October 31, 2010

It Was Something

The weather was nice on last day as well. Checking out the hostel, I took a ferry to Miyajima again. I wanted to buy souvenirs for family and co-workers. I also wanted to go to Itsukushima shirine I skipped last day. Actually, I didn't have so many things to do there, so after a few hours, I left there and took a tram for Hiroshima city.

After a hour or so, I was back where I like; the riverside beside the Atomic Bomb Dome. I put my backpack beside me sat down on the bench, then started reading a book. The weather was as nice as it was the other day, and I really liked spending relaxing time there like that until I get bored and start feeling like doing something else. After a while, I got a text message from my friend and he was almost there. So we met up and did some sightseeing together. I remember we talked about some funny things and I learned a new word "billboard", lol.

Unfortunately, enjoyable time was over soon and I was on the train for Tokyo. So, how was it anyways? In the beginning, it seemed that I couldn't get to go where I originally wanted to go. But I decided to go to Hiroshima later and went where I wanted to visit there. I spent some relaxing time, ate yummy foods, and found a way to save water; it was first time for me using a shower which works with a coin. It was 5 minutes for a coin and I wondered if I could finish everything in time. However, when we stop the tap, the count down stops as well. So, I found it possible to finish everything in 5 minutes water running :) Actually, I thought I should do the same thing at home so that I can save water (>_<)

Anyway, I spent great time during my trip. You may already know what I feel great when I travel alone, and maybe you noticed that it happened during this trip as well. I don't know how the worthless story goes, but hope that it will be nice and long :)


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October 28, 2010


Freezing day like today brings me back some memories. They are not so bad, but I can't deny that there is something negative. It'll be good if I can just be in the warm room heated by stove and sit in front of the computer holding a cup of hot sweet cocoa. However, the day came all of a sudden and I couldn't prepare anything about it. There is a song that plays in my head sometimes when I feel winter; Snow Smile. When I realized that It's already been almost a year since I posted the post, I felt something impressive. Time goes by so quickly.

I don't dislike reading posts that I posted in the past. I'd rather read them actually when I feel like it. Reading them, I can know how I've lived because the posts are filled with my thoughts and feelings I had at that time...I was mad sometimes, glad, worried, and even wept being impressed by small things. Going back through those memories, I come across those feelings I had. They are nothing more or less than my footprints on the way I passed. Even though I put them into a toy box and don't open it so often, I want to leave the box right beside me so I can open it whenever I feel like it.

It just doesn't move me when I hear something that people tell when I talk about a topic. It's something pointless and I can't feel anything from it. However, I don't refrain from talking about it because it's just one of general topics and there is no reason to avoid it. People think that I've been stuck...Actually, I may be stuck, but it's OK because I'm OK. No one can force me move on if I don't have the will. It has to be happen naturally; when the time comes, maybe I'll move on. At least for now, I have no reason to leave there against my will, nor ideas where I want to go.

Anyway, never mind. I just remembered about fireworks.

October 26, 2010

Great Symbol Of The Island

So, as soon as I left the backpack at the hostel, I left for the island. When I arrived at there, deer came to meet me, lol. Actually, there are lots of wild deer that are not afraid of humans. They sometimes try to get food (like a map, lol) from us and I had my clothes about to be eaten once while I was in the island!! Dangerous!!!! LOL

Firstly, I walked to the ropeway station and took a ropeway to Mt.Misen. I'm sure I could climb the mountain if I had the will, but this time, I skipped it because I didn't wanna miss my little time staying there. I wanted to climb the mountain first, and wanted to eat something yummy when I came back from there. Actually, I went to the top much quicker than I expected. It didn't take that long as the sign told...might be because I'm a girl who was trained by Mt.Takao (I'm just kidding). Anyway~, I came back from the mountain asap, and got an oyster lunch set that I wanted to eat...it was YUM :P Actually, I'd been taking pictures of stuffs I ate and kept sending them to my sister. You can easily guess how much she envied me. We LOVE yummy foods :P So, I got a bit of lots of snacks there, and waited for the time of low water to walk to the bottom of the shrine gate. I wanted to do three things in the island; going to the bottom of the gate, watching the sunset of the shrine, and seeing the night view of the island: The gate belongs to the shrine (world heritage) in the island, however, it also looks as the symbol of whole the island. It is counted as one of the 3 most beautiful scenery in Japan.

