October 24, 2007

Wanna Go to Hot Springs

I love hot springs because they are comfortable. They are also relaxative. I take a bath for much longer time than at home with my friend whenever we go to a hot spring. Furthermore, they are also good for health. There are many kinds of hot springs that are effective about many things, like good for stiff shoulders, people who are sensitive to cold or good for making beautiful skin... yeah, like that. Therfore I love hot springs so much, lol.

I like normal hot springs too, but hot springs outside are my BEST. Because, I feel much better there. It is also good taking hot springs outside in summer, but I guess when it is cold outside... like winter, is the best. We must feel very cold when we are out of the hot spring while washing our body or like that, but once we go into there, it must be VERY good. However we have to stand feeling very hot since our body is still cold for a while. But yeah, once we get used to the temperature of the water, it is like Heaven~, lol. The upper from shoulders is much colder than the bottom because it is outside of the water and inside of the water is hot, it may sound weird, but the difference of the temperature is very comfortable. I LOVE IT. So, I wanna go to a hot spring in winter.

And one more thing that I want to do is going to take a hot spring outside that is surrounded by many trees. I would like to go there in fall. So, the leaves turned red or yellow must be beautiful. I wanna see them while I'm taking a bath. Or... spring may be also good since if it surrounded by cherry trees, we can see cherry blossom. Anyway, I like feeling seasons with taking a bath, lol. I always do wanna go hot springs, but sadly don't have enough time and my close friend who I want to go with too. Visiting a hot spring, or somewhere places for sightseeing with her is really enjoyable.

However I secretly think that going to a trip alone and take a good hot spring may be good for a broken heart trip. I can cry there a lot and no one will stop me~hahaha. I would like to do that one day when I broke up with someone. I will choose a kind of a good japanese style hotel when I do that...it might be pretty expensive, but maybe I can heal my broken heart and tired body, lol. That is one of my secret plans of future :P

October 16, 2007

I Love Sweets

I'm sure that I already wrote that I didn't want to gain my weight (But most girls must think so!). But, I CAN'T stop loving sweets, lol. I don't buy them so often, but sometimes. That's when I have exams! You know, when we are studying, our brain needs glucose. So, when I am studying, I know that my brain wants something sweet. And actually, when I absorb glucose while I am studying, I can more concentrate on my study than without eating them.

Of course, they also bring me fat. When I was at junior highschool, and was studying for entrance exam for highschools, I ate a lot of sweets and gained my weight a lot. I was fattest in my life unitil now when I ended all the exams, lol. During my highschool life, I once lost my weight about 5kg though I didn't do anything special. So, maybe the 5kg was fat that I got because of the sweets.

However, the chance I got fat a lot came again. When I was studying for exams to enter an university, I happened again. Oh man~, don't you think that sweets are cruel to us? They have a sweet temptation, and I can't stop eating them and get fat.

Actually, there was a chance that I lost my weight. That was when I couldn't eat almost everything, and I lost my weight about 4kg only in some days. Though I wanted to be skinny, that wasn't the way I wished. It was unhealthy. At that time, I was sure that my strengh got low and also lost my body temperature. Moreover, when I recovered my strength, I rebounded. I became heavier than I used to be! And my weight hasn't got back yet! That is sucks!! But I still keep eating sweets some times.

October 14, 2007

Many a Little Makes a Mickle

I always bring tea to school with my tumbler. That is because I do not want to waste my money. The price of drink is usually 100~150yen. If i buy them everyday, I will use 3000~4500yen in a month. I think it is very waste. I want to buy a cloth instead with the money, lol.

Bringing tea helps me not to get sugar too. If I don't have tea, I may buy some juice, and will get more calories. The kind of tea that I bring is usually wheat tea or oolong tea, so, non sugar tea. Of course sometimes I drink juice a lot, but not so often. If I buy juice 'everyday' and also drink them a lot 'sometimes'... what will happen to me? lol. I will be more poor and also fatter.

Drinking tea is also good to our health. The catechin helps us to keep young and avoids cansers. I always drink green tea at home. I love green tea! It is very popular to drink green tea in Japan. There are some kind of green tea, like sencha, maccha, genmaicha, kukicha. Sencha is one of my most favorite because it has nice smelling of rice. And I love houjicha too. It also smells very good. I'm sure that I can not tell Japanese winter without kotatsu and mandarins and rice crackers and tea!!! But regretfully, I don't have kotatsu at home. When I was a child, my mom junked it because it was very comfortable and no one wanted to go out of it!! lol.

I like horigotatsu more than normal kotatsu. Inside of a horigotatsu, there is a hole and we can put our legs into it. So, we don't get our legs tired because of that. But it is good for me that we don't have kotatsu at home. I am sure that I won't get out of it if we have one. So, I will keep sitting in kotatsu and won't use calories. And if I do that everyday during in winter... the calories that i should have had to use would be saved in my body everyday, and finally I would get a nice soft body with fat, lol.

October 11, 2007

Finally, Dreams Are Not Reality

When we are sleeping, we see dreams. It may be sweet dreams, or also be nightmares. Usually, I forgot the dreams that I was seeing as soon as I get up. However, sometimes, there are dreams that I can not forget.

The oldest dream that I remember is one when I was a little child. I think that I was 4 or 5 years old then. My mother was driving a car in the dream and I was on its back seat with my sister and brother. It was like a spring season. The weather was fine and we were driving through a glassland. A lot of birds were singing, and butterflies were dancing. But some while later, the weather became worse gradually. It began raining and tsunder lighted.

