February 12, 2014

It's Time For An Output

It feels that I slowly becoming stable. I mean, I slowly understanding what I am, what I want to do, etc. I knew that I'm a little bit different from how general Japanese girls around my age are. I've been getting those situations around me as "Input" signals and they absolutely affected me. I've been enjoying with those inputs and hadn't really thought of expressing myself somewhere unless to some close friends. However, probably now it's the time.

There are great people around me and I kind of envy their skills or passion that they create something and sharing with people. They do what they want to do, and it brings someone small happiness. As an example, let me talk about my sister. She has been making Tsumamizaiku -A kind of accessories for kimono- for some years and she is getting better and better. These a few years, she sometimes goes to handmade market and sells the stuff she made. She is such a modest so she doesn't set a high price on her work. But if you go to stores you'll be surprised how expensive those stuffs are! She just likes making them and feels happy when someone likes her stuff and uses it! So, I whenever I find someone who seems to be interested in those things, I always show them some pictures of my sister's work and let them know that they can order those things to my sister with a good price. I believe she feels more comfortable when she knows what they want and the thing is promised to be used :)