think they don't suit me. They are too 'kawaii' for me. Normally, girls who wear those clothes have long hair, pretty face(?), lol, and skinny bodies. And they are 'girls'. guys want girls to be. Maybe I'm far from their 'ideal girls', because I can pick insects up without getting scared, and not be shy about something that those girl are usually feel to be shy. It is my personal opinion, but such clothes seem to be clothes for being hit with guys :s And most of them also like big name brand products I think. However, it may be just my prejudice.

Anyway, I like fashion. For me, fashion is not for being hit for guys, but for making myself be satisfied. I want to be pretty for my satisfaction. I'm happy when I'm wearing clothes that I think nice. I like accessories too. Accessories make girls seem prettier if they are matching the clothes they wear.

However I have a great interest in fashion now, I was really quietly dressed until some years ago. I had no interest about clothes then. Most of my friends had already a big interest about fashion then, but I didn't. I had more interest about my favorite artists or comics at that time and didn't think that I had to stand on tiptoe. Usually my favorite changed later than most of girls around me. Actually, I started to have an interest in fashion when I was 19 years old, hahaha.

Anyway, I am thinking of going to winter clearance sale. I will get some clothes there~. Shopping is one of my favorite things. But sadly, I can not buy a lot of clothes because I'm still a poor student :P

November 1, 2007

My Taste of Fish

It is not a story of what kind of fish I would like to eat, but about aquariums. I like aquariums. Probably I can stay there whole a day if I have a lot of time.

Many girls like dolphins. Of course they are not a fish...mammals. And girls also like seals,, cute livings. I like them too, but my favorites are kinds of flat fishes like ray, lol. Their way to swim is cool! Their fins seem to be flattering in the water. And I also like their foolish faces. Looking their faces makes me feel calm.

I remember, when I first went an aquarium on a date was when I was a high school student. We went to Kasairinkai aquarium. The aquarium stands beside the sea, and my boyfriend slipped and was about to fall into the sea when we were walking the seaside. It was regretful that only his left leg went into the sea, lol. I don't remember much about the date but definitely remember that he was about to fall into the sea!

However, the best aquarium I have been was an aquarium in Okinawa. Churaumi aquarium. I think it is one of the biggest aquariums in Japan. I went there with my best friend last September. We visited Okinawa and saw sights. So, Churaumi aquarium was one of them. The aquarium was bigger than we had thought, so we were excited. There were many many fish and livings from the sea. One funny thing, is when we went to the experience corner, there were some guys that were afraid of touching trepangs. They were talking like, "Hey, you first" "No, it seems disgusting! You should do firstly" "How about decide the turn with paper stone and scissors?", lol. It seemed really funny because their looks didn't seem like they were not able to touch livings like them. However beside them, we were touching starfishes and trepangs A LOT. Because of the experience, I worry about future Japan since I am sure that we were manlier than those guys at that time, lol.

Another favorite fish of mine is some kinds of congers that seem like a worm which comes out from sand in the sea. I like their shape!! Don't you think they are so cute? So, if you like seeing normal popular livings in the aquarium, I don't recommend you to go out with me to an aquarium. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of time in front of strange fish I like! Ah~, I really want to keep them at home~. Please give me them! But I know, it would be hard to keep them at home :P

October 24, 2007

Wanna Go to Hot Springs

I love hot springs because they are comfortable. They are also relaxative. I take a bath for much longer time than at home with my friend whenever we go to a hot spring. Furthermore, they are also good for health. There are many kinds of hot springs that are effective about many things, like good for stiff shoulders, people who are sensitive to cold or good for making beautiful skin... yeah, like that. Therfore I love hot springs so much, lol.

I like normal hot springs too, but hot springs outside are my BEST. Because, I feel much better there. It is also good taking hot springs outside in summer, but I guess when it is cold outside... like winter, is the best. We must feel very cold when we are out of the hot spring while washing our body or like that, but once we go into there, it must be VERY good. However we have to stand feeling very hot since our body is still cold for a while. But yeah, once we get used to the temperature of the water, it is like Heaven~, lol. The upper from shoulders is much colder than the bottom because it is outside of the water and inside of the water is hot, it may sound weird, but the difference of the temperature is very comfortable. I LOVE IT. So, I wanna go to a hot spring in winter.

And one more thing that I want to do is going to take a hot spring outside that is surrounded by many trees. I would like to go there in fall. So, the leaves turned red or yellow must be beautiful. I wanna see them while I'm taking a bath. Or... spring may be also good since if it surrounded by cherry trees, we can see cherry blossom. Anyway, I like feeling seasons with taking a bath, lol. I always do wanna go hot springs, but sadly don't have enough time and my close friend who I want to go with too. Visiting a hot spring, or somewhere places for sightseeing with her is really enjoyable.

