May 27, 2011

It's You Guys That Make Us Fly!

Yeah! It's time to check on my to do list again!! It's been a while since I did it for the last time. More than a year?!??!!!!? Maybe it's a lie. I know I accomplished a few of of them, after my trip to Vietnam. But as you know, even I got some chance to fulfill a few more things on my to do list, they weren't that excited. Basically, I have to be somewhere that the air is completely different from what I usually feel. So, outside of Japan or in a very close situation will be great. Anyway, do you know where I'm going next???


OK, telling you honestly, Singapore itself is not that interesting country (I'm sorry) least, I don't think I will visit there again and again for sightseeing and my sister has the same opinion as me. HOWEVER, I think I'll visit there sometime because I have great friends there. I've written about them a few times in the past posts with an appreciation...We've been friends for 4 years...actually, we started as online friends and met in person for the first time when they visited Japan 2007 in winter. Next time when we met was when my sister and I visited Singapore in 2009. As I stopped over in Singapore on my way to Cambodia in 2010 January, I got to meet them for the 3rd time :) And this time, we're flying there again to see seems that I'm visiting Singapore once in a year since 2009, lol.

Having his own restaurant; That's his dream that he's kept telling me since when we became friends in 2007. Now, they started their business with selling cookies online and finally got a stall to serve noodles after months. Of course it's not the end for them because what they want is their restaurant. However, it's nothing but a really great step for their dream. For our great friends' great step forward, why don't we fly there to celebrate them and eat the food they serve! So, actually we are flying to Singapore to eat their noodle!!! Seeing a friend can be a reason enough to make us fly to another country...of course the person worth doing it (^_-)-☆ My sister and I are sure that they are one of those kind of precious friends that we can meet just a few in our whole life.

Of course, even though the purpose of this trip is seeing friends, I'm not gonna miss taking advantage of the opportunity of fulfilling my to do list that I still have on my mind :P We'll see how many checks I will add when everything is done. And finally, here is an article of when a food blogger who featured them on his blog. Check it out, and if you're interested, visit their stall to grab some ramen! ...Of course, if you are close enough to visit there, lol.

May 4, 2011

People I Saw While Walking

When I was spoken to by a guy while walking, I was about to say, "Sorry, I'm stranger here". Since I woke up late this morning I wondered what to do. On Golden week...actually, it's better to call Golden days for me, I had no plans during those days but on 3rd. I thought of going to Wurstmarkt being held in Tokyo-midtown. However, I wanted to leave home earlier if I go if I go there alone. So I left the chance for next time, and decided to take a walk around somewhere that is not too far from my place. Once I decided, I put a bottle of water, snacks, and a book into my bag and left for the place. I went toward Fussa city, which Yokohama Airbase exists. I've been to the Airbase once for the friendship festival a few years ago, but didn't explore around there so much. I heard that there are some stores along Route16 on the other side of the base, so I wanted to take a look. The guy spoke to me when I was walking toward Route16 from the station.

Think about the situation that you're spoken to a middle aged foreigner guy at a quiet residential area.

(1) He wants to ask direction
(2) He wants to persuade me to believe in God
(3) He wants to kidnap me, kill and bury me deeply under the ground

...Mmm, (1) seems most realistic. So, I prepared to tell him I am stranger there, but what he said next was totally different.

"Can I take your picture?"

That was what he said. He spoke to me with saying "すみません" (it means excuse me), but next, he asked if he could take my picture in English, lol. I thought for a second to understand what he asked because it was something unexpected, and said "Sure". Actually, he was holding a big camera there. Thus, I made a photo session(?) with a stranger, lol. It was a very short session because he took only a few pictures :P

While walking along Rout16 while taking a look of stores, I met a nice couple from another planet as well. They were sitting on a bench but it was hard to know if they were happy or not from their faces because their faces were expressionless. Anyway, I enjoyed my stroll today. If I get a chance go there again, I wanna go to one of the Thai restaurants I saw :D

May 1, 2011

Plan B

If you notice that the schedule for today (tomorrow) doesn't work anymore, let's carry out the plan B. I name it plan B because I call the original schedule plan A.

For example, you were supposed to go to see a movie with friend today. But he called you in sick last night and told that he would stay home. So, what will you do? I say, in the past, I had been a little mad because of the situation that I wouldn't accomplish my plan for the day even though I know that it's something that can't be helped. However, since a point, I naturally stopped complaining and started to enjoy the situation that I'm actually in, because I can carry out some ideas that I've had in my mind; Plan B.

Plan B can be anything. It can be cleaning your place, cooking some foods that you can keep in the fridge for a while. Or, if you remember that friends were making a plan but you were not supposed to join because of the movie plan, you can call them and ask if you can join. Even if anyone can hang out with you, you can go anywhere by yourself if you feel like it. For example, you can go to a museum to see an exhibition that you've been interested. If the weather is nice, you can go to a park bringing a sandwich.

I think that having some ideas that you can actually carry out anytime is a really nice thing. You don't have to get mad even your original plan doesn't work all of a sudden, you just keep it to next time and can choose one of your plans B that seems to be good to carry out and just enjoy it.

One of my plans B was going to see flowers that is called shiba-zakura at a park which is a kind of far from my house. Actually I was planning doing something with someone the day, but since it didn't seem that would work, I decided to go to see the flowers. I've wanted to see it since before, and the season was perfect. Fortunately, the weather was great and I enjoyed my small trip going there.

So, do you have some ideas of "Plans B"? I'm sure they will enrich your life if you always keep a few ideas in your mind.