Fortunately, I accomplished all of them. I took some nice pictures of the gate in the sunset and also in the light up. Damn, I always wish I had a good skill of photography whenever I see beautiful landscapes. I know that my skill is not enough, but hope you will feel the some of the great atmosphere I felt there with this picture...even it's a little :)

Incidentally...later, my friend who I met at hostel told me he was mesmerized by the gate when he saw it :)

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October 23, 2010

Breakfast In The Morning Sunshine

Next day, I was supposed to get up at 5 because I thought that it must be so beautiful to see the sunrise of the Atomic Bomb Dome. However, I missed it. I thought that I could make it because I have to get up at 5 once or twice every week, but maybe I slept too late for it being tired. I got up at 6 and noticed that the sunrise was going to happen in 10 minutes so I gave up...damn! I don't know how the sunrise of the dome looks like because I haven't seen any pictures and stuff, however, in my head, I had something similar to Angkor Wat that I saw in Cambodia...of course just an image, lol. I simply thought the silhouette of the dome must be beautiful in the sunrise. But anyway, I missed it...When I noticed that I wouldn't be in time, I thought if I should sleep again or not. Then, I chose getting up. I thought that it would take some time to pack everything, and if I finish it early, I would have more time in Miyajima that I was going to. So, I started preparing, and once it was done, I checked out the hotel.

Yes, I overslept and missed a thing. However, the weather was better than I expected, so it was not that bad...at least, I did the other thing that I wanted to do...*Eating breakfast at riverside*, lol. The temperature was perfect. The sky was blue, and the dome looked great in it. Filling my mouth with onigiri, I remembered the time I spent at the riverside in Hue in Vietnam...It was a very relaxing moment eating breakfast in the morning sun until I notice the sunshine was much stronger than I thought...lol. It was HOT actually. Nice view, nice air, good temperature, but HOT, orz. I didn't really want to get sunburned, so after a while, I left there for next place; the island with beautiful Shinto gate, and actually, it was the place that I wanted to visit this time so I chose going to Hiroshima (^_-)-☆ I've been there once on a school trip, but didn't remember so much because it was almost 10 years ago. I wanted to visit there again...maybe not alone when I thought about it before, but it was time to go by myself, lol. Maybe I wanted to be healed by sacred structures which have strong power and impression...who knows.

I think I was almost sleeping on the train. I took a tram there because I had a pass. It took longer than taking JR line, but since my style of traveling changed from what it was some years ago, it was alright. The efficient way can't be the best way all the time ;) Anyway, I was excited to see the beautiful gate, and a little bit more excited about staying at a dorm for the first time; which is one of the things on my wish list that I couldn't accomplish last time :P

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October 19, 2010

咲く Love

I'm sure I've posted here about my view of marriage and stuff in the past. I've been thinking that I don't need a wedding party, and if I had money that I can spend on such a party, I'd rather spend it on traveling. But joining the wedding party of my friend the other day, made me change my mind a little bit...even if it's for temporal. I felt like having such a sweet wedding party someday :)

However I haven't been to wedding parties so much, I think that party will be one of the most impressive in ones that I will go in my life. It was a very impressive hand-made party. My friend; the bride, made her wedding dress by herself and other accessories and stuffs, the video of their life till now and how they met...almost everything was made by the bride, groom and their friends as well. Even the arrangement of the program was great. The timing of doing some small game between conversation times was well arranged so we never got bored. And the game itself was really funny and amazing.

The game was a quiz game with prizes. Three pairs of male and female are chosen by cards and had to play a game. For example, in first one, the girl had to put a bib to the guy and poor coke into his mouth. When he finishes the bottle, they get the right to answer the quiz. And if the answer is correct, they will get prizes! So, they had to win the game and also had to know the answer of the question. Each question had three choices. The groom and bride had to join the game as well, but since the questions were about themselves, they had a handicap. They had to finish two bottles to answer the question, lol. And the funny thing was, each question has some spice added.

