August 4, 2013

Hopeless Hope

It is impossible to get someone's attention. That what I have been feeling. There are some people that I want to become friends with, or want to get special attention from. However you try, however you show them you want to know about them and also want them to know about you more, probably such things usually don't go well as you want and you may get disappointed. Therefore, what I always trying to do is, not to expect anything. Whenever you do a favor for someone, don't expect any returns from them and just think it will be a happy accident if something which makes you glad happens. Once you throw things from your hand, you can never control them. Just let them go to the direction as they want. And if you ever receive something back, show the appreciation.

Thinking about what others feel or think is so tiring because its just a "Guess" as long as you are different person and you never know if they tell you a lie or not even you ask them and get an answer. So, why don't you forget about it for a while and it's not too late to cerebrate it when you receive any good reaction after a while.

So...that's what I'm trying to do which is not as easy as I say sometimes. But, I hope it works.