September 30, 2009

I Like This Rhythm

I haven't listened to music so much recently. But I found something I like the other day :) The song reminded me about the time I went to my favorite artists' live concert a was some years ago. I haven't been to a big concert hall so much most places I went were a small hall in Shibuya or in Shimokitazawa...maybe once or twice in a month.

I like small concert halls because I can see the artist from close area. I like it when the place is crowded and everyone is jumping, singing, waving arms It's so fun when it feels like everyone's heart is connected :D

I don't know why, maybe it's just because the rhythm of this song is my taste. So, now I'm kind a miss it. Haven't been to such places for a long while...want to go. But I haven't listened to the songs I used to listened in those days. I don't know if they changed or not...haven't even checked their websites. Maybe my life style changed since some point.

One thing I never forget is, I used to like Iwase Keigo a lot. And he came to our University to make a small live concert during our school festival when I was there. It was so lucky! My favorite artist came to my place when I liked him! It was incredible. I remember when I noticed it, I called my friend and told about it. At that time, my voice trembled and my hand holding the phone was shaking, lol. Hmmm, I was that impressed. Hope that such a lucky thing happens to my life again :P

September 24, 2009

A Day To Relax

Today was a fine autumn day. Since I came back from my work in the morning, I went to Inogashira park after taking a bath. It was very comfortable just sitting there and relaxing. There were more people than I expected, maybe it's because students are still during their summer vacation. I saw a lot of couples on boats in the pond. I, I didn't envy since there is a story about the pond. The god of the pond, Benten-sama is a female god. Since she gets jealous of couples, couples that ride on a boat in the pond will break up. I don't believe it very seriously, but I've broken up with my bf that I rode on a boat with in the, it's better to avoid such a possibility even though it might be so tiny, lol.

I had been sitting there for a few hours, until it got dark. When the sunshine started getting weaker, two guys started singing with their guitar on a bench that was not so far from me. Their song reminded me about 19; the artist group I liked a lot some years ago. It was kind a calm moment. Anyway, I feel like I washed my unsightly mind away that has been keeping bothering me for a few days. Maybe I'll get it again, but it's better to clean up sometimes, or else, it'll be filled :( So, it was nice. The only thing to regret is, I should have brought something sweet. Chocolate, candies, coffee from Starbucks...anything would have been alright. It was much greater if I had something there!

September 11, 2009


I went shopping yesterday :D It's been a while since I went my favorite stores to search for something seriously...maybe last time was January. Of course I went some shopping malls and bought something when I found something, but didn't go such places only for shopping. I love LUMINE; the shopping mall around Tokyo area. I haven't been to many of them, but my favorite LUMINEs are the one in Shinjuku; LUMINE EST and the one in Tachikawa because they have some stores that I like.

I didn't have an exact idea what to buy, but wanted to add something new to my clothes I already had. Luckily, I found some cute casual clothes :P I can't wait to wear them~. I like all of the things I bought yesterday, but the most favorite one is an one-piece dress. It's a two-tone coloured simple one, and goes well with jeans too :D When I saw it, I liked it so I tried, and it looked better than I thought! So I bought it XD

It's getting cooler recently, so I'm changing my clothes. Soon, I will start wearing clothes one over another; I like layered long as I don't look chubby, lol. I will wear my boots as well. I like thinking what to wear next day. So, I want to make my life more enjoyable with fashion (*^_^*)

September 7, 2009

Roller Coasters!!

Today I went to Fujikyu highland :D It's been a while since I went there last time, maybe 5 years or so. I LOVE roller coasters!!! So I was so excited XD. It's located in Yamanashi prefecture; beside Mt. Fuji. The main roller coaster is Fujiyama, and there are other few ones.

It was maybe my first time trying the roller coaster "eejanaika" and I loved it!! It was amazing!! I'm sure you should try, if you like roller coasters :) The weather was really nice today...maybe too hot in the daytime, but it was great to go outside like an amusement park like this. We rode on all three big roller coasters but didn't have time to go to other ones because there were a lot of we had to wait so long :S But it was still great because we enjoyed our day :D

If I say one thing, I wanted to go to the haunted house :( It was already closed when we finished the roller coasters. The haunted house is one of the biggest in Japan...might be in the world, and it's kept changing the inside. Man, I wanted to go there so much when it was BIOHAZARD (Resident evil) version a few years ago.

Anyway, I enjoyed today. Great!!! HAHAHA!!

September 1, 2009

1st Day = Movie Day

1st day is a good day because you can see movie with 1,000yen :) So, I finally went to see the movie of Hachiko :D I liked it!! I was sure that I was gonna cry if I see the movie, so I brought my small towel...good job me (^O^)b I enjoyed it very much!! I saw the movie in English with Japanese subtitles because I prefer it more than the one dubbed into Japanese. Man, I wish I understood English movies without subtitles but it's just like a dream :(

So, I did one more thing what I wanted to do :) Now I want to make my other dreams/requirements come true. Hope that the day will come soon :D