The first question was, "Where was the place they went for the first date?" When one of the couples chose the correct one, the toastmaster said, "They held hand for the first time at that time...how about a kiss?" And everyone laughed. There was also a question which was humiliating(?) to answer there. The question was;

What is the groom's favorite part of the bride's body?

1. Her cute butt
2. Her big breasts
3. Her soft lips

...LOL!!!!! AMAZING!
Because of those silly lovely stuffs, I'm sure everyone enjoyed XD

I think, the party was filled with the love of the groom, bride and their friends. In the end of the party, I saw messages that the groom and bride wrote for each person they invited. It was very impressing. I'm sure the two sweet people will build a sweet family :) I'm very happy that I went there, and remembering the memories still make me smile even after a few days!!

Btw, I like one of the songs that they used in their video. Actually, I hadn't listened the original one so many times but knew the song because one of my ex sometimes sang it when we went to karaoke. I like the gentle melody and also the lyrics. Too bad my translation skill sucks.


Let's name an unknown flower
So that you won't be beaten by cold of the only winter in the world
And you can pick yourself up when you hear someone

The mass of lives remove the asphalt and
Whenever seeing each other they share the loneliness of time they were separated
And they look like the sun and moon

Whether the flowers get fruit or fall without blooming
They are looking at you and someones future in the spring wind

Whenever petals of sakura scatter
Another hopeless love disappears in tears and smile
And you grow up again
The strong pure sorrow, the sorrow of just chase will not change forever
Please don't lose the love blooming inside you...

You looked sad and lost in the crowed in downtown
Please don't say anything
I'm sure that it can't be in words
The tears you've shed will become rain and heal my wound on heart
And the brightness you had in you eyes won't be messed up by the passage of time

Everyone doesn't wanna lose the flower they have on the shore of heart
It's not strong one but single one swaying frailly
However storms come and beat me with the wind, the rain will stop someday
As much as the number of the petals, I feel the strength of life

Whenever petals of sakura scatter
Another hopeless love disappears in tears and smile
And you grow up again
The strong pure sorrow, the sorrow of just chase will not change forever
It's love blooming inside you and me...

Let's name an unknown flower
So that you won't be beaten by cold of the only winter in the world
And you can pick yourself up when you hear someone

October 16, 2010

I Had Dinner Twice!

When visiting the museum and hanging around the park was done, the most important time(?) came...FOOD TIME!!! I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hungry and wanted to eat some local food. From the guidebook and free paper, I had thought of what to eat and decided to eat okonomiyaki :) There are two major styles of okonomiyaki in Japan; Hiroshima style and Osaka style, and usually, I prefer Osaka style. However, which stupid doesn't eat local style okonomiyaki when they visit Hiroshima :P

So, I went to a place which lots of okonomiyaki restaurants are, and went into one of them. I say, maybe that counter style restaurants are not where girls usually go alone, but without having company, there was no choice. And, to tell the truth, I do not hesitate going to such places by myself anymore. I think the other two solo trips I went through helped me become a tough girl (^_-)-☆ The only thing is, as I've mentioned in another post in the past, it's just better to have companies when I go eat because we can order lots of things and can share them. Ah, and of course having a fun conversation while eating must be much much better than eating alone silently XD

Finishing eating, I headed to Hiroshima castle because I felt like going there all of a sudden (actually, it was not on my plan). I thought that there must be a light up of the castle and wanted to see it. The park was dark when I walked away from the passage, so I used my maglight. It was actually the right choice that I brought it because it helped me watching my steps and also helped me looking at a map later in Miyajima at night.

When I walked back from the castle, I was hungry again :S I walked through the red-light district there and went into a noodle restaurant. I ordered tsukemen, and I loved it... Finally, I felt full and left there for the hotel. On my way home, I didn't take the tram to the hotel directly, but stopped by the atomic bomb dome. I just wanted to walk by the riverside back to the hotel seeing the night view :P

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October 15, 2010

My Footprints to Hiroshima

Around 3pm...I saw a sunshine when I got to Hiroshima. When I was leaving Tokyo, it was raining a little bit. I was glad about it because I don't like walking in the rain when I travel...but it was hot, lol. Coming out from the station, I searched for the other train station to take a local train...actually it was a tram. I knew that there were some discount tickets that are useful for tourists, so I bought two of them. One was a one day pass of trams in the city, and the other one was a two days pass for going to Miyajima :) I saved some money with those tickets because the round-trip fare for ropeway in Miyajima costs 1800yen, but the 2 days pass costs only 2000yen and it includes all the way going to Miyajima using the tram, ferry and the ropeway going up to Mt. Misen.

