April 24, 2013

Small Stories On The Last Day, No.2

Story 2
I found small hand mirrors at stores and wanted to buy a few for me and my sister. It seems that everywhere has similar price. At the store I went lastly, the price was a little high and the store clerk was eager to show me stuff once she found I was interested in those mirrors. I told her the cheapest price I saw in that area and she gave me a discount!! Hehe, I was happy about it. Probably it was because I was a customer in the morning. I heard there is a saying that first customer in the morning brings a good luck.

So I purchased the mirrors and left there for the airport. The journey was short, but I can say I was satisfied about it :)

By the way, there was another story I want to add in the end.
There was a Korean guy sitting next to me on the flight. When we started filling the form, he asked a flight attendant for a pen. Unfortunately, she didn't have one she can pass, so she told him to wait a minute. Since I had two, I handed him one of them. Then a conversation started naturally. He was a student who is becoming a doctor in the future. He speaks Korean, English and also some Japanese. He was coming to Japan for 10 days and in the middle of his journey, he was meeting up with friends both from Japan and Korea. He seems a little bit nervous because he was not sure how to get to his hotel in Asakusa. I told him we I'm going the same direction till Ueno station, so we could go together. He seemed glad when he heard it and it made me feel comfortable. Since I was helped by nice Korean people on my journey, I wanted to return the favor somehow. Honestly, I was a little bored waiting for him behind the immigration counter, but other than that, everything was alright. I helped him buying suica (IC card for transportation etc.), told him to charge some money first, then took Keisei line to Ueno together. On the way there, he told me he was relieved because of my help. Getting to Ueno station, I told him the direction and the sign he should follow. And when I was finally leaving, it happened. I don't deny it was a small thing, but left a kind of strong impression on my heart.

He stopped me.
He seemed that he wanted to tell me something and having a hard time to say it.
I was wondering what he was trying to tell me, but soon, it became clear.


That was what he said and it surprised me.
"I wish your happiness", which I didn't really expect to hear.
However, it definitely ended my trip with a positive feeling and I'll never forget about it. Probably I'll visit Korea again sometime soon in the future, when I finally become happy, who knows?



Jeff said...

sometimes a small kindness is all it takes to make someone's day :)

Megumi said...


Ed said...

nice things like this make me proud to be your friend :)

Megumi said...

Hehe, it's been a while since we had a chat last time. How's everything? :)