May 4, 2011

People I Saw While Walking

When I was spoken to by a guy while walking, I was about to say, "Sorry, I'm stranger here". Since I woke up late this morning I wondered what to do. On Golden week...actually, it's better to call Golden days for me, I had no plans during those days but on 3rd. I thought of going to Wurstmarkt being held in Tokyo-midtown. However, I wanted to leave home earlier if I go if I go there alone. So I left the chance for next time, and decided to take a walk around somewhere that is not too far from my place. Once I decided, I put a bottle of water, snacks, and a book into my bag and left for the place. I went toward Fussa city, which Yokohama Airbase exists. I've been to the Airbase once for the friendship festival a few years ago, but didn't explore around there so much. I heard that there are some stores along Route16 on the other side of the base, so I wanted to take a look. The guy spoke to me when I was walking toward Route16 from the station.

Think about the situation that you're spoken to a middle aged foreigner guy at a quiet residential area.

(1) He wants to ask direction
(2) He wants to persuade me to believe in God
(3) He wants to kidnap me, kill and bury me deeply under the ground

...Mmm, (1) seems most realistic. So, I prepared to tell him I am stranger there, but what he said next was totally different.

"Can I take your picture?"

That was what he said. He spoke to me with saying "すみません" (it means excuse me), but next, he asked if he could take my picture in English, lol. I thought for a second to understand what he asked because it was something unexpected, and said "Sure". Actually, he was holding a big camera there. Thus, I made a photo session(?) with a stranger, lol. It was a very short session because he took only a few pictures :P

While walking along Rout16 while taking a look of stores, I met a nice couple from another planet as well. They were sitting on a bench but it was hard to know if they were happy or not from their faces because their faces were expressionless. Anyway, I enjoyed my stroll today. If I get a chance go there again, I wanna go to one of the Thai restaurants I saw :D

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