January 5, 2016

My Amazing Experience in 2014!

I realized I haven't posted about my skydiving experience in 2014. So, I want to share it in this post.

It was in September...just after I came back from my short trip to Hanoi. I was checking Facebook, and found one of my high school friends was going to go there soon. I asked her when and OMG, it was the day I had a day off! There was no reason I didn't refrain from asking to come with her because it was definitely one of the things I wanted to experience once in my life.

And it was AMAZING!! You can tell from my face expression watching the video, haha. I definitely want to go back there and jump again...if it doesn't make me broke.

Anyway, the place is not that far from Tokyo.
If you are interested, maybe you shouldn't miss it ;)