December 11, 2012

I Wonder If They Know The Words "Time Is Money"

When we finally got to contact those people who must have been waiting for us, it was already pretty late. As soon as the immigration things were done, I asked an officer if there is a public phone. Actually, I tried calling them using my cell while waiting in the line, but for some reason, it didn't work. He told us they are around the exit 4 then we went out from the exit, but couldn't find them. So, we asked the two guards outside again.

One of them didn't speak English at all so he didn't understand what I said. So I spoke to the other one, and he told us they are inside of the building. Then, were about to come back inside...and were stopped by them.

Why? Because, they had to check our passport and tickets and it took sometime. You know how stupid I felt? And I guess you can also imagine how frustrated we were in the circumstances. I definitely got such an impression that Indian people (probably) don't have sense of feeling sorry for wasting someones time more than needed. Otherwise, they wouldn't have made us fill the form again for nothing nor checked the passports and tickets of innocent tourist girls who came out of the building just now carrying large backpacks and want to return to make a quick call (I'm sure I'll mention about this kind of things again in later posts!) I really wanted to kick their ass but of course didn't (couldn't) because I'm such a polite Japanese girl who doesn't want to cause problems, and actually, they were holding guns.

So, after a while, we finally went inside again and made a call to two people. One to the person who were hosting us that day, and next, the person who must have been at the airport to pick us up. I really felt sorry for those people for the late contact (But, what could we do? :S).

Thus, we finally (I want to say, it was really, finally) got to contact people and met up a friend who was waiting for us at the airport for a few hours!

December 7, 2012

I Finally Came To This Country

Probably, it was the most adventurous trip I've experienced even I was not alone. We got into a trouble...actually, even caused a trouble (Of course not on purpose), had to change plans due to our thoughtless decision...etc. However, I can say that this trip was successful in the end and we were such lucky girls :) I personally do not believe in God, but if he exists, I wish he blesses the people who helped us during the journey and hope their happiness. I found out I'm still inexperienced as a human, and did something shameful which I could avoid if I stopped and thought about what I was doing...haha. I hope that there will be a "Next time" for a revenge and compensation.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was around 30 minutes past 0 AM when we arrived at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. As soon as we got off from the airplane, we followed a lady who was holding our names to the counter for visa on arrival. There were two guys sitting behind the counter and we got to fulfill the form for our visa to be issued. While writing, some tourists came and they all were Japanese. However, it didn't seem it's a common thing to get the visa there. Guess, most people already got it while in Japan. Actually, getting a visa on arrival was troublesome because of the form. We were required to fulfill almost every single things on it such as arrival date, your home address, address in India, phone number, the room number (I wonder how many people already know it before getting to the hotel), if you have an acquaintance in India, his/her contact info, etc.

They charge 60 US dollars per person for the visa and I heard sometimes they require tips for the issue (I believe it must be an unofficial thing at such a official place and it'll go to their pocket :(). Fortunately, we were not asked for tips but more than one hour had been already passed when we finished all the procedures for immigration, and I believe we didn't need that much. The reason is, we were stuck inside of the airport because of a stupid (I'm sorry, I'm not making little of Indian people but please let me complain about it) officer at the immigration counter told us to fill an immigration form again even we told him we already handed it to the guy at the visa counter, and also had the part of the paper. And while we were filling another form there, a flight arrived at the airport and it made a long line up of passengers...Finally, we had to wait in the line, and when we finally reached another counter, the officer told we didn't have to fill the form again. SO STUPID. The stupid officer did nothing but made us waste our time. I was frustrated actually because we had someone waiting for us. So, it was the first thing that pissed us off in India. I do not believe this will happen in Japan, so we thought..."Probably, this is what happens in India".