October 27, 2009

I Went to Nikko!

It's been a while since I went to Nikko last time. I was maybe 11 or 12 years old, and went there as my school trip in elementary school. I think going to Nikko is kind a mottainai thing for little kids like I was at that time, because they don't have knowledge about history. So, I wanted to go there as I grew up, but if I ask myself if I was worth going there, maybe not 100% because I'm still not good at history, lol. I think knowing the background of the places we visit is great because it helps us understand about the place more and maybe bring more emotion. However, even we don't know about such things, if we can still be impressed, and feel happy going there, it's great. Seeing pretty shrines, red and yellow leaves, eating yummy foods, taking a bath in onsen...I enjoyed my trip :D Even the horrible rain and wind on the second day didn't bother me too much since I was with someone I feel comfortable and relaxed beside.

So, I think even happenings can be fun if we go on a trip with great buddy. If we do, maybe we will help each other, and solve the problems. Anything will be enjoyable in the end in such cases. Actually, in the begining, we missed our train once, and even about to miss another train. But somehow, we were in time and got to Nikko on the time I planned :) The rain on the second day made me so wet and cold but we were happy after taking a bath at onsen again :)

Anyway, I enjoyed the trip. What I have to worry now is..if I can go on my next trip which I'm not sure if I can go :( I really hope that everything will work well in the end. I don't think I'm doing a wrong thing, and I don't want to lose my precious thing I want to keep :)

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October 18, 2009

Oktober Fest

We went to Oktober Fest yesterday. The place was so crowded and the seats were already full when I got there around 3PM. But I got a seat since my sister was there since around 2PM or so :) She was feeling helpless staying there alone trying to keep seats for some people so I tried to get there as soon as possible.

People there were enjoying drinking, eating, having a conversation with their buddy and the entire place looked very exciting especially when a group from Germany started playing music. At the intervals of music, we sang a song "Ein Prosit der Gemutelichkeit" which is a German song that is sung before saying "Cheers". After singing the song, everyone flyed their beer mug and knocked them. The place was filled with a sense of unity :D I enjoyed the atmosphere!! It just made me want to go there again...maybe next year :P And if I get the chance to go, maybe I have to go much earlier, or during weekdays because it's hard to get seats if I go there late on weekends :S

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October 16, 2009

My Outcome

It's my outcome of yesterday. Does it look yummy? lol. I made my blunch and dinner and the photo is my blunch :) Similar to 雑炊 (*^_^*) I wanted to eat noodle, but I forgot buying Udon. So I made zousui. However it looked ok, it wasn't so good...actually, it was okay, but I felt something was missing. But MAYBE, I know what was missing..so maybe next time...:P

And the other one whas what I made for dinner. I made a hamburg steak!! It's so funny, it tasted good but it was so ugly looking, so I didn't take a picture, lol. When I finished making it, I was like, "Oh, I can't cook this for anyone!" If I do, I have to make the person blindfolded, and bring the food into mouth!!! But it was good that I found that my cooking skill is horrible, so, a lot of space to improve :P No, actually I knew I couldn't cook well. But yeah, cooking is fun as long as I feel like doing it. Since eating is the most simple requirement of our body, of course it's better to be able to cook well :) But hey, you can't deny there is a possibility that I might be a girl who can grab a very nice guy's stomach with my amazing cooking skill in the future!!! ...Maybe NOT, lol.

October 15, 2009

What is Well-balanced?

言霊(Kotodama): the spiritual power people generally in Japan believe that presences in words.

The other day, one of my friend said that I'm responsible for what I say much more than her. I don't deny it. Because I'm always serious about what I say. If I tell someone something, it's mostly what I'm sure or what I'm gonna do for sure. If not, like when I'm mentioning about uncertain thing like just about my wish or something, I make it clear that it's a unsure thing. Maybe that's because I hate that when someone says something irresponsible or halfhearted thing; maybe the person feels that it sounds good at that time but never does it because it's just an impromptu idea.

Since I'm thinking words are serious as long as I'm not joking around, I expect that everyone is same as me somewhere in my mind without noticing. When someone tells me that he/she is gonna do something, I believe it somewhere in my mind since if I say such a thing, I really do that. However, the situations usually don't go as I expected. I know I shouldn't require everyone the same thing as me, but when it happens, I feel I was betrayed and feel disappointed. It sucks. And if someone does it again and again, it just makes me mad or put less value on him/her.

As you know, Japan is a homogeneous country and we usually notice people's real intention behind words even if the words are vague or the opposite because we pay attention not just to words but reactions. So, as long as it's noticeable like that it's not the case. It's the case that seems to work but actually won't. I HATE IT! It's just cruel if I have expectations. I can't blame it since I know it's just my personal feelings, but want that person to be a little bit sweeter if he/her knows about my character.

