November 4, 2011

Having Lunch At Homebaked Dough

We headed to Tanjong pagar plaza late in the morning. It was last but the most important thing on our "To do list" of this trip. Our friends serve noodles at Homebaked Dough during lunch time on weekdays. We were so excited getting closer there. It had been a while since we met last time but we were sure that we'll be alright. And when we finally found the place, we saw them working hard, and couldn't stop smiling! Yeah, we finally got to meet them!! I waved my hand to my friend and he noticed that we came. His brother also looked at us and gave us a wave. What a nice smile they had!

We got close to the counter, and they asked what we wanted. We ordered a ramen and fried rice. They were great!!! I'm not exaggerating. They were actually very good. The soup was tuna based, which tastes familiar to Japanese, but actually we haven't eaten it here (might be because we don't go to eat ramen so much in Japan?). However, I say soy sauce, miso, pork, or salt based soups are very common here, but tuna based even we have the flavor with lots of food here. Even the chasu was very tasty. My sister said it was the best one that she'd ever eaten. There was no reason not to tell them the fact, and I hope it made them happy. We are friends, but we don't tell them a lie to sound nice, we told them our honest impressions of their food.

Soon after we finished eating, we left there. They looked very busy and we were meeting in the evening anyways. I confirmed the meeting time again, and we headed to Little India...One of my most favorite places in Singapore that my sister had never been ;) We enjoyed shopping there quite a lot.


Anonymous said...

Hi Megumi! i've not read your blog for a longggggg time! we were very glad that you girls came to visit us just to try out our food! you would never know how grateful we are to have such friends like you =) Once again, thank you soooooo much for visiting us, we really hope to see you soon in Japan! ^^


ばれりー said...

Hehe, and you visited my blog after such a loooooong time to leave a comment. I'm glad :) I hope that we'll get a chance to catch up soon whether in Japan or Singapore!!