March 18, 2008

It Was a Special Day

It was a special day...however, I didn't feel that it was special. It was like one of normal passing days, and I felt like the new semester would start from April.

However, it was my last day of school. We all were dressing up. In Japan, most girls wear "kofurisode" and "hakama" on the day of their graduation ceremony in universities. Yeah, it was one of my special must be, however, I really didn't feel so. It wasn't so impressive, and some of my friends told me that they thought so too.

I can't believe that I have to start working from a new member of society. My past life went so quick. Soon, I have to earn money...not for making pin money, but for living. When I was little, I felt that adults were mature. Even junior high school students or high school students looked so. But in real, I passed the age, graduated my uni, and now, I'm about to start working in a hospital. I can't believe, I can't believe. Is my mentally age enough to be called an adult? Maybe no.

I worry about my new life from April at my working place. It is natural that worrying about new life if there are nothing special, but I think that I have to worry about it more than others since I didn't send the new year greeting card to the person who will be my boss (and I heard that he was an unreasonable person) and made him call me twice when I was abroad. (T_T) Maybe I made him bad impression of me before starting working. Moreover, I noticed that he was a person that makes sarcastic remarks when I called him back...

Anyway, I still have a lot of things to do before starting working. Getting documents, buying something, etc. I hope that I can survive in the tough ADULT world.

March 10, 2008

Which Do You Like Better, Sightseeing or Resorts?

I prefer Sightseeing much more than going to resorts, since I think that sea resorts don't have much differences wherever I go. It may be wrong, but I think spots for sightseeing have much more difference and their own colours.

Lately, I went to Thailand with my friends as our graduation trip. Some friends around us chose resorts like Guam, but we chose the country. We visited Bangkok and Ayutaya there. The cultural assets were really cool. I liked them. :) We saw there statues of Buddha a lot. In Japan, we have a lot of them that are sitting, however, in Thailand, there are a lot of them that are lying down. I didn't notice it until my friend told me about it, and thought it was interesting.

What I surprised about Bangkok is that sometimes traffic signals didn't work. The tour guide told us that in some area, traffic signals work only in the morning time, and at night, it is impossible to believe it because I live in Japan, however, I surely saw that the traffic signals that didn't work, lol. And the public streets in Thailand are bad. They are bumpy roads however they are big. I sometimes felt like I was hopping on the car's seat. And I saw people who ignore traffic signals! They went their own way because if they hesitate, they can't go across the roads! Cars never stop for walkers when they are on side of roads and wait for car stopping. So, we had to find the timing to go across roads. It was a little bit scary since we didn't get used to it. We appreciated local people a bit, lol.

Anyway, it was interesting to visit Thailand. I want to go there again if I get a chance, and I wanna go some other places for sightseeing too. Hope that I will get a chance in the future. :D

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