February 1, 2013

Korean Futomaki

When I woke up, it was already around 7:30 and the time was a little bit later than I was supposed to wake up. I sneaked out from the blanket and went to wash my face. Since he offered me the warmest place in his room, I had a nice sleep. After washing face, I went back to the room and started preparing to go out. When I finished almost everything, Momo asked where I was going today, and if it was alright that he would join me in the evening since he got an interview from 14:00. I told him maybe it would be difficult because I was planning to go to 水原華城 with another friend after noon. Then, he told me to contact him in case I eat dinner without him and I promised. To be responsible about my stuff, I didn't want to leave my backpack. So, I carried all of my stuff with me but told him I was coming back unless anything would happen :) To tell the truth, I was wondering if I should come back since Momo had headache that morning...but anyway, I just decided to speak to him later and let things happen as they would happen.

I firstly headed to 景福宮(Gyeongbokgung). There were two castles I wanted to see in Seoul and the other one was 昌徳宮(Changdokkung). I was planning to go to 昌徳宮 first but changed the plan just after getting on the train. When I was walking in a station for transfer, I found something familiar in front of a store. They were selling what we call 太巻き(Futomaki) in Japanese!! Since I prefer having rice for breakfast more than bread (There were also some kind of stores selling doughnut or kind of pancakes), there was no reason for refrain from buying it. I was also curious how it tastes like. So I bought one and kept walking with my mouth full, lol. You wonder how it tasted? I say, there wasn't a big difference between Korean one and Japanese one...at least for me, haha.

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