July 27, 2010

Something Fun

Last weekend, I went Mt.Tsukuba with a few people. I remember my last mountain climbing was Mt.Nokogiri in Chiba with my sister during Golden Week. The course was not that tough, but I remember we were killed by steps. But the view from Jigoku Nozoki that we went was great! Anyway, I totally didn't know anything about Mt.Tsukuba till my friend mentioned about it, but since I like hiking, there was no reason to reject going there however it was a little far from my house. We climbed climbed climbed, and reached the cable car station beside the top of the mountain (actually, the mountain has two tops; male top and female top). We got a soft ice cream to have a short break there, and accomplished both of the tops after the break (yay!). I liked the female one better :) Actually, the top was made of rocks. We sat down there, and talked about radom things. The view was great and the tough way was worth it. The sun didn't shine so strong while we were there, and there was some wind. Yes, it was a very relaxing moment. I thought I could sleep there :P

There were also a couple of funny stories while hike. When we were walking toward the top, a father and a kid came from the upper. The kid was holding a net and there were some beetles in the cage. My friend spoke to them and said "You caught a lot". But what the father said was "We bought them" and it made him laugh for some time, lol. The second story is, we met some young guys coming up when we were going down. I found them interesting since one of the guys was carrying something like a big washtub on his back. So, they caught my attention, and we caught their attention as well. OK, I tell the truth. It was not ME but the two guys walking front and behind me. They found them unique because they were making a video for an entertainment for their friends' wedding. Thus, we said congratulations in front of the video camera and celebrated strangers' wedding with pulling a cracker, lol. The interesting thing was, the bride's name is Michiko and I have a friend who is gonna get married in a few months and her name is exactly Michiko as well.

Anyway, I had fun that day and hope that I will also have fun on my off days during summer. Somehow I don't feel like being bored staying at home on off days like I used to do like before, so I want to fulfill my schedule :) As I succerfrf getting a day off on my birthday, I definitely want to do something on the day. However, I'm not sure yet. A friend and her bf told me that they wanted to make a plan, but maybe I shouldn't expect it too much. Of course, it's gonna be nice to spend time with them, however, I'm also used to be forgotten my birthday because it had been during summer vacation back in school days. So, I'm gonna make a plan B. I think it's gonna be just a daydream, but for example, I want to go to a beach somewhere. I want to bring some fireworks, some snacks and maybe beer. Listening to the songs I like, I get to the beach. I sit down somewhere and think about random things seeing the sea. When it gets dark, I put fire on fireworks. I'm sure the smell of fireworks reminds me the end of summer and made me get sentimental. I want to gaze blankly at the sea after firework and wait for the sky beginning to get brightened. Does it sound lonely? :P

July 22, 2010

Beside Happy Birthday Song That The Glasses Play

Yesterday was my friend's birthday :) Me and Haruka had already booked a restaurant that we went for the first time the other day, and also ordered a birthday plate for her at the same time! It had been a while since all of us met for the last time, and there were a lot of things to talk. The foods were very good and I was very happy. Actually, other two people wanted to come to the restaurant as well since before, but they had kept missing it, so it was great. By the way, I seriously recommend you Quattro Formaggi pizza there. The collaboration of the cheese and honey is amazingly great!! And I also LOVE Brulee....*YUM* You have no idea how much I wanted to eat one more (actually, more than one) when I ate it for the first time. However, I refrained from having the second one...damn!!

We also didn't forget asking Ayako (the friend who is gonna get married in a few months) how's everything going and she told us it's going well :) It felt like the time passed so fast since I saw her engagement ring last year, (actually, I was dying at that time, lol) and she told me the date that she will invite us to introduce her husband officially. She will have her wedding the same day, and we are going to be invited to the party after the wedding. As she makes clothes for babies at work, she is going to make her own wedding dress!!! Isn't it amazing? I know that she has made some thing like clothes or bags for herself before, but didn't really think that she makes a dress for her wedding. I would love to see the dress, definitely! And there was another news. Finally, Haruka and her boyfriend made a ring. She showed me the picture :) It is a ring that has a heart design on it and looked cute. Maybe all of us thought the count down for the marriage started, lol. If they get married, I will be the important person because I made the chance to let they know each other :) Yes, I'm the Cupid ;P

Anyway, I went shopping after renewing my driving license today, and bought an underwear for the one-piece dress. Now, almost everything is done to wear the dress. I'm sure I will get chances to wear the dress or Ao dai more than once in coming few years.

July 20, 2010

Which To Wear...

I'm still thinking which to wear...Ao dai or the one- piece dress that I bought with sister the other day. On Saturday, I went shopping with my sister and bought a blue one-piece dress that has a frill obliquely running from the waist to the bottom. Since such dresses for parties are expensive, we decided to share it so each person paid half of the price. So we can save money and the dress gets more chances to be wore :) Good for people, good for dress, lol.

Today I went to search for a necklace and a bolero that I can combine the dress. And it messed up my schedule. I thought I would finish it in a few hours but it took more. I missed having coffee break with reading a book, lol. But it was alright since I found something at least. It's hard to find something that I really like. I usually have to find a meeting point when I'm searching for something I need. So I succeeded to find the point today.

Where I bought them finally was at the store that I bought the one-piece dress with my sister. Since they still had the exact same dress, I wore it again and looked if they fit. When I wore it, I remembered my friend asked me why I didn't take a picture to show her when I tried it on. However, I didn't take a picture for her this time again. I'm too shy since it's definitely not something I wear and maybe no one can imagine that I wear such a thing. It's too different from what I wear usually. Maybe...for sure, I'll take some pictures at the party, so they will be the ones that I will show her :) I want her to look forward till the day, lol.

