June 30, 2011

Incredibly Busy Month Is Over

I've been just literally very busy this month. Been working over time on weekdays, having tight schedule every weekends, etc. etc. And the fact that I'm moving out soon is making me even busier because I had to go shopping to buy a lot of stuff to bring my new place. Going through those things, time passed by so quickly, and finally, this month end up with one of my biggest events...as you know, the trip I've been looking forward with my sister since a few months ago.

The aim of the trip was "Eating ramen in Singapore"...it was a trip to see our most precious friends actually, and at the same time, a good chance to add some "done" check to my to do list :) You know what kind of people can make us fly to another country, and you can guess how much we love them hearing that we miss them A LOT already since just after saying bye at Changi Airport last night. Actually, I was about to weep when I got to Narita Airport this morning (Shhh, it's a secret :P).

Anyway, I'll update this blog with my new travelogue as soon as possible. So, please don't miss it! But for now, I have to concentrate on my upcoming event; Washtub race! Hahaha, it's almost there!!!

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