October 31, 2011

The History Was Taken Over

To tell the truth, I haven't planned it till my friend told me that I could get a new iPhone for free. Telling the truth, I didn't need to get it immediately. I'm not that type of girl who wants to get the latest phone as soon as it comes out. However, since there is a period to get it for nothing, and feeling that my phone was slowly breaking after 2 years of use, I applied for new one.

I've changed my phone some times in the past. Whenever I got a new one, they copied the contacts to my new phone but I had to back up and transfer some data by myself, such as pictures, music, etc. However, this time, because of a good back up system for iPhone, I got almost every single data to my new phone without doing almost anything. I even didn't have to custom settings again because it was as perfect as I set on my old phone.

In the past, when I switched to a new phone, there was always something that I lost. For example, there was no way to keep things such as text messages that I'd exchanged. Regardless I wanted it or not, there was no way to keep those things in my new phone. However, I was shocked when I found those things, which I never had received in my new phone, appeared there this time. Changing phone was like leaving the past and start a new history. But now, it seems different. Unless I do something on purpose, the new phone takes over the history that the old one has...maybe at least as long as I keep using iPhone?

Mmmm, I think this is just a random post of my sentiments.

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