March 19, 2013

Small Stories On The Last Day

Next day was the last day. In the morning, while preparing for leaving there, Momo cooked breakfast. Rice, eggs, tofu, seaweed, and kimch...It was a simple breakfast but meant a lot to me...I felt really really glad, and you know what, I loved the sauce we poured on rice!! Actually, I made something similar when I came back to Japan and had it XD Anyway, I say, it was a memorial stay. I enjoyed sharing time and space with my young cute host and I'm under the impression that probably it made my limit expanded. I experienced something that probably I didn't feel comfortable normally. So I say, I became even tougher!! LOL

When we finished breakfast, I finally left his place. I headed to 仁寺洞(Insadong), but when I got there, I found the street was quiet due to the morning time. Then I decided to check streets with traditional houses and 昌徳宮(Changdeokgung) which are both near by there. When I was done both of them and came back, the time was already good. The stores have opened, and a lot of people were passing there. So...*Shopping Time* :D

Since I didn't tell people I was coming to Korea, I didn't have to buy many souvenirs. However, of course I wanted to get some for my family and dear friends. 仁寺洞 was actually a perfect area for that. I found lovely small souvenirs and was happy about it. Let me tell you the two small stories I met there.

Story 1
I was looking at small bags that seem I can use as a silk wrapping cloth. It seemed that a lot of stores have the same ones, and the prices were actually the same everywhere. So, once I found it out, I purchased two of them at a store I was. The store clerk was a skinny guy. I paid him, and then he suddenly asked me if I want to take a picture! I was like "?!" but said "Sure..." and he started let me hold some masks or wear hats which were around there and took pictures with my camera!! I'm under the impression that in most places, they don't feel comfortable when people takes pictures using the items. It's very common to see such signs as "No picture please". However, the store clerk himself is taking pictures of me, WITH MY CAMERA USING THE ITEMS IN THE STORE. I found the situation very funny. He even concerned about how I look in the pictures; when he didn't like the picture he took, he moved the hat or mask and tried to make me look better!! And, when the picture time was done, he looked around. He noticed there was no one but me and asked me a question. "Are you alone?" I told him I was traveling by myself. Then he smiled and said "Beautiful girl!" showing his thumb. No wonder there was a hug just before leaving there!


侍奄閃 said...

That mask looks kind of neat. How come you didn't purchase it? You should have asked the shopkeeper for a deal!

PS: What happened to your second story? O.o

Megumi said...

Nowadays I'm refraining from purchasing things that I don't use in daily life because it'll just take space and will become a garbage finally without doing any help. Hehe, do not worry. I'll tell about it in the next one!!