June 14, 2013

My Life Here Is Getting Interesting

The more people I get connected with, the more interesting my life becomes. If I ask myself, who just started working 5 years ago, if she can imagine how her life will be, I'm definitely sure she can't imagine how things will be. I feel I'm connected here with people, and not thinking of letting my current circumstances go unless I have a reason good enough for it.

Recently, I got connected with my old crush again. He and I were not close while we were in the same school. It was my one-sided feeling and I never told him about it those days. Of course, such feeling has gone already long time ago. However, I found it interesting. I got connected with a person whom I never had expected to see ever again and he even seems interested in the events I currently taking a part of sometime. He is such a normal typical guy of my generation, and I totally haven't had a chance to hang out with them in my life these past years. I'm holding a small gathering at my favorite restaurant in Tokyo next Wednesday, and he is coming. 16 people are attending for now, and you know what, his first love is coming. When I asked my friends if anyone is interested in coming with us, the girl, who I haven't met for 13 years told me was interested and told me she wanted to come. I do not know if they've met after graduation. Anyway, no matter what, it'll be exciting. Really looking forward to it!!


Jeff said...

Sounds like someone wants to play cupid.. ;)

Megumi said...

Haha, really?!

Jeff said...

Yeah, totally trying to reunite your old crush with his first love, haha.. it'd be like a scene out of a drama :)