However I secretly think that going to a trip alone and take a good hot spring may be good for a broken heart trip. I can cry there a lot and no one will stop me~hahaha. I would like to do that one day when I broke up with someone. I will choose a kind of a good japanese style hotel when I do might be pretty expensive, but maybe I can heal my broken heart and tired body, lol. That is one of my secret plans of future :P

October 16, 2007

I Love Sweets

I'm sure that I already wrote that I didn't want to gain my weight (But most girls must think so!). But, I CAN'T stop loving sweets, lol. I don't buy them so often, but sometimes. That's when I have exams! You know, when we are studying, our brain needs glucose. So, when I am studying, I know that my brain wants something sweet. And actually, when I absorb glucose while I am studying, I can more concentrate on my study than without eating them.

Of course, they also bring me fat. When I was at junior highschool, and was studying for entrance exam for highschools, I ate a lot of sweets and gained my weight a lot. I was fattest in my life unitil now when I ended all the exams, lol. During my highschool life, I once lost my weight about 5kg though I didn't do anything special. So, maybe the 5kg was fat that I got because of the sweets.

However, the chance I got fat a lot came again. When I was studying for exams to enter an university, I happened again. Oh man~, don't you think that sweets are cruel to us? They have a sweet temptation, and I can't stop eating them and get fat.

Actually, there was a chance that I lost my weight. That was when I couldn't eat almost everything, and I lost my weight about 4kg only in some days. Though I wanted to be skinny, that wasn't the way I wished. It was unhealthy. At that time, I was sure that my strengh got low and also lost my body temperature. Moreover, when I recovered my strength, I rebounded. I became heavier than I used to be! And my weight hasn't got back yet! That is sucks!! But I still keep eating sweets some times.

October 14, 2007

Many a Little Makes a Mickle

I always bring tea to school with my tumbler. That is because I do not want to waste my money. The price of drink is usually 100~150yen. If i buy them everyday, I will use 3000~4500yen in a month. I think it is very waste. I want to buy a cloth instead with the money, lol.

Bringing tea helps me not to get sugar too. If I don't have tea, I may buy some juice, and will get more calories. The kind of tea that I bring is usually wheat tea or oolong tea, so, non sugar tea. Of course sometimes I drink juice a lot, but not so often. If I buy juice 'everyday' and also drink them a lot 'sometimes'... what will happen to me? lol. I will be more poor and also fatter.

Drinking tea is also good to our health. The catechin helps us to keep young and avoids cansers. I always drink green tea at home. I love green tea! It is very popular to drink green tea in Japan. There are some kind of green tea, like sencha, maccha, genmaicha, kukicha. Sencha is one of my most favorite because it has nice smelling of rice. And I love houjicha too. It also smells very good. I'm sure that I can not tell Japanese winter without kotatsu and mandarins and rice crackers and tea!!! But regretfully, I don't have kotatsu at home. When I was a child, my mom junked it because it was very comfortable and no one wanted to go out of it!! lol.

I like horigotatsu more than normal kotatsu. Inside of a horigotatsu, there is a hole and we can put our legs into it. So, we don't get our legs tired because of that. But it is good for me that we don't have kotatsu at home. I am sure that I won't get out of it if we have one. So, I will keep sitting in kotatsu and won't use calories. And if I do that everyday during in winter... the calories that i should have had to use would be saved in my body everyday, and finally I would get a nice soft body with fat, lol.

October 11, 2007

Finally, Dreams Are Not Reality

When we are sleeping, we see dreams. It may be sweet dreams, or also be nightmares. Usually, I forgot the dreams that I was seeing as soon as I get up. However, sometimes, there are dreams that I can not forget.

The oldest dream that I remember is one when I was a little child. I think that I was 4 or 5 years old then. My mother was driving a car in the dream and I was on its back seat with my sister and brother. It was like a spring season. The weather was fine and we were driving through a glassland. A lot of birds were singing, and butterflies were dancing. But some while later, the weather became worse gradually. It began raining and tsunder lighted.

Suddenly, a large castle appared in fron of our way. The castle shaped like a column and was covered with ivy. My mom told us to wait in the car and went into the castle alone. There were a long long spiral staircase in the castle, and she went up. When she were going up the stairs, suddenly, a tsunderbolt stroke the castle, simultaneously, her body changed into ugly monster, and fell down with destroyed stairs while screaming with creepy voice... and the dream ended there.

I don't know why I remember such a dream, but the dream definitely left me a strong impression. Sometimes, I get up and find me crying. Probably I saw a sad dream but usually had already fogot, lol.

Dreams are interesting because in the dream world, something that must not happen happens sometimes. I have seen a dream that I was a witch and was flying with my a broom in the night sky. And in another dream, I was in a huge natural maze in water with my classmates and was struggling to go out.

