August 17, 2011

My Little Pleasure

When we got to the bus terminal, it rained in torrents all of a sudden. Feeling the hot humid air under the eaves, I had a kind of excitement inside; This is what South East Asia is that I've been missing for a year. Since we were very hungry, and also didn't want to move in the hard rain, we decided to eat lunch first...actually, it was a good time for having lunch. We walked through the building and checked stalls. Whenever I go to such a place, it's hard to choose which place to eat at, but finally, we chose a stall that a young guy said hi to us in Japanese.

The food there was one actually in the days we stayed in Malacca. We ordered fresh juice as well (it's a little pleasure to have it because I never buy it in Japan since it's expensive). We were very glad while having lunch, and when we finished, the rain was already gone so we went to the domestic bus terminal to go downtown of Malacca.

Local buses...what a yummy sound it is, lol. It's my favorite transportation. Usually, there are not so many foreigners on the bus, I see something that I never see in Japan...For example, in Vietnam, I've seen a bucket of tea on a front seat in a bus which passengers can drink. I also the driver handed a passenger newspapers. So like that, I can take a slightly look of what local people's life is which is interesting sometimes. That's why I love it even it's hard to communicate with the driver or a ticket keeper on the bus. Actually we had to show the driver a picture of where we wanted to go, to make sure the bus goes there. Simply, we can make it somehow if we try even we don't have a common language, so don't be afraid :P

August 1, 2011

From Singapore To Malacca

When we get to the bus stop, my sister was a little bit mad because there were two girls and a middle-aged guy sleeping on the benches so we didn't have any seats. It was still around 6:20 or so, and the ticket office opens at 7:00. So we had to wait for 40 minutes. Two girls sleeping there looked that they were tourists, but the middle-aged guy looked absolutely local. We wondered if he wouldn't catch a cold because he'd been sleeping half-naked, however, the temperature was maybe around 30 degrees, and it was not that hot early in the maybe comfortable weather for him. We also wondered why he was sleeping there but home, but we soon found out that he is a toilet man that cleans and corrects charge for it (but he was sleeping!!)

Before getting on the bus, I tried to call my friend to let him know that we had arrived in Singapore safely, and leaving there for Malacca. However, we didn't get to talk to him because he missed the call. was the start of our exciting trip :) When I sat on the seat, I tried to imagine the steps that we would go through with the paper I printed out, but...gave up soon. I guessed, it would be alright. Even if I get into a trouble, I'm not gonna die easily anyways. It will be how it should be, take it easy, lol.

There is not so much to tell about the time while taking a bus. We had to get off the bus twice at least; Once in Singapore for departure, and once in Malaysia for immigration. When we were leaving Singapore, you don't need to bring your luggage. All you have to carry is your passport and a departure card of Singapore (of course don't leave your wallet in the bus for the security reason :P) And when you get to Malaysia, you have to carry all the stuff with you because they check them with a X-ray machine. We got another break in Malaysia on the way, and then got to the bus terminal in Malacca. It took roughly for 4.5 hours from Singapore to there.