Where I first went was the hotel I booked. I wanted to leave my backpack there. When I was searching for train tickets to Hiroshima, I was not thinking of booking a hotel, because I wanted to accomplish one thing on my wish lists that I missed before and it was staying at a dorm, lol. However, I found it was cheaper if I book a package plan which includes round-way tickets and a hotel. Since I didn't have stay at the hotel both nights, I decided to take advantage of it. I booked the plan and chose a hotel that was 10 minutes walk from the Atomic Bomb Dome. In the end, it was a right choice. It felt good walking by the river and I liked the scenery there.

Anyway, as soon as I threw my backpack in the room, I left the hotel and walked to the Peace Memorial Park to go to the museum. I didn't want to miss things that I could do the day because wanted to leave for Miyajima next day in the morning. I didn't make a time table, but had planned things (people call it almost no plans, lol) vaguely so that I can change my plans in case something happens.

So, firstly, I went to the Peace Memorial Museum that I remembered as a sad and impressive museum. Actually, I've been there several years ago on a school trip. It was fun maybe...but I don't remember it as a happy happy trip because our original school trip was for Okinawa, staying at a nice hotel which a lot of couples want to stay. But it was canceled because of 9.11 and we were about to loose the chance to go on a school trip! Luckily, we were saved from the situation in the end, but going to Okinawa in October turned into going to Hiroshima and Kyoto in freezing January. You know how students were depressed...hahaha.

Looking at exhibitions in the museum, I thought about the museum I visited in HCMC, and thought about the guy I met in Cambodia. It was just interesting that he told me his theme of the trip was "War", so he visited this museum in Hiroshima before leaving Japan, and went to places that are related to wars in Vietnam. His pictures made me go to Vietnam, and now I am in Hiroshima...As I mentioned in another post, it was definitely something that inspired me even it was a little thing. Honestly, my purpose of going to Hiroshima was going to Miyajima, however it felt a little bit strange because I felt like I was tracing his footprints back with visiting the museum, lol.

There were lots of exhibitions, and obviously each one has sad stories. They tell us the cruelty of the atomic bomb. However, I think it's beyond our abilities of imagination...Maybe we can't know what it is unless we are in the situation.

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October 13, 2010

Taking Nozomi From Tokyo

It didn't feel like I was going anywhere. I woke up at workplace, and did some work. Then, I handed over job to my co-worker and left there. It was a little bit rainy outside, and I left for Tokyo station after breakfast to take a shinkansen. Actually, it wasn't the way that I wanted to take. I wanted to take a bus all the wayt to Hiroshima. However, it didn't look like a good idea because my time was very limited. So, I chose going there by super express train.

I wasn't so excited when I got into the train. But once the train departed, I slowly got excited. The idea "I'm going somewhere" started coming up in my mind. Anyway, the train finally arrived at Hiroshima station after 4 hours. I bought a one day ticket for a tram, and headed to the hotel. Staying at that hotel was not what I asked for because I had somewhere. However, it couldn't be helped. Buying round trip tickets from Tokyo to Hiroshima was more expensive than the plan I found which includes round trip train tickets and a hotel stay for a night. I could just skip staying at the hotel and could go where I wanted to stay, however, I chose taking advantage of the situation. Actually, the decision was right. I got a chance to eat breakfast at peaceful riverside next morning because the hotel was just some minutes away from the Peace Memorial Park ;)

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October 9, 2010

It Can't Be 100% But...

I wanna go somewhere waywardly. However, it's almost impossible to go anywhere far all of a sudden when I feel like it because I have to make a schedule and get days off for it. It feels like my plans of trips are going less and less scheduled from Cambodia, and I haven't even taken a look of a guidebook this time however I got one from the library. I've tried to check something online but it seems that there is not so much information. OK, I'll find something somehow. The time is too little for doing things free and easy in real meaning, however, I'll get close to it. I only wish if I had a lot of time. I can't deny if I choose this way I'll definitely waste some time. Yeah, I like doing things efficiently basically, however, I feel like doing things that are not efficient for some reason.

