January 16, 2013

Saying Hello To The Very Next Country

It was just a few weeks in advance when I decided to fly there. I noticed I got a few days off in a row in January unexpectedly when I received my work schedule in the end of December. Firstly, I thought of another specific place to visit due to my status at that time. However, since it didn't seem available, I finally chose that country. Korea is somewhere I had on my mind that I would visit at least once. Why it didn't happen before was because of the distance. It is a country that is not so far from Japan. It's something similar that people from Tokyo are not going to Tokyo tower often. It feels like we can go anytime.

Being a lazy last minute traveler these days, I didn't do almost anything until the date got close (again, lol). I finally started searching for places after a few days when February started. I went to the library, borrowed a few guidebooks, checked a few places that I shouldn't miss, and took copies of some pages including maps. Unexceptionally for recent trip, my journey started from the next morning I did overnight shift, and I rushed to the airport as soon as I got home and picked up my backpack.

It was my second time traveling alone in January. Last time was Singapore and Cambodia in 2010 and it eventually became a broken-hearted trip because my boyfriend left me after I organized everything for the solo trip. Ironically, it followed the same way this time. What differed it from the past one was I was a bit more optimistic about things which happened around me and I was already used to travel alone due to the experiences I went through after that trip.

Anyway, as soon as I passed the immigration counter, I followed the signs toward to the airport rail to go to 恵化 station to meet up a friend.

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