December 22, 2008

Scott Murphy

I'm currently interested in an Artist whose name is Scott Murphy. He is from Chicago in the United States. He covers Japanese songs and sings them fluently, he also translated some songs into English, and they sound so cool for me. Maybe you can't notice that he is an American with his Japanese songs (but i think if you listen to them carefully, you might notice that some of his constant sounds sound stronger than Japanese as English speakers do). But yeah, when I listened to his songs at a store, I got so shocked, and bought some CDs of his.

I heard that he used to sing and play music in a punk band "ALLister", and couldn't even speak Japanese until he visited Japan some years ago. When he visited Japan, and listened some J-Pops, he liked them and started leaning Japanese by himself. It is interesting enough that an American artist covers J-Pops, but if the person can sing such songs well, it's more interesting. So, I'm curious about him so much. He is gonna come to Japan next year again. Hopefully I can go to his live concert and listen to his songs in person.

He writes a blog in Japanese too!