January 3, 2012

First Day In Kathmandu

When we got to the hostel, there was a Nepali guy who speaks good Japanese. His name is Ram, had lived in Japan for 3 years or so, and was doing business in Nepal. He is not the staff of the hostel, but was helping there sometimes. He gave us a cup of coffee. It was his way to let the customers know they are welcomed, and actually, we do the same way in Japan :) Me and Tomoaki decided to take a look of his tour agency office because we noticed that he was not pushy for business, and wants to do a nice business with people...Aaaand, we had to change money anyways :P Tomoaki also seemed he was interested in going to Chitwan listening to his talk. So, we promised to come back to the ground floor when we finish unpacking, and go to Ram's office together.

So, after a while, we headed to Ram's office. The guy who took us to the hostel (actually Ram's nephew) took us there. Thamel area, the tourist area in Kathmandu, is such a confused place that I get lost so easily even having a map. There are LOTS of hostels, stores and tour agencies and the sign of each place looks similar. Anyway, we got to the office and met Ram. Changed money, and Tomoaki booked a tour for Chitwan and one way ticket from Pokhara to Kathmandu. I was interested in going there as well, but I didn't book such a tour because my days in Nepal were shorter than his, and it seemed impossible to go there if I wanted to do some other things on my list. When everything was done, we went to a restaurant downstairs. We got a free meal from Ram's nephew (he told me he would buy me dinner!) and it was our first time to eat Momo! It looks like gyouza or shuumai (depends on Tibetian style or Newari style) and has buffalo or Chicken inside. I highly recommend you to try Momo when you come to Nepal :)

After dinner, we walked around Thamel. While walking, a guy came up to us and start asking Tomoaki to buy drugs...He rejected and I told him that he was not interested as well...but he was persistent, lol. He even asked him if he needed a girl! How dare he did that seeing me walking with him, lol. When we got outside of the busy area, we went to a cafe to grab a cup of tea. Actually he was the one who wanted to have tea (I think normally, girls say to have a cup of tea first if they are walking together, lol). So, it was the the first time of me having real Masala tea and I LOVED IT!!!

When we finally got back to the hostel, we exchanged our contact information. He lives in Kawasaki city, which is not that far from where I live, so we can meet up for meal sometime :) So, the first day in Kathmandu went over like this. I was happy to have my first buddy and nice meal there!

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