Suddenly, a large castle appared in fron of our way. The castle shaped like a column and was covered with ivy. My mom told us to wait in the car and went into the castle alone. There were a long long spiral staircase in the castle, and she went up. When she were going up the stairs, suddenly, a tsunderbolt stroke the castle, simultaneously, her body changed into ugly monster, and fell down with destroyed stairs while screaming with creepy voice... and the dream ended there.

I don't know why I remember such a dream, but the dream definitely left me a strong impression. Sometimes, I get up and find me crying. Probably I saw a sad dream but usually had already fogot, lol.

Dreams are interesting because in the dream world, something that must not happen happens sometimes. I have seen a dream that I was a witch and was flying with my a broom in the night sky. And in another dream, I was in a huge natural maze in water with my classmates and was struggling to go out.

Sometimes I wish I could see only sweet dreams. Maybe I wanna feel happy then. However, we can not choose dreams. It can't be helped. But however I see sweet dreams, they are not reality. Probably I would feel loneliness after seeing sweet dreams, lol. The actual world that I live doesn't go well like sweet dreams. I'm sure that I have to live in this stern realities instead of sweet dreams.

October 9, 2007

Smile Smile Smile...

I like taking snapshots. Most people take a lot of snapshots of their friends, families... so, maybe about humans, but I prefer taking snapshots of views or buildings rather than humans. If you see pictures that were taken by me, you will notice that there are little pictures of humans.

I also rarely take snapshots of myself. That is because I want to be pretty in snapshots, lol. Fashion models are always smiling lovely in magazines. Sadly, I can not smile like them, and also know that I can not be prettier than what I am. But I think, probably all girls want to be at least what as they like in their snapshots. I feel that whenever someone turns a camera toward us, we can not smile naturaly, and maybe we don't like ourselves in the picture with our forced smile, lol. But I believe that almost everyone would be so unless they are a fashion model!

However, if a snap is taken when we are not thinking about the camera, or when we are enjoying something, the snap should be nice one! The natural smiles will be printed out on the photo! If the happy atmosphere of the photo made people who saw it smile too, it must be a very very nice photo! I would like to be able to take such snapshots. If I get skills like that, I will enjoy taking snapshots more.

October 8, 2007

Cluster Amaryllises and Blood Type

Cluster Amaryllises are in bloom from summer to autumn in Japan. Its Japanese name is 'higan bana'. 'higan' means the equinoctial week, and 'hana' means flowers. The languages of the flower are 'passion', 'sad memories', ' independence', 'meeting again', 'resignation'. I don't have any interest in languages of flowers, but sometimes I think that they are interesting. About this flower, I showed 5 words now. But hey, don't you think that 'passion' and 'resignation' are opposed to each other? lol.

Because of the name of this flower, there are some people that do not like it, however I like it. Their vivid red color stands out in the green back ground. And now, I found an interest thing about the flower from an website. All Japanese cluster amaryllises have the same gene and it is triple. So, they do not have the distinction of male and female and can not breed from its seeds.

By the way, I remembered about blood types from the word 'gene'. Among Japanese girls, judging people's character from blood types is very popular. It is said that people whose blood type is A are serious and also nervous people, and people whose blood type is B are optimistic... It may be an incredible thing, but it is a fact. Some girls really believe such things! And under the theory, there are what is called 'well suited blood types'. For example, blood type A and O can go out well. So, girls ask a guy who they love his blood type and get glad and sad secretly, lol.

Of course as a point of scientifical view, such a judgement is stupid. The chromosome which decides a person's blood type is different from the chromosome which decides the person's character. However, applying things to some types makes things simple to think. It may be the reason of why such a thing is popular among us.

October 7, 2007

I Do Not Want to Be Fat...

When I came back home from my short trip to Canada, I found that my mice got fatter than before. I was sure, it was because of my dad!! He fed them a lot! Poor mice, their belly became definitely fatter than other parts (however they may have been happy that they could eat a lot). I remember, in Tokyo Disney land, pigeons are very fat. A lot of people eat popcorn or cookies there, and they feed birds with dropping them.

Then, I thought of my trip... Canadian foods were usually huge compared to Japanese foods. When we orderd foods at a restaurant, they came with a big dish. My sister and I thought the volume of the foods were for 2~3 people if they we were in Japan and included more fat than our foods. We tried eating them as much as possible because it was 'mottainai' if we leave them, but of course couldn't. But hey, think! If we keep eating them everyday, as much as possible, what will happen?! lol. I'm sure that we will keep gaining our weight. I'm not so skinny as Japanese, (I hope that I am averedge), but was sure that I was at least skinnier than their averedge in the country.

One of the things that made me surprised in Canada was the price of juice and water. Juice was cheaper than water! And it was hard to find drinks withought sugar. In Japan, there are many kinds of non sugar tea in the stores. But there, we could find only water (about non sugar drinks) and most of the price of water was higher than that of juice or cola!!! Usually, I do not drink sweet drinks when I am eating dinner. If I do, it should be orange juice or like that. But in Canada, we drank sweet drinks during having dinner because we couldn't read the menu. We sometimes drank even cola with dinner during our trip. In Japan, I NEVER do that!! So, it was a weird experience, lol. At a restaurant, my sister ordered a glass of tea. It is normal here when we order that, a waiter brings us a glass of straight tea and it comes with a small pack of gum sirup. Of course she was expecting that. However, the tea came withought a gum sirup, and it was so sweet. Poor sister! She wanted to drink not sweet tea!

So, through eating foods, we stocked a lot of fat there, lol. But at the same time, we walked a lot. It was nice that we had to walk a lot for sightseeing, wasn't it? However, I haven't weighed myself since I came back to Japan. Don't you think it is scary?

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