February 5, 2013

Korean Shabushabu ~Curly Meat~

Finishing the castle, I took a metro. I was meeting up a friend, whose name is Jin, at a station to drive to 水原華城(Suwonhwaseong). Oh wait, I shouldn't forget mentioning about Dunkin' Donuts! You know, in Japan, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and mister donut are available but Dunkin' Donuts. I found the donuts chain anywhere in Seoul so I really wanted to try. Since I had some time, I stopped by the one beside the MRT station before taking a train. Yes it was just a donut...actually, two of them and a cup of coffee. But it made me happy enough v(^o^)v

When I got to the station he had appointed, I didn't find anyone looked like him so I made a call from public phone. By the way, I found Korean public phones useful because T-money (Korean IC card for transportation) is available which means I don't have to throw coins while talking, haha. Anyway, when I caught him on the phone, he told me he was a little late. However, it didn't take time since then and soon he appeared.

What we firstly did was having lunch. He took me to a Korean shabushabu place and there were only local people at the place (I like such a situation quite a bit while traveling abroad) XD The meat of Korean shabushabu on the plate was curly because it was frozen...lol. And it was good :P We talked about ourselves while eating. He was such a nice person who kept cooking and put meat into my bowl, especially when he got to know about my situation after asking a question. He said "Cheer up with meat" and gave even more. I wonder if he got to eat enough meat by himself due to it. After a while, we became full and we finally headed to the 水原華城 which was the main place I wanted to go that day :)


Jeff said...

Food looks yummy. Always a fan of banchan when I go to Korean restaurants. Have you tried cooking any yet? I'm still working on making a good soondoobu. Swear they use red pepper and kimchi in just about everything. Haha, guess it's like their miso and soy.

Megumi said...

Hehe, I like Korean food :) I haven't tried cooking real Korean food, but made something similar using kimchi :D