It takes time for me to open my heart and trust a person. And the thing I mentioned can easily break the trust because being responsible/honest to own words is required for the person if I'm going to build a good relationship with someone.

October 14, 2009

Be Positive!

That's what I have to be. I shouldn't be negative all the time. It's been a something tough for me recently (you might laugh because maybe it'll sound tiny if I tell you), but I need to blow it away somehow (>_<)=3 Since I have to stay over here (I'm at my workplace tonight), and I'm going back home tomorrow, I made a list what I'm gonna do when I get home.

1. Cleaning my room; I haven't cleaned my room for a while, so it's messy.
2. Getting some stuff at grocery store, and cook meal for dinner; my mom wouldn't be at home tomorrow night.

I rarely cook, so I can't cook (miso soup or curry rice are not counted as cooking :P) But I think, recent situation is a good chance for me to start cooking sometimes. Even though I won't be able to cook like someone (yes, yes, I know you would say comparing is waste), I would be happy if I can cook well in some degree and if the food makes somebody happy :D There is no way to get better if I never try. So, I HAVE TO try :X Now, I'm thinking about 和風ハンバーグ that I feel like eating now, and the other thing is けんちん汁 I can never forget. The one I ate on top of Mt.Takao with Singaporean friends few years ago was AMAZING...YUM!! I don't know how to make it, but hopefully, I can find a way someday :O So, maybe not both things at the same time...I mean, tomorrow. My dad and brother will eat the outcome of my experiment(?) tomorrow night and I hope that I wouldn't have to feel sorry about it :P

Anyways, I hope that I can forget negative things around me and being positive when I doing stuffs I have to do tomorrow.

October 6, 2009

My Wish List

● Bag
Kind a pretty one that matches with skirt or one piece-dress :) My only one pretty/casual bag is old; I bought it 5 or 6 years ago. Some parts are broken now :( Since my style is much more casual than pretty, I don't wanna get just a pretty bag. It has to go well with some of my clothes too :D

● Key case
I've bought my bf a good key case. But haven't bought myself such a thing yet, lol. Maybe I tend to buy something better as a present for someone than something for myself :P Actually, the one that I gave him was my taste; I mean, kind a thing what myself want to use..but maybe mannish...? Who cares! Actually, I liked it. When I was buying it I thought like "if he didn't like it, maybe I would use it!" I found a nice COIN CASE at a store the other day. I really like the design. That's too bad it wasn't a key case. It it was, I would definitely buy it..if it's not too expensive.

● Watch
Maybe that's the thing I will buy the earliest. I really don't wear watches now, but recently I was affected by someone, and got chances to browse watches at stores. I haven't paid attention to watches before, but I thought it was cool. So MAYBE? I'll buy a watch soon. And it won't be a girlish one. It will be a little bit or more mannish casual one, because such kinds of watches are what I was attracted by.

Recently, I'm getting chances experiencing new things. And some of them are giving me sort of influences; making me feeling like doing something new. I really don't like being forced to change my style. I don't wanna overreach myself, being myself is my style. Even though I'm slow than other people sometimes, it's okay. As long as I don't care about it; like when I didn't care about fashion when everyone around me was so interested in fashion in my late teens :D The little changes are happening naturally now. I LOVE IT.

Anyway, I want to get things on my wish list. Hope that it will come soon...maybe not??? But I WANT TO.

October 1, 2009

Ohitorisama Debut

"Ohitorisama" means oneself. If you go to restaurant or somewhere, a waiter asks how many people it is, so if you are alone, the person will say "Ohitorisama desuka?" The word was in fashion a few years ago. Since being "Ohitorisama" is becoming common. Before, it had a little negative impression, but now it's not like that...maybe.

I was a person who hasn't been to some places alone. I haven't even been to a cafe alone. But about cafe, that's because going to a cafe is kind an extravagant thing for me, so if I go there, it's always with someone, not alone. I'm a girl who can go to Yoshinoya or Matsuya alone; some girls feel shy to go alone. Even I go to such places alone, I haven't been to karaoke or movie alone. So, today was something new.

I came back home in the morning after work feeling like going somewhere alone, so I decided to go to karaoke alone because I remembered one of my friends said she liked going to karaoke alone. Plus, I wanted to go to see a movie because today was 1st day :) So I did two new things; going to karaoke and movie alone :D

I don't know why but it felt really good today, maybe because of the weather?? I wasn't shy about doing that as before. It was something fresh. I wanted to try some Krispy Kreme doughnuts as well because I haven't eaten them yet, but didn't get the chance today :( Hmmm, maybe next time. Anyway, I enjoyed. I feel like I'm mentally more stable than before recently. Something has been changing, and it brought me something stable. And maybe a lot of things of myself are getting better. I'm trying to be patient, trying to get close to my ideal, and I'm more outgoing now...etc. I'm happy about it. Hope that everything turns to be something better.