February 6, 2013

The Nice Scenery From The Top

The way looked a little complicated while driving to 水原華城. It was the first time for both of us visiting there. Jin was using a car navigation but a few roads were closed to traffic and it seemed like we were stuck driving around our destination (Ugh!!). However, we finally made it :) (By the way, it was something interesting for me to see the car navigation in Hangul, especially how they input letters, lol)

Firstly, we left our car in the parking of the museum and went in there. While I left for the restroom, he talked to a lady at the reception. When I was back, he told me what she recommended and we entered to the exhibition room. It was something I hadn't expected and things there were not so interesting for me (I'm sorry to say this. But I really appreciate his favor). What I wanted to do there was definitely walking along the castle wall and I was a little worried if it won't be too late.

Anyway, finishing the museum, we went outside and finally started walking around there. When we left the museum, a young girl at the counter gave us a map and explained the recommended way not to miss the important things. Of course, we followed the way ;P We saw 華城行宮 first and then walked along the castle wall. To reach there, we had to go upstairs and the way was LONG... I felt a bit sorry for him because he went to gym in the morning so his legs were already tired :S

On such a freezing day (Probably, the temperature was around -15℃ or so), feeling freezing air on cheeks, we kept going up the stairs. However, when we made it, we found it was worth because of the beautiful scenery there!! More over, good for me, I was not alone which means I got myself in pictures having such a beautiful background v(^-^)v Hehe, being a solo traveler who doesn't ask people to take pictures so often, I rarely have myself in pictures these days. So, such a small favor he did made me glad. (Actually, he offered me that he would take pictures for me many times.) Thank you my photographer, Jin!! :D

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