February 7, 2008

I Want to Go to Enoshima

はるかな夕べ 作詞・作曲/岩瀬敬吾


はるかな夕べ 動き出す列車は響き合い掛けのぼった


はるかな夕べ 動き出す列車の窓に立って眺めた


はるかな夕べ 動き出す列車は響き合い掛けのぼった

It's one of my favorite songs. It is writeen when Keigo went to Enoshima. He made it while he was in the jolting train which was called 'Enoden'.

I've heard that I can see pretty sunset in Enoshima. Since I listened to this song at live concert of Keigo at first, I've kept thinking of visiting Enoshima. I want to feel the scenes that are pictured in this song. This song has an atmosphere that is sad, mild, and warm.

I like the contrast of sunset. Especially sunset of summer. The orange and yellow light is so strong and makes silhouettes of things hard to see, but on the other hand, it makes very dark and long shadows too.

When I'm listening to this song, I always imagine a coach that is filled with orange light of sunset, and also the look of stores and houses on a street I can see from the windows, that are also hined by the sunset and making long dark shadows. I wanna experience the world that is filled with orange, yellow, and dark colour with the song at Enoshima someday.

The evening in the dinstance, I stood by the window of a pulling out train and gazed at it.
The rows of houses shook are been engulfing and melting by far off sunlight.
It dyed your cheeks yellow, and that was pretty.

The evening in the dinstance, the pulling out train echoed and I run up.
The longing already came out of a dream and dissapared somewhere.
I surely saw it with you and it was pretty.

February 4, 2008

Snowed in Tokyo Again

I played a Life Game Ⅱ of PS with my sister yesterday. I haven't touched my video game for a long time, and it was a little bit fun. At least, it helped killing my time. :(

We were thinking about climbing Mt. Takao yesterday, because it was 節分(the day before the calendrical beginning of spring) and we thought that we could see scattering parched beans at the temple there, however, we didn't go. It was snowing yesterday, and the snow lied on the load 15cm or so. Climbing a mountain in this weather is not sensible. I heard the snow was 5cm or so in the central of Tokyo, and it is a heavy snow for Tokyo. The Kanto region doesn't have snow, because clouds that bring snow come from the Sea of Japan (it is west side) and they stop at the mountains of Japan that run through our main island like the backbone. So, it is rare snowing here.

When I was a kid, I liked snow. If it snows a lot, schools are cancelled and I made a snowman beside our home. It used to snow like 30 cm a decade of years before, but sometimes. Maybe it is an effect of global warming. :( In our geography textbooks of junior high school, we saw a impressive picture of an area of heavy snowfall. It was Nigata, and people foes in and out from the second floor, because the snow was over 2m. But it is the story of past...like 50 years ago. It doesn't snow so much now.

What I hate about snow is roads with ice bar. ( It is not too cold like Hokkaido here, so snow melts in the daytime and becomes hard again at night. It is very dangerous. As I said here, it rarely snow, so we don't prepare for snow usually. The roads aren't prepared for snowing...like in Nigata, roads have a special structure for removing snow with water, and there are special cars for removing snow too, but we don't have them, and even don't have chains for car at home usually. To sum up, it is better not going outside and stay home if it snows. :P So, therefore I spent time with studying studying...doing video game video game and video game...