August 30, 2009

Damn, I Can't Go!

The 7th person died because of the swine flu in Japan :( It's kind an unusual thing that the orders of testing flu come every day even it's August now; I really didn't test even once in this season last year. According to the government, the flu's peak will be coming in October, and that is the month I wanted to go somewhere with my sister. But it'll be canceled because of the flu. As for me, it should be all right, but for her, her boss said it's better to avoid going abroad on October. Sucks :S But it's okay because we didn't decide where to go yet, actually, my sister wanted to go to Italy, but I don't think I can get that long holidays..

Anyway, I haven't taken my summer vacation yet since I wanted to take it in October, but if I don't go anywhere, I don't feel like getting it now. It'll be put off till next chance. I know maybe we can go somewhere in Japan, but some places I want to go are maybe not good to go in October or winter. But I'm sure there are somewhere that really good going in fall :) Have to get a companion and make a plan to escape from reality, lol. Of course the person might be my sister because if I go with another one, she will be jealous :P

August 24, 2009

Summer Is Ending

I can feel it. Especially at night, it's not as hot as before anymore. I feel a little bit lonely when I hear the singing of insects because it reminds me about the coming fall and winter.

Yesterday, I went to a festival with my boyfriend. It was one of the most famous festivals around here, but I haven't been, I wanted to show him how Japanese festival was. Anyway, I finally got the chance to go somewhere wearing yukata :D It was a moment that my small dream came true; I wanted to go to festivals or firework displays wearing yukata so much in recent years! I thought it might be troublesome since the place was a little bit far; so might feel uncomfortable in yukata, but it was fine. I ate a lot of things, walked around...etc. There were various scents on the streets, they were also very crowded and it looked so easy to get lost if we didn't hold hands. Anyway, I'm glad I got the chance to go. I don't think I can get another chance in my 20's if I missed it, lol. Now, I have to make my other dreams come true while I'm having the luck...since the luck may be really short and I might be dying like a grasshopper in the coming winter, who knows? :P

August 22, 2009

The Greatest Birthday Present I've Ever Gotten

It was my birthday yesterday. I got some presents from a few good friends this year too, but I have something that I can't forget. It's one of those birthday presents I've gotten, actually, I got it last year. It was from my dear friend Haruka and her bf; Masataka.

Even though it was great, I've never gotten the chance to use it since I don't go camping or staying friends' apartment, but if I get the chance, I'll definitely bring it and use it to sleep! It looks really AMAZING! You can have a comfortable sleep with Pharaoh lol

So like this, I like giving & getting something that has humour even though it's worthless and useless. But I also know that it can't be my self satisfaction if I'm the one who give such a thing to someone. If the person don't understand the humour, it'll be just a garbage! :(

Anyway, I like this present a lot. I wonder if I get something beyond it in the future :P Hopefully, I'll get the chance to use it near in the future, lol.

August 18, 2009

Scuba Diving!!

It's been almost a year since I went under the sea last time. It was for training to get my license, so this time was just for having fun!! Of course I enjoyed the training session too, but this time was different because I brought my camera :D As I like taking snapshots a lot, I wanted to take pictures under the sea so much, but it wasn't allowed to bring a camera while training classes and even if I didn't have the rule, I wouldn't since I didn't have space, so this time was something special.

I thought taking pictures under the sea would be difficult, since focusing the camera on objects is a little bit difficult if I push the shutter over the water proof case. But it was not really :D I took many pictures and some of them were not bad. So, I'm glad :D I don't know when I can go scuba diving again, but want to bring my camera whenever I go :P

Web album: My First Fun Diving at Hatsushima

August 9, 2009

Calm Place, Nice View

I went to an aquarium with my friend today. it's been a while since I went to the aquarium for the last was 8 years ago or so. It's in a park beside the sea. I love to see the landscape from the park, so staying there is really long as the weather is not uncomfortable :P I remember when I went there last time, my bf was about to fall into the sea when we were walking the seaside, lol. It was our first place going on the date after starting going out :) I remember he was about to fall slip into the sea when we were walking the sea side.

Since I love observing livings, I like going to such places. Today's my favorite was...penguins!!! They are really cute! I love when they're shaking their butts!! They look very happy in the water. But one negative thing is...they smell bad, lol. Might be not themselves, but smelled something bad..maybe fish and sh*t? Anyway, I want to go to the place again. It's a little bit far from my place; actually, it's beside Disney resorts, but I want to explore the park :P~ Doesn't have to be just the aquarium. Maybe I'll go there with someone who likes exploring places next timeXD

August 1, 2009

Want to Have Fun

I had a whole day shift last Saturday, and also this Saturday. There were/are some big firework displays on these Saturdays and I can't go because of my shift :( Don't you think it's on someone's trick?? lol. I've wanted to do "wearing yukata and go to see a firework display" past a few years, and it doesn't seem I can do it this year again...Wanted to hang around the place, get some foods at booths..

I want to do a lot of things in this summer! Want to go to see firework display, nice sunset, festivals, interesting events, movies (Night at The Museum 2 and Hachiko: A Dog's Tale).

Hachi is the most famous dog. There is a dog statue in front of the Shibuya station, and that is Hachi :D Since a lot of people come the place to meet up somebody, I'm sure you've seen the statue if you've been to Shibuya. I think the sad story about the statue..royal dog; Hachiko is popular in Japan. The movie "Hachiko: A Dog's Tale" is based on the true story. It's a remaked movie of a Japanese movie; ハチ公物語. I see its movie trailer again and again, and it always makes me cry!! lol. I really want to see this movie (>_<) But I have to be careful, I'll definitely cry if I see the movie, so have to choose the person to go with.

By the way, I'm sure the date of its road show in Japan is on purpose. August 8th :D 8 is "hachi" in Japanese :P You can see some of the original movie from here.