The 25 liters backpack is a little bit smaller than I expected. However, it's a good size actually. I shouldn't bring things that I "may" use nor something like snacks that I can buy there. Finishing packing stuffs in the brand new backpack I got a few days ago, I think of time after work. I'm staying over at workplace tomorrow and will leave for Tokyo after work. Maybe I'll read books I bring, listen to music, and finally read the guidebook to get some information.

I started making lunch for myself recently and doing it almost every night; It helps me save money (and another reason is because I really got bored of eating cup ramen, lol). Honestly, it's something I didn't do before. My mom used make lunch for me but she doesn't do it anymore. I never complain about it because I know she doesn't have to. I know still does a lot of things for me which I have to do if I live by myself. I thing I should move out and I really want to do it now if I could. Maybe next year or next next year when I finish my student loan.

I don't know why but I've been busy recently. Yes, the lunch thing is one of the reason, and another thing is, I've been working over time almost everyday even it's only for an hour. I go to church for an English class every Wednesday (honestly, not for the class but to talk to the missionaries), and also going to an ikebana classe on Friday (or Saturday). Plus, I got to go to two wedding parties of friends this month. I have plans every weekend recently. So, the closest event is the short trip coming up this weekend. Why I'm going however it's just a few days? Because I can't stand not going anywhere anymore and will be rotten. There are some things I want to see. There must be some phenomenons I ask for. Since I require something, I act. I don't know if I will meet everything I want. Things do not work as I want sometimes (might be most of times, especially in case not about just something but someone).

Anyway, I have to be glad. At least I'm going to do what I required.

October 4, 2010

After Cafe "Human Relationship"

On 30th, I had a promise to meet someone, but the person didn't appear. I thought that it was because we hadn't kept in touch well (I didn't even know his cell and we made a promise long time ago) but it didn't matter for me so much. Actually, there was a cafe I wanted to go, so it was a good opportunity. I had heard that the cafe has some flavors of scones which are 100 yen and they are sold out till evening usually. So, I wanted to get that scones and wanted to read a book if I like there. So I went there, and got a cup of coffee (it was 200 yen) and two scones that the staff recommended.

There were not so many people and it was relaxing. One thing that I didn't like was they don't have nonsmoking section so I was bothered by smoke sometimes. But anything else was fine. Since everyone else home was staying over the night, I messaged one of my friends from university and asked him if we could have dinner together. I wanted to share time with someone raher than staying home alone. Luckily, I caught the person and promised to meet up at 6. I was very glad about it, because he is one of my good friends and we really enjoyed spending time back in school days. I thought of what to do till the time but some how the things with the first person worked, and I experienced something interesting with him. However, I don't know if I do it again because I found that maybe it's not my style. I noticed I prefer something more natural. Hmmm, maybe what I'm saying is too vague to let you know what I'm talking about. Never mind.

Anyway, later on, I met up with my friend and went to izakaya restaurant. Actually, it was the first time meeting with just him. Whenever we met, we were always in a group. So, I felt a little bit strange about the situation, but soon it became fun. We ate, drank a lot and chatted about past days and recent days. We missed those days in university and he told me how much important friends we are for him and I was just glad to know that he feels the same way as me. I never forget small things we did together. The nabe party we did in the clubroom is one of the most impressive memories for me. We missed doing those things. From sometime, we hadn't done drinking all together. I was always sending them messages to make drinking meetings, but they got too busy to reply. So I stopped.

While drinking, we both felt the same way; we want to do something all together again. This time, he was the one who made a decision. "Let's go to Anno's apartment!" So he said, and started calling him and other people. Thus, a plan to stay over at Anno's apartment started by two drunk people. We already adjusted the date. I want it to work out and I do hope so. I really want to spend time with them again as we did back in university days. Drinking drinking drinking, eating, chatting, drinking, playing around...doing stupid things...and drinking, lol. I'm sure that everyone has such sweet memories and misses them a lot sometimes like I do right now. So, please wish my dreams to come true :P