July 13, 2008


I know that people don't like crows, at least here in Japan. But I like them. Especially what is called ハシブトガラス (Corvus macrorhynchos) in Japan. Crows are hated by people because they look scary, break garbage bags and mess up. But I like them because I they look cute. Especially their eyes. I know that I'm different from general people, but they really look cute for me. I like their size too. Bigger than other birds we can see generally. Here, I have some stories of crows.

  • A crow put a walnut on the road to make cars run over it and broke the nut and ate it. What's interesting is, it put the nut where the cars tires came after the traffic signal turned to be blue.
  • Crows in a precinct buy their food by themselves. You know that Japanese temples or shrines have offertory boxes in front of the structures. The shrine has a vending machine of pigeons' food close to the structure too for people that feed pigeons. Crows living there steal money from the box and buy the food by themselves.
So they are very clever. They are much more clever than normal monkeys. And that's why I like them. I heard that they remember people's faces and never forget people who attached their nests. Actually, my mom told me that her dad brought a baby crow -whose eyes were not opened yet- from a mountain, and fed it. It grew up and when he called its name, it flew down from the sky and perched on his shoulder. It sounds really nice for me. I really want to experience it! Since they are such cleaver birds. If they become tame with humans, it would be so nice to play with. I dream that one day I'm putting a big glossy black crow on my arm and patting it :P But I know, it would be just my dream.

July 6, 2008

What I am Lack in...

Recently, my off days are like something boring. It is fun when I go somewhere or do something with friends of course, however when I have nothing to do, it is really boring. Today is the day like that, I woke up and stayed at home whole a day without doing anything special.

Yesterday was fun. I went to karaoke and drinking with my pharmacist and nurse friends after work, and did a lot of GIRL'S TALK. The pharmacist friend is my classmate of high school, and the other nurse friend was in the same room with her when we went to a training in March. So we all are working at hospitals in the same group. After separating with the nurse friend, we hang out in LUMINE EST (a department store in Shinjuku) and my friend bought a pretty skirt. It was almost 50% off because the summer bargain was just started and she looked so happy. I like fashion too. I didn't see and buy anything last night. We didn't have so much time and I thought that I shouldn't spend a lot of money for clothes, but of course I want to go shopping...I love it.

The friend who broke up just a couple of days before the training meeting looked so tired, mad and sad at that time (but it couldn't be helped) however she got to like a Physical Therapist guy at her hospital, and now her life is kind a fun thing because of him. But regretfully, she doesn't have any common thing with him, so she's thinking how to get in touch with him.

I envy her since she makes efforts to get prettier. She buys pretty clothes, spends money to make her hair pretty, do diet...and she is interested in depilation of whole body now. As you know it is expensive, almost 200,000 yen (she said), but she is seriously considering about it. Of course I'm interested in it too, when I heard the price, I thought maybe I couldn't get the operation because of the prise. So she is really a girl. She is proud of being a girl, and always wants to get prettier for herself and her bf. Maybe I can't be girlish more than her. But anyway I hope that she can get a chance to talk to him and get him. But unexpectedly, it is decided that I'm transferred to the hospital in this month, so I will get a chance to glance him. I hope that we can go out more than before (to tell the truth, we didn't meet even once in a year after graduated high school) since we will work at the same hospital soon, and get a little more girlish than now like her :P And I know that I have something to fix about my character because I'm usually negative about new things, so I have to say like "Ah! It sounds good! Why don't we try it?" obediently (^_^;) I always want to be like such a girl, but you know...the real doesn't go so easily :S