September 8, 2011

Shopping And After Shopping

You know beautiful Indian traditional clothes Saree, right? I've been interested in it very much especially since I bought Ao dai in Vietnam. The Indian store handles lots of ones and also very expensive ones for bridal. My sister and I were taking a look of the ones at ground floor first, but once we noticed there are much prettier ones upstairs, we started taking a look of them seriously. Yes, they were expensive, but not that expensive. We were sure that if we wanted to buy the same thing in Japan or Singapore, it would cost much more. We tried them on...took pictures (they actually told us to take pictures in every Sally that we tried), and finally picked up one. We noticed that we were there for 1.5 hours after all, lol. Do you think that's crazy? Girls are always very serious when they go shopping ;) We know we don't look as good as Indian women in it, but actually, we were very satisfied with the stuff that we got...which is the most important part :P From the store, we directly went back to the hostel. It was good time for dinner, and we didn't want to carry our pretty clothes that we got.

When we got to the hostel, the owner were sitting outside of the back door where the river is right in front and was talking to a neighbor. My sister and I had dinner at a restaurant which is 2 or 3 blocks from our hostel because the owner recommended. But the food was not so good. Then we thought that he it was because the restaurant owner and the hostel owner are friends, so maybe they recommend each other. Actually, the customers were only tourists. You should note that; Go to stalls that are crowded with locals if you want to get yummy food. I reconfirmed it that time.

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