Now, only one thing is left...UNDERWEAR. Since the fat that is forced out from the bra may be seen over the dress, it's better to wear a special underwear. Actually, it makes your body line beautiful (I feel sorry for people who would see me in the dress because I feel I'm cheating on them). But as you know, its expensive :'( Man, I wish if I were rich. Anyway, I have to search for such an underwear in a few weeks and in case I can't find it, I have to buy it at the store that I bought the dress...or, I just leave it for next time and wear Ao dai. Mmm, not sure yet.

July 16, 2010

Which Chain Do You Like?

I'm sorry, for me, there isn't a big difference among their gyudons. I left workplace late last night, so I didn't want to wait eating meal until I got home. It takes for 1.5 hours from my workplace to home and I was absolutely hungry. I stopped by yoshinoya under the station and had a quick meal. While eating alone, I remembered about something. Some guy thinks that I love yoshinoya just because we went there once. But the fact was, it was okay for me to have a quick cheap meal and I saw yoshinoya there, that was it. It might have been his first time being to yoshinoya (I'm not sure), and it seemed like he didn't like it so much. He loves sukiya. Actually, I didn't feel too comfortable about the way when he mentioned that I liked yoshinoya very much. It sounded one-sided for me. I had denied once, but for some reason, he believed so and kept saying it. I wonder why.

There are some gyudon chains like yoshinoya, matsuya or sukiya. I've been all of the three (I know there are more), but don't know what is differet. Yes, of course I know they are different, but for me, they are almost the same; they don't have an inportant difference for me. Ok, if I say something, matsuya gives us misosoup by free when if we order gyudon, so maybe I go there if I find all 3 very close to each other, that's it. All of them are okay for me. Not that yummy, but not bad as well. It's ok to have meal at such places because they provide us quickly and the price is affordable. A kind of Japanese style fast food, lol. I remember that I saw yoshinoya at Bugis in Singapore and was shocked because the menu was so different, hahaha.

Never mind, I'm just saying about a thing that came up to my mind randomly. It's worthless...

July 14, 2010

Recent Style Of Spending Time

I grabbed a book that was half-finished and another one that I hadn't started reading yet. I took a train and went downtown in my city. I thought where to go for a bit when I got there, but decided to go to karaoke. Once I went there alone for the first time, I haven't felt shy going there alone anymore. It's a good place to release the stress that I've stored up. I can sing (scream?) there a lot and no one cares, lol. I have poor repertory of songs, however, tried to sing a new one today. It's a song from Turky which my sister tried to sing the other day when we went to karaoke. The lyrics are not so interesting for me but I like the rhythm. After feeling refreshed there, I went to Mcdonald's to grab some coffee. There are two Mcdonald's around the station, and I like the newer one. It opened maybe last year or so, and it still looks clean. I like taking one of the seats which is just in front of the big windows so I can see outside. There is a doughnut chain whose name is "mister doughnut" obliquely across the street and I can see people sitting there from the seat. Actually, I like taking a seat there as well. Nursing coffee, I read books. Sometimes, I saw around my seat, saw outside of the window and watch people passing by. I feel very relaxed when I do it. I wanna do it at a STARBUCKS at Shibuya which locates beside the scramble crossing but haven't gotten a chance yet, lol.

Recently I spend my off days like this when I have no plans. I don't feel like staying at home bored anymore. It's better to go outside however I just stay at a cafe (Mcdonald's) and read a book. I mostly go to the library, get books and read them there. Of course it's better to have some events sometimes. For now, I have 3 events in coming 3 months; friend's party after her wedding party, a real escape game, and Luna Regalo. I also want to go to a fireworks display. Till last summer, I hadn't thought about going there unless I have someone to go with, however, I feel like it's ok to go alone, just sitting on the riverside grabbing some beer, lol. I'm sure I'll look like a lonely poor girl if I do it tho. It's interesting that I like summer more than winter now. I didn't have any preference about seasons before. It may be because I enjoyed traveling some South East Asian countries, but I'm not sure.

July 12, 2010

Just Random Things

●I want to give a prize to the person who made this :) 杏仁豆腐...It's what I love a lot as much as mangoes, lol. I had never expected they would make a drink of it. As soon as I saw it in the vending machine at work, there was no reason to refrain from trying it. And you know, I love it (>∀<)ノ★ Even I'm not a person who usually buys drink from vending machine, I'm sure I'll spend some money for this drink this summer. It caught my heart, lol.

●My brother took a part in a bicycle race in Okutama the other day. There were more than 600 people, and some of them were professional biker. My brother was 36th of the race, wasn't it a great thing? :D But the funny thing was, what he said firstly when he came back home from the race was, "Hey, I was touched my xxx by an Italian guy", ROFLMAO. He told me the guy even told him that he wanted to see him naked!!!! XD What was going on there? He went to the race, and got a sexual harassment by a middle aged Italian guy but exchanged mobile address with him later. It's so weird. But I guessed why. My brother wore jinbei at the race (I'm sure nobody else did such a crazy thing) and maybe it caught the Italian guy's attention...Errrrr, maybe much more people's attention. I guess, Japanese people were too shy to speak to him even they got interested. Especially, my brother looks a little bit scary to speak to, lol. As the guy is Italian, maybe he was cheerful and didn't mind speaking to the funny Japanese guy, lol. I asked my brother if he would't go drinking with the guy since he got his mobile address. It will be funny if they do, don't you agree? :P

●I was asked to help my co-worker as a receptionist at her wedding party. Of course I said sure. However, I wonder what I have to do; I haven't even been to anyone's wedding so I have no idea what to do for now, and I also wonder if I can wear clothes like other people wear there. Do receptionists have to wear suits??? Too bad if I miss the chance wearing the Ao dai I made in such a case!