Sometimes I wish I could see only sweet dreams. Maybe I wanna feel happy then. However, we can not choose dreams. It can't be helped. But however I see sweet dreams, they are not reality. Probably I would feel loneliness after seeing sweet dreams, lol. The actual world that I live doesn't go well like sweet dreams. I'm sure that I have to live in this stern realities instead of sweet dreams.

October 9, 2007

Smile Smile Smile...

I like taking snapshots. Most people take a lot of snapshots of their friends, families... so, maybe about humans, but I prefer taking snapshots of views or buildings rather than humans. If you see pictures that were taken by me, you will notice that there are little pictures of humans.

I also rarely take snapshots of myself. That is because I want to be pretty in snapshots, lol. Fashion models are always smiling lovely in magazines. Sadly, I can not smile like them, and also know that I can not be prettier than what I am. But I think, probably all girls want to be at least what as they like in their snapshots. I feel that whenever someone turns a camera toward us, we can not smile naturaly, and maybe we don't like ourselves in the picture with our forced smile, lol. But I believe that almost everyone would be so unless they are a fashion model!

However, if a snap is taken when we are not thinking about the camera, or when we are enjoying something, the snap should be nice one! The natural smiles will be printed out on the photo! If the happy atmosphere of the photo made people who saw it smile too, it must be a very very nice photo! I would like to be able to take such snapshots. If I get skills like that, I will enjoy taking snapshots more.

October 8, 2007

Cluster Amaryllises and Blood Type

Cluster Amaryllises are in bloom from summer to autumn in Japan. Its Japanese name is 'higan bana'. 'higan' means the equinoctial week, and 'hana' means flowers. The languages of the flower are 'passion', 'sad memories', ' independence', 'meeting again', 'resignation'. I don't have any interest in languages of flowers, but sometimes I think that they are interesting. About this flower, I showed 5 words now. But hey, don't you think that 'passion' and 'resignation' are opposed to each other? lol.

Because of the name of this flower, there are some people that do not like it, however I like it. Their vivid red color stands out in the green back ground. And now, I found an interest thing about the flower from an website. All Japanese cluster amaryllises have the same gene and it is triple. So, they do not have the distinction of male and female and can not breed from its seeds.

By the way, I remembered about blood types from the word 'gene'. Among Japanese girls, judging people's character from blood types is very popular. It is said that people whose blood type is A are serious and also nervous people, and people whose blood type is B are optimistic... It may be an incredible thing, but it is a fact. Some girls really believe such things! And under the theory, there are what is called 'well suited blood types'. For example, blood type A and O can go out well. So, girls ask a guy who they love his blood type and get glad and sad secretly, lol.

Of course as a point of scientifical view, such a judgement is stupid. The chromosome which decides a person's blood type is different from the chromosome which decides the person's character. However, applying things to some types makes things simple to think. It may be the reason of why such a thing is popular among us.

October 7, 2007

I Do Not Want to Be Fat...

When I came back home from my short trip to Canada, I found that my mice got fatter than before. I was sure, it was because of my dad!! He fed them a lot! Poor mice, their belly became definitely fatter than other parts (however they may have been happy that they could eat a lot). I remember, in Tokyo Disney land, pigeons are very fat. A lot of people eat popcorn or cookies there, and they feed birds with dropping them.

Then, I thought of my trip... Canadian foods were usually huge compared to Japanese foods. When we orderd foods at a restaurant, they came with a big dish. My sister and I thought the volume of the foods were for 2~3 people if they we were in Japan and included more fat than our foods. We tried eating them as much as possible because it was 'mottainai' if we leave them, but of course couldn't. But hey, think! If we keep eating them everyday, as much as possible, what will happen?! lol. I'm sure that we will keep gaining our weight. I'm not so skinny as Japanese, (I hope that I am averedge), but was sure that I was at least skinnier than their averedge in the country.

One of the things that made me surprised in Canada was the price of juice and water. Juice was cheaper than water! And it was hard to find drinks withought sugar. In Japan, there are many kinds of non sugar tea in the stores. But there, we could find only water (about non sugar drinks) and most of the price of water was higher than that of juice or cola!!! Usually, I do not drink sweet drinks when I am eating dinner. If I do, it should be orange juice or like that. But in Canada, we drank sweet drinks during having dinner because we couldn't read the menu. We sometimes drank even cola with dinner during our trip. In Japan, I NEVER do that!! So, it was a weird experience, lol. At a restaurant, my sister ordered a glass of tea. It is normal here when we order that, a waiter brings us a glass of straight tea and it comes with a small pack of gum sirup. Of course she was expecting that. However, the tea came withought a gum sirup, and it was so sweet. Poor sister! She wanted to drink not sweet tea!

So, through eating foods, we stocked a lot of fat there, lol. But at the same time, we walked a lot. It was nice that we had to walk a lot for sightseeing, wasn't it? However, I haven't weighed myself since I came back to Japan. Don't you think it is scary?

Web album